If you could kill one manga creator, who would you kill?

If you could kill one manga creator, who would you kill?

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Horikoshi for wasting my time and tricking me into thinking he could save capeshit

Schizo thread

whatever the citrus mangaka is called, still yet to find a series that wasted my time as much as that did

Takafumi Adachi

Alphabet soup thread

Sasuga Kei or Non. Decided by coin toss.


Hajime Isayama

>t. self-inserting incels

Sorry that not everybody enjoys your cuckshit manga with bad art

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You mean right now, or at any point in their life?
If you mean right at this very moment, than probably Hori.
If you mean at any moment in time, then I'd probably kill Isayama early on so SnK is never made or Togashi about two chapters into the DC arc for the lulz

>bad words from overseas are interesting, but they don't cause much damage, so it's okay! Thank you for your concern ~

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the one that didn't make onodera win

This quote loses all its credibility with the post ending interviews where Isayama lamented his lack of writing skills that lead to such a catastrophic finale.

Best girl won.

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This is why we use pen names

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Eiichiro Oda


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apparently you did until Eren got btfo

No one. Only losers would want to kill someone over a fucking comic.

Don't rike the ending? Write your own.



>t. self-inserting incels

Sorry that not everybody enjoys your cuckshit manga with bad art

Oda. The fanbase meltdown would be cataclysmic.

Akamatsu before Love Hina

Does killing a dead mangaka revive them?

I already did. Miura

why should i release a mangaka from suffering when i can just simply write my name innit

Ay bruv, that's a roadman ting skkkrrrraaah

No one.... yet. I would hold my power in reserve for when it would be most effective.


Murder is wrong.

how did you come to the conclusion that any characters in his works are blank self-inserts?

Hori wants the series to end more than you user

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Someone already did it to Kentaro Miura

Tatsuya Matsuki
FUCK his dumb fucking nigger how could he throw it all away

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Oda so that the wanschizos can seethe themselves to death


imagine if the rest of anime/manga didnt have such a faggot idoltard to copy off from
we'd have many more UNIQUE series and dark souls shit wouldn't exist

I've never seen Death Note. Does it just kill the person you write in, or does it just undo them from existence as if they never were there?

You heard me Gokubro

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the right answer here

I guess any manga creator who is evil in real life. Do you guys know of any such scumbags? Nobuhiro Watsuki would be one of those people.

The Death Note allows you to kill any human who's face you can visualized in any way possible that's grounded in reality.

The former

But now which mangaka is too powerful to be killed by the death note?

They created something and left their mark on history. Do I have the right to take such a life?

I can already kill one manga creator, possibly more.

all of them

Write it down

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Pissfags need to be put in their place.

Yoshihiro Togashi.


>so SnK is never made
Isn't better killing him right after the ocean chapter or when marley arc ended?
In that case SnK will be either a good manga with a open ending, or a good manga with a hiatus right after the best arc... So no one would complain about the shitty final arcs since they won't happens.

None,maybe haruba negi, honestly I just don’t have any Ill will towards content creators,ha-ru-ba, and the beautiful visions they share ,ne-gi, frankly anyone who’s made at a creator is really only mad at themselves,impacted colon.

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Give togashi the rest he needs

>left their mark on history
If that "mark" is shit, then yea

Nobuhiro Watsuki for being a pedo