Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 105

Erza vs. Misaki pt. 2

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More Erza ryona on the menu?

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How did she break through the dimension?

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how long till friendship flame pants comes out and she wins

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Kekekekek there it is. Erza's gone half an arc without being tortured? Mashima will fix that!

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Since when could she use enchant and heavenly body magic?

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Oh boy, I can’t wait for this to be censored when the anime comes to this part

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That's the end. Gray and Gajeel soon?

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The fuck? What happened here?

God, Erza's fights are the worst.

At least there was some rhythm this time that she only won because requip armor was a natural counter.

who would they face? coffin guy?

Enchant she learned from Wendy. Heavenly body magic we can only assume from Jellal.

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That's what I'm hoping for.

>Opponent specializes in stripping down an opponent's equipment and changing the environment as she pleases
>Erza can freely change equipment to adapt to the environment and easily respawn any removed equipment as she pleases
Oh hey, for once they actually put some thought into an Erza fight that goes beyond HUUURR UNGA BUNGA I'M ERZA.

Also, my memory of Fairy Tail's fights are pretty blurred by now, but is the first time Erza remotely summoned defensive equipment without having to hold it herself?

Thanks for dumping. I like how all the armors Erza used here were her older ones, or at least just the shield in the case of her Adamantine armor.

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So what was stopping from Space Lady just wishing Erzas armor away? Also not really liking how all her movement is really with the armor she uses and not her body, since even in this chapter we see her moving her body without armor on, just a sword. Idk

Also I forgot, Misaki's power to inflict intense pain or something 100 fold or w/e. What starts that process again? When she knocks Erza out of the world she made? Or just after a time limit? Forgot. Just trying to figure out why couldnt Misaki do anything

I liked it too. Erza can't move her body in Misaki's dimension, but she can control her armor to force her to move.

One thing that I’ve been thinking that someone mentioned in a thread long ago is that the Dark dragon slayers knights are only Dragon slayers in name, because, that would mean that it can be a type of dragon for basically everything, if Haku’s magic are dolls, then the dragon who teaches him magic is the Doll Dragon or Misaki the Dimension Dragon, like what the fuck, I’m just overthinking this?

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>Also I forgot, Misaki's power to inflict intense pain or something 100 fold or w/e. What starts that process again? When she knocks Erza out of the world she made? Or just after a time limit? Forgot. Just trying to figure out why couldnt Misaki do anything
Each second inside her dimension is one hour in real time, and it takes effect once they leave that world.

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And she was fine/fine enough when she first came out.

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Ok, I really didn’t expect this if I’m being honest

Yeah, they only just killed and ate the dragon anyway, I don't think they actually trained under them like the OG slayers. And remember Zirconis was the 'Jade' dragon, but his magic was zapping away clothes kek, so it's not always logical in that sense.

>Jade dragon
>magic was zapping away clothes
I forgot about that, I wish I had that power

Still short

AU following a Jade Dragon Slayer when?

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>AU following a Jade Dragon Slayer
Would make for a great comedy/ecchi spin-off

Hey, at least she's wearing clothes (sort of) this time around, so it shouldn't cop the Tartaros-level of anime censorship.

>Tartaros-level of anime censorship.
I’m still mad about that and all the censored blood to this day

That censorship was insulting, and speaking of which, what other parts would be heavily censored?

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If only it was reversed and Ezra washing Wendy!

It was a shame. Probably my favourite arc in the entire series, and the nudity actually had a point this time with the whole Demons>Humans thing, rather than just fanservice kek.

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>Heavenly body magic
Someone's been getting 'private' lessons from Jellal...

Would you still love her?

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I would polish it for her.

This is like the third time Erza is being tortured like that

>Heavenly body magic + Meteor
I kneel.

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Don’t worry Lucy would soon fix that when she’s okay

>Gray and Gajeel soon?
Watch Trollshima give them a fight and have them lose.

Don't jinx it.

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>Their opponent is Kirin

>those proportions
i get that this isn't mashima but come on...