One Piece

Who is your favorite character?

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Van Auger

I hate Bellemere and Genzo btw.
Fuck off whore.

My favorite: Bonney
My least favorite: Nami

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I have two

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Clever enough to fool the marines that he doesn't have a fruit.
Escapes from Impel Down, np.
Gets attacked by all three admirals and Mihawk, takes barely damage, np.
Teams up with Whitebeard, np.
Saves Luffy and Jinbe from Akainu, np.
Has a crew full of super strong escapees, np.
Is a Shichibukai Post-Timeskip, np.

Buggy is the strongest character in One Piece atm.

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Why isn't the literal CLOWN Joyboy instead?

pre-TS Usopp

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>that punch
holy based

BTW fuck Fishmen

I like Luffy and Nami equally.


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I miss tan robin

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They are all the same shit


looks like eren jeager

Belo Betty

these two are my favorites

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Robin, and unironically not for waifu or coomer reasons.

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>and unironically not for waifu or coomer reasons.
You sure that doesn't have ANY sway on your opinion user?

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I am not a sexual

>still no revealed rank
Is Oda planning something for him or did he forget

if he serves directly under garp, then he's probably a captain


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Don't get me wrong, I AM a coomer, but Robin is not my favorite character because of that. I love her character, I love her powers, I love her gags, I love story, I love her role as the mature one who has slowly been becoming as goofy as the rest of her crew. I love Robin.

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cute pirate queen

The OG trio

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what I wouldn't give to inhale Bonney's pizza farts

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Captain Usopp!

why doesn't Zoro have a big hat?:yotsubacry:

My plan is to make Yea Forums choke on my dick every week. They don't want it but they can't get enough. They always moan "Oda please end wano". like some filthy whores.

The big hat is only for Captain and Vice-Captain

More like king and queen. They even match.

I know but I want to trigger Zorofags

they kinda do lol. But then, Luffy and Zoro also match a bit too
jokes on you I'm neither a Zorofag OR a Sanjifag. I just wanted an excuse to emote:clown:

who tf is vc?

Me too bro

These two

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Trafalgar Law it just remember my job surrounded by fools who I have no choice but to ally to get things done

>Who is your favorite character?


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Nami is best One Piece character
robin is worst One Piece character

The Croc

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She needs a good conclusion

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Why so Seious?

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Forgot the text. Hiriluk's story had me bawling, plus the drum island arc in general was great.

Is Sanji the best chef in the world? I'd prefer if had a wall to climb over like Mihawk is to Zoro.

Thats his B plot, Sanji's real mountains to climb are the two on Nami's chest

Benn Beckman

are you going to be okay when its confirmed?

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Do you still like one piece:

Your sexual orientation:

Ill start

He is, because i can't imagine someone better wouldn't have been headhunted by Big Mom

Tasty bait
Pansexual means the same as bisexual

No it doesnt. lol
Read a book

Yes, in fact Guano is my favorite arc. Yammy and Kiku are the best characters in the manga.

I'm trans btw