>acts like a bitch instead of just sitting on his cock
worst type of character
not that pukeynon deserved to win either

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She's the most flirty bitch in this anime

>calls him a gross creep all the time instead of just grabbing his cock

Yui was destined to lose and become a thieving cat. 8man just hates nice girls.

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You opinion. Don't care. Best girl.

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He's literally me.

Best girl won and Yui lost.

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Saki Saki

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rumi >>>>>>> (POWER GAP) > saki > (POWER GAP) > the rest

Her mom is better

I love Yukino.

We know, 8man.

Sensei was the best.

serious question, how? she's not even a good tsundere like kazusa, she's just a massive bitch forever


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You're confusing Yui with Yukino. Yukino is the one who acting like stuck up bitch.

yeah but she didn't like hachiman, whereas yui did
they're both garbage

How come 8man is the only one who can see her wings?

someone wrote this unironically

For me, it's Haruno

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I hope you intend to love and cherish her.
Much like her sister, she's takes relationships very seriously.

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At least she doesn't have white hair.

I never thought she was a bitch

explain what is wrong with what he said

Future husband privilege

>i hate nice girls because they're not being nice to be because they want to fuck me as bad as I do them
Early 8man is a sad and sorry creature. To be fair he still is but then he was just downright miserable

I honestly can't figure out who in the love triangle I should be rooting for.
Yui's character regressed from an errand girl of Yumiko's clique, to a miserable tragic heroine who failed to walk away from the boy who isn't suitable for her.
Meanwhile, 8man and Yukino copes with their miserable lives in the most unhealthiest way possible, by acting out like insufferable pile of shits to everyone.

best girl

yukino a sh it

dam, 8man must be gay for not breeding this

Iroha best
Yukino worst
Sorry but someone had to say it

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Yeah an oregairu girls thread wouldn't be a real oregairu girls thread without the worst taste in women possible

She got confessed to. How did she not win???

This is the dumbest shit I’ve read

the entire point of the story was that 8man was being a cringy edgelord thinking stuff like this

there was a hint of reality in this, the girl who habitually presented herself a likeable putz despite being smart and capable lost, the girl who presented herself as an untouchable ice queen despite being a total autismo won. the moral is that first impressions matter

Yukino was literally #1 on 8man's "people I want to kill" list before Sensei introduced them.

ya, that's flirting dummy

She lost because she was never truly understood 8man until it was already too late for her. Yukino realized she liked 8man and did her best to not let ot ruin her friendship, and basically decided to run away. Yui basically decided to quietly hope that 8man would choose her instead of Yukino.
Basically the scene where she didn't cry in front of 8man was her last chance, had she cried in front of 8man, 8 man would've understood that she was serious and that she was hurting, and instead sacrificed herself for 8man and Yukino.

It was rigged from the start in general anyways.

yeah if you're 5

and yui was no.1 on the list of people 8man completely forgot about despite having thrown himself in front of a moving vehicle to save her dog

>Basically the scene where she didn't cry in front of 8man was her last chance, had she cried in front of 8man, 8 man would've understood that she was serious and that she was hurting

By that point it was already way too late. Even if she cried the best she could have hoped for was 8man denying his actual feelings and "sacrificing" himself once again to "save" her from her pain at his own expense, which would go against the entire point of the story. But he wouldn't have done that, at most he would have comforted her as a friend would as best he could before they parted ways.

Reality is she never really had a chance to begin with. 8man denied her obvious advances at first because he didn't believe they were genuine; and by the time he realized they were, he was already falling for Yukino anyways.

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yukino and hachiman's sex life would either be the most vanilla shit, or the most depraved in their entire generation

literally the only girl worth talking to

It would slide from former to latter, and then alternate depending on their moods. It would happen quite often though, that's for sure.

while Yui sits and cries from some dark corner, forever unable to move on

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How's the sequel?

I get the feeling that once they get past the first hurdle, they’d be doing it every chance they get

iroha shouldve won. they both have the same "observer" personality except iroha likes participating given the opportunity. they just both bounce off together naturally and 8man can handle her easily due to his experience as a brother. theyre the two characters i can see smiling together sunset behind their backs while seeing off their youthful classmates like parents. fuck the author for writing iroha and making her unobtainable. fuck...

Iroha is sex incarnate, and the only girl in the story with any intelligence or agency.

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>social experience
>can easily admit flaws
>casual teasing but not too much
>knows how to be cute
>knows how women works
>knows how men works
yukino cant fucking compare. yui cant fucking compare. totsuka cant fucking compare.

i will never forgive the author for writing her into the story only to not give her a main spot in incelkaya's heart. the type of woman that can insult you but not hurt you and she doesnt have an inferiority complex or some other gay ass circumstance like yukino and yui.

about to enter high school. 8man is literally me. I'll monologue like him then surely get bitches wanting me.

>Autistic loser is forced by autistic teacher to join a club which only other member is an equally autistic virgin girl without friends who also happens be a beauty.
If there's anybody out there that thought she wasn't going to win, they are borderline retarded.

Literally every other girl would've been better than Yukino.

Probably the real best choice. They have great chemistry, similar traits but still compensate for one another.
Clearly very caring and unreasonably infatuated with 8man. Unless he let her go, they would probably coast along indefinitely. Would probably start a very beautiful bond once they started fucking.
Great girl, very responsible. 8man would enable her to let her vulnerable side out out. Would probably carry 8 children and love her husband dearly for being there for her.
Manipulative, probably not a good choice. Probably great in bed. Might fall for 8man if he keep up with her.

And then we have this autistic bitch:
Autistic, damaged goods due to self-contiouness, essentially reliant on 8man. He's an emotional buoy to her. While she will love him, it's an extremely unhealthy type of love and could go all types of toxic way.
People who like Yukino are 100% guaranteed to be actual kissless virgins.

Her teasing felt really one sided, to be honest. Also she tries too hard to be cute.

Funny how your description of the other girls are so vague that they could also apply to yukino. Never really liked yukino either, but 8man ending up with her always seemed like the obvious choice. They work really well together and they push each other to improve.

Fuck all of them, sensei should've won

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teasing is always one sided tho wdym. she does it in a way that she knows is acceptable for 8man.

The Yukinoshita sisters were the only ones who could really get inside 8man's head and know what he was thinking.

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all the other girls except yukino are hypocrites normalniggers that enjoyed their teens and have no depth of thinking.Autistic Yukino was the only right choice since the beginning.

made for Oyakodon

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Saekano > Oregairu