Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

4 Days until forehead ninjas hit the airwaves

Are we excited bros?

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Aroused, actually.

yes I am also who is your favorite squad?

Loli ninja tummy... ToT

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This author draw them very sexy and very young. He might be a lolicon

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Yeah, We need more ninja girls

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Just how big do their foreheads get? Is the largest forehead the biggest slut?

what is a ninja doing with a butt that big, must be hard sneaking around

If it's one chapter per episode, I won't even bother.
If it's two chapters per episode, I'll watch the first, and then finish the rest some years later.
If it's THREE chapters per ep, I am genuinely excited

yeah this


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>Are we excited bros?
It's the only reason I haven't killed myself yet.

Nah, the largest forehead is actually the most cheerful one.

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Come on there is also virgin road and ikkitousen this season. It will be good.

And you have to live to see the end of bers- oh shit

I absolutely adore this panel, something about her cute round face pouting like she knows you done something bad.

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Ninjas need fat butts

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I sure am

she sure shows it off but it doesn't seem that big

I feel Aogiri's might be the most visually striking

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I'm in the Crab Squad.


I was shocked by how hot her design was first time I saw her.

You mean cute, right? Very cute.

will we get far enough to prevent the threads from getting raided by /u/ or will this be a love lab situation again?

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Foreheads, of course.

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Just so many great designs, he just kept introducing new ones but they were all great unlike a lot of shows that make obvious "low effort" characters that will be gone in an episode or two each team feels like a main character team that could have their own manga about them.


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Yamamoto is a gift.

Damn Azami

I think the Rooster squad look better with their hair down.

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But they no longer look like their flowers.

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kinda odd how kagetsu has a tsubaki in her hair

I hope we get some decent feet fanart out of it.

Kikyou's hanakotoba really fits her.

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Why would you want that?

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That's literally all I care about.

It's the eyes. She wouldn't be as sexy if not for those bedroom eyes.

You may be onto something. They look very inviting.

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Will there be fansubs or are we just gonna rely on burgersubs?

They do wear a fundoshi, Right?

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Is that Momo from BNHA?

They won't let us know

Well, Then I won't bother with the show, What a shame, Thanks for letting me know tho

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Girls don't need underwear.

Why is her forehead so big?

head full of thoughts about boys

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The artstyle looks cute in manga but I can't stand the anime design for some reason. I'd still give the anime a try, but if still couldn't stand it I'd probably just read the manga instead.

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Azami and Tanpopo are so good, holy shit.

For me, it's

Boar > Sheep > Tiger > Monkey > Rooster > Dog > Dragon > Rabbit > Ox > Rat > Horse > Snake

I'm just here for the feet

Choice of girl per-squad:

Boar: Dokudami
Sheep: Touwata
Tiger: Fuki
Monkey: Tsuwabuki
Rooster: Sumire
Dog: Tsubaki
Dragon: Higiri
Rabbit: Mukuge
Ox: Shion
Rat: Tachiaoi
Horse: Oniyuri
Snake: *flips coin* Uikyou

I will settle for no less than a Tsubaki and a Sazanka doujin

both railed by fat, faceless old men?

Sure, that's fine. I would prefer vanilla stuff, but I'm not picky

please be picky, this is like something Tsubaki would get tempted by

>Tsubaki: I want to see a man...
"a fat, faceless old man?"
>Tsubaki: S-sure that's fine.