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So the whole concept of the Rocks Pirates and Rocks D. Xebec himself were definitely late inclusions, right? Like, very late; I mean, Wano late.
>No, because Big Mom spoke about going “way back” with Kaido post-WCI.
That could have meant anything, at the time.

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SEX WITH ______

>That could have meant anything, at the time
That's what Oda does, he makes vague references to there being something deeper afoot, so when he later comes up with something and mentions it it feels like it was planned all along.


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I like how literally 0 details were given about the chapter in the spoilers this week

I mean it was first mentioned in Wano, but knowing how long running series are done he probably had it planned at least since timeskip.

toei faked the hack to stall for roof piece which will probably end up being considered the greatest anime fight arc of all time

Remember how Big Mom was some scary yonkou in Whole Cake Island? Really makes you wonder how Kaido was going to be. Sadly both of them ended as fucking JOKES in Wano.

(You) - (Nonconsensual)

Let's see:
>In One Piece myth, Yamato fruit is the guardian of wano.
>In japanese Myth after Momotaro defeats the Oni he marries the Oni princess and live happily.
>In the manga Momo is aged up to be the same age as Yamato.
>In the manga Momo and Yamato have more moments together than with everyone else.
>Yamato venerates Oden
>Adult Momo is a copý of Oden.


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luffys huge rubber toon cock


No thanks I like Jimbei more

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How so when it comes to Kaido? He has been an absolute tank throughout this whole war. Luffy awakens his df, gains his ridiculous power boast, and Kaido still barely has a scratch on him.

schizo piece

Ulti Funko

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It's so tiresome, bros

>>No, because Big Mom spoke about going “way back” with Kaido post-WCI.
>That could have meant anything, at the time.
So are very stupid desu


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dumb, 4 other anime were affected

some one make a step by step guide on how to get an ulti gf NOW.


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I laughed, holy shit, this is gold

Learn English.

Step 1- Be hot (i.e: look like pay-pay)
Step 2- Don't be ugly. (i.e:look like everyone else)
there's no step 3

This is only more gruesome

they just said that and delayed them to make it more believable

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Doubt they faked it but animated Roof Piece's gonna be crazy for sure

extremely based

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>implying these scenes weren't laughable in their original versions

Step 1: Preheat oven to 400°F.

Step 2: Using a sharp 8- to 10-inch skewer, pierce a potato lengthwise all the way through the center. Repeat with another potato on the same skewer. Repeat with remaining potatoes.

Step 3: On a cutting board, slice an angled slit at the very top of one potato. Keeping the knife in place, slowly rotate the potato. The spirals will start to form. Try to keep the spirals as thin as possible. Once the spiral is complete, carefully pull the layers apart on the skewer. Repeat with other potato on skewer, and then remaining potatoes on skewers.

Step 4: In a small bowl, combine chili powder, sugar, cumin, garlic powder, salt, pepper, oregano, and crushed red pepper.

Step 5: Set the skewers on the edges of a baking dish so that the potatoes don't touch the bottom of the dish. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with desired amount of seasoning blend, rotating to cover as much potato as possible.

Step 6: Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until lightly browned and crispy, turning occasionally.

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I'm watching it right now. Nami is talking to Luffy through a fragment of mirror on the ship and Katakuri is just walking Luffy down, then it explodes in her hands.


need help finding an image, one with carrot / robin / jinbe / one other Straw Hat sitting around like in a mall or something, any anons got it?

If it's really a Raizo chapter I'm leaving and waiting for One Piece to pile up cause the hype for Gear5 and Kaido fight combined with the fight taking fucking months to complete creates some unique kind of stress and frustration that I can't take anymore.

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I unironically consider dropping one piece until end of summer, the pacing is awful, too many ideas in one arc

Feels bad knowing I'm the only one that thinks this form looks bad due to that stupid fluffy hair and ugly eyebrows

Big Mom got barely defeated and it took two worst generation and Luffy got defeated three times

you aren't tho

What a hack

I was hesitant at first, but the latest chapter made it look good. I'm a fan.

Oh you mean Onigashima when you say roofpiece. That's going to be crazy, too. It's not even over yet. They gotta throw in flashback recap episodes too or they have no chance.

> Hates Luffy's curly white hair and eyebrows that the swirl of the fruit
Damn I kinda like it, what do you think is ugly about them?

Reminder that the BM Pirates are still on the island and Oda will dedicate a chapter to them

mr.5 has an underdeveloped df.

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they're the final escape route for the big villains.

Big meme

Why do you guys love saying stupid shit with such confidence?

I have a friend that has blonde frizzy hair and I can't unsee that, and his eyebrows are just stolen from Tama's dog which looks ridiculous

Because we ate hack hack no mi model: Oda

It's actually really smart though. Be rewarded for your retrospective worldbuilding by planting early easter-eggs.

>afraid to respond to people directly on an anonymous imageboard
Why are you people like this?

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I can't reply to every post.

Oda is a bigger and worse hack than Kubo

because it highlights how dumb it is to treat WSJ manga as serious business, and thats funny. especially when epeen strokers get offended that you won't debate them

You can, and trust me, it wouldn't look any dumber.

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Oda doesn't do any real plot integration whatsoever as a consequence

> Luffy passed out
> He remembers Skypiea in a flash back and the drums from its festival start playing even after the flashback
> He jumps into the air
> See his shadow on the moon
> Flashback to Who's Who talking about Nika
> Luffy Grabs Kaido
> Flashback to when he used gear 3 on Lucci
> Luffy makes himself looks like he has muscles
> Flashback to Gear 4
> Kaido apologizes about the CP0 Agent
> Flashback to Kaido killing that agent
> Luffy looks at the screen and say it's fine
> Episode Ends
I sure am looking forward to that episode


Why exactly Oda is a hack? I don't get it

Who does then?

not even close oda does not take himself seriously and will admit he writes shit for dumb kids

they're called hooks anons, and half the shit people are pointing out aren't even that. the new shit is just worked on top of it.

Ah I can see what you mean with the eyebrows

So since the WG fleet didn't get BTFO by Zunesha yet what do you think Oda will use them for?

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Because instead of just leaving obscure statements as that, he actually uses them to move the story. And he also doesn't make my fanfiction a reality.

I don't know if this was called properly but I think what we're about to see is Luffy, Sanji and Zoro getting together to kick Kaido's shit in as a team.

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Oda is the master of making things go from 0 to 100 to 1000 and then back to 0 in an instant.

Zoro's Asura is CoC. How come Luffy doesn't manifest something like Zoro? Does CoC let you look like a monster or something?

turns out kizaru, smoker and a few other vice admirals are on there and the WG is going to buster call a severely weakened wano off the face of the earth and kizaru has a secret mission to kill luffy who is now supper weakened from gear 5 over use

Luffy has made it clear when he send Zoro, Law and Yamato away that he wants this battle between Kaido to be 1vs1

green bull
>hito hito model shiva

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please donut bully Ulti, ty

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Then he shouldn't do "Le epic WG secret 800 years ago" plot. You can't make a coherent story out of such plot unless you planned every major points beforehand.

The scene that killed Yea Forums

Odens son dicking down Kaidos daughter is pretty sweet retribution.

Yeah I don't think Luffy can win this 1v1 anymore.


man nika

don't worry he will get a second wind and destroy kaido with true gear 5 ultimate freedom.

The Yami Yami no mi is the edge fruit. The Hito Hito no mi Mythical type Model: Nika represents silliness and freedom while the Yami Yami no mi represents edginess and domination.

Luffy has been defeated like 4 times by Kaido but he still sends people away every time, this battle will always end up 1vs1

>everyone wins their matchup without help
>oh except the MC just because
Oda didn’t give god mode to Luffy just to still end this with a generic group fight.

is that front shadow figure Rocks?
was he constantly looking up to big mom?

>Luffy, Sanji and Zoro getting together to kick Kaido's shit in as a team.
What a wasted potential. A fucking boss raid with M3 against Kaido would be awesome to behold. Instead we got this stupid "yeah WG somehow did not pursuit nika2 user all this time" plot

Only bullying I'll be doing is aggressive headpats.

Fags give Law and Kid shit for fighting 2vs1 against Big Mom as if Luffy didn't need multiple rounds and multiple distractions to even fight Kaido equally