Shingeki no Kyojin

This is officially AA board. Bertfags aren't welcomed here.

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JM fans stands with AA fans as the canon ships

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I rabu Ereh

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I can't believe the previous thread generated such amount of autism it got pruned. Snk will soon join /trash/. And it's all because of erentrannies and REwhales.

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Armin is too much fag to have sex with any woman that doesn't involve a strap-on.


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GF also stands with AA.

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You mean reinerwhales

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Post fan art

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12 yo WITkasa is an abomination.

I'd invest in her more if she wasn't such a heartless cunt. I couldn't stand here Eren autism but I gave her a chance since she seemed to be getting better but that scene with that girl on her deathbed completely ruined her for me.

The amount of Reiner boobs posts or pictures of him looking like a bottom bitch and "I want to dominate Reiner" comments are coming from Reiner's faggot fans and the mentally ill femcels who want to fuck him and self insert as characters they see as dominant in their delusional mind, like Eren, Annie and Bert.

Good, it's where it belongs

seethe erentranny

Hopefully this thread will get pruned too faggot

I will always hold for Mikasa. I've been all in since the beginning.

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>Hopefully this thread will get pruned too faggot

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>shipping garbage thread

I rabu Piku

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Isn't the only reason Mikasa is important to Ymir because Mikasa is important to Eren?

Shit taste

Annie deserves a 24 ep season of BULLYING

She's so absurdly cute
Have you seen the little bow on her hat? SO ADORABLE

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For the sake of argument, if you come at me, on the international stage; if I had to defend myself from inside your basement; I'm listening to your presentation; and I have to trample millions of people to defend myself, with huge titans; it's a self defense situation; I'm not gonna be happy about the devastation, but I will be happy that I defended my own country. I'll protect my own people, if that's what it takes, to protect us. I didn't want it to be like this! It's a tragedy.

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>; I'm not gonna be happy about the devastation
midwit take

>This is Cuckren's fate

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She's a necroshizo
Remember we still don't know what she did with Eren's head before buring him


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Imagine that Ice cream
Now Imagine Eren's head

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>Prease let me suck your cock
Reminder that this is canonically a toxic relationship by Isayama.

Reminder that Bert should have lived instead of SNIFFner

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They love each other

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Floch didn't seem that attached to Eren

>Outdated ship
Where's Evan?

No shit. He wouldn't attempt to murder Eren's friends if he was.

i miss hannes. good boy.

He was his devil

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Someone should edit that over the last episode, it fit even better than with the original 123

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>18 IP users
This thread won't last either

Last for EM

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If she did anything funny with it while they were inside titan's head, Armin would have noticed it when he was hugging Mikasa and Headren.

>Hahaha you killed your own mother and traumatized me

If it wasn't for her being lesbo, I think her and Bert would have unironically been a good ship.

Imagine my fat dick
Now imagine your butt

i rabu them

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As long as we don't chimp out it will

We had continuous threads between P1 and P2....

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She did it after, she made sure to leave alone to ''bury him''

Shingeki no Kyojin sex

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Had more meaningful interaction in a short amount of time then in the years Annie and Bert spent together. His words even swayed her to abandon Historia and save his ass.

I love this edit and I'm thankful for the person who removed the creepy old man

How does Farmer-kun do it?

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Were there really?

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they can be based friends and enjoy the sniffner’s descent.

Reiner's wife.

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Oh well, after 4 years in Paths with him that was like saying last goodbye to your husband.

There hasn't been a period of more than ~8 hours without /snk/ threads on Yea Forums since April 9th 2021

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He's so good that she has to ask Eren's opinion on the Farmer's cock.

Eren is the one who re-introduced Historia to Farmer-kun

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filthy eld*an trash

Threads that shill AA are always unpopular.

i will always love mikasa

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Why was that last thread deleted?
it certainly wasn't better - but also not worse than every other one.
That would imply that which character fucked which other character wasn't always the main topic in these...

How sad, I hope you get something better in life than loving something like Mikasa. I hope you get into a better story and replace her for a real character someday

Last thread overdosed on fujofaggotry. The amount of Reiner boob posts is staggering.

I want to milk Reiner...

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Sorry you feel that way. Maybe if you loved Mikasa like me, you'd be happy. I will pray to her for you.

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I love them so much

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This looks less disturbing than regular RE art

I'll never get tired of the EMkino...

Makes my day really

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