Healer Girl

So am I understanding this all right
>singing can magically heal people somehow
>but not everyone can do magic singing
>the magic yellow aura thing can only be seen by other magic singers
>the head healer lady is probably trained as a medical doctor as well
>the animals in jars lady is a chemist with no singing magic

What is the risk of unlicensed heal-singing though? Can someone become too healthy?

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It'd be directed to the wrong place, like giving someone a vasectomy when they've got a broken leg

Reminder that 432 hz is healing and the current 440 hz standard is poison
Say no to 440 hz.

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What about 3hz?

Because there's a risk of failure and malpractice if you're not trained properly. It seems the lyrics acts like magic chants, something that tells the magic what to do with the patient.

This show reminds me a bit of Lapis Re:Lights - very comfy
I really like the uniform and character designs

Are the two adults in a relationship?

Is there singing magic for other uses in this world? Or only healing? Presumably there are "evil" healers who actually harm or murder people?

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>giving people that disease that makes all their wounds heal over with bone until they can't move anymore

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With me? Yes.


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An odd anime to say the least. But it's got a nice cozy feel to it, so I'm on board with it.

It can't be. They're just good friends.

win/win for me.

I wonder if the rival characters will interrupt the comfy.

I liked it when the blonde sings a song about how much she wants to fuck her teacher.

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i want to fuck one

You want to fuck a snake in a jar?

inb4 evolved jashin edit

Are they doing it for free?

The tomato seems to.

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What is this scale suppose to illustrate?

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>that little musical segment
KINO. I hope they do that more often.

Don't use the wrong frequencies unless you want to fucking die.

So. Are there any "naked under the bedsheet robe" lewds?

>healing by singing
What a stupid fucking concept.

>pyra and mythra


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THat was beautifully lesbian.

Evidence that Mozart could still be alive.

>be American
>get shot
>have to pay $200,000 to get a healer to sing for me

>the "song" is nigga rap

Whenever I think about rap in anime/japanese culture, I just think of this

user, if they sing the wrong note they die

listening to rap is like smoking 10 packs of menthols

spoiler alert: the white girl is part of the OP quartet

it's a timeline of piano tuning trends

Can singing cure homosexuality?

I really liked this. Great OP too.

thank you user

This is my main motivation to keep watching. I never knew I wanted a musical anime before this.

Rossiu's daughter or granma?

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rossiu lied people died

Can they keep this rate of singing up for 12 eps?

I can't wait for the next episode to come out and prove that forehead is the best girl. You'd all better apologize for calling her character design stupid.

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Magic chanting (singing).

I assumed labcoat lady is versed in eastern medicine which is why she has snake/turtle tonics.

I already know she's going to be the best girl.

Will she be the 'Koi' of the season?

No. It's impossible to make another girl with as much sexual appeal as Koi.

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And what's the significance of drawing?

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Oh hey that's a date

I can't tell if it's sex appeal or just being very fun to rape.

She's drawing Kana's "image", the magical aura that other healers can see, presumably to study it. They haven't explained the significance of images yet, but everyone seemed to be very impressed by Kana's so it probably ties into their potential or effectiveness as healers
Blaze it

What will be the big twist?

One of the girls will have terminal cancer and will die before the end of the show to showcase that not everything can be healed by music.

Singing can damage the body if not performed correctly, and Kana accidentally kills someone.

I hope they reenact the "Where do you think we are" scene

I doubt something that dramatic, but the main lady is obviously going to "pass the torch" to the other girls at the end.

That's Natsu no Sora's tweest