Hopefully precure will finally return next week.

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I want to marry a Precure.

I hope so too

Eh. DP can stay on hiatus, I have other things to catch up on.

I hope so. I'm excited to see more of Yui, Kokone, Rosemary, and Takumi and for Ran to finally join the team.

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Kokone is touching Yui's ass and Yui is reacting like it's just a normal thing she does with her.

Same here dude.

Fuck off.

>Ran's hands
>Those faces
budget -1

For an OP cut it's rough-looking, what was the most QUALITY op prior to this one?

I want to watch DP but that faggot looking character disgusts me. How bad is he?

Which Precure would make the best wife?

Guys can I get a translation to this and why does Hana look so happy?

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Kokone best girl

He's the best character.

Obviously Bukki, she's a good Christian girl

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>Onee-chan there's something pokey hitting at me.

Which Precure?

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He's great

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Depends on what you're looking for, some user want a girl that does everything for them, others want a completely useless girl at the same time others want a shy girl and others disagree and want a super genki one, in other words, only you can answer your own question.

Why is this place so dead?

He's Whis.
He's literally Whis.


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Cure and Spicy

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It's unironically over.

Depends on what you mean by "bad"

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Spicy and Wolf

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I want Yui to literally be Kokone's autistic caregiver.

Fuck off

>telling that to fuck off but not
Spicy and Wolf.

He is lowkey the only good character.


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Ran is a good character too. We just haven't seen much of her.

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She sucks Yui's cock when?

>being old

She's so precious...

I want a Precure who is kind and considerate but also strongly encourages me to be a better person every day.
But also has a scary personality


Fuck off.


Fuck off.

Cures are made for old men.

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Fuck on.

Fuck off.


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That monkey would destroy my hips with her energy.

I want to be destroyed by a Precure. A slightly older one though.

Which cure would you daterape?

Which one would daterape me?


Fuck off.

Go back

Maybe he hates furries.

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Rape is bad, always consensual even if she is 8 yo.

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Fuck off.

Fuck on bro

Fuck off.

I love bukki

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Fuck off.

Me too

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I still can't believe Bukki has been forced here for over a decade despite the fact it has always been Buki.