Why the FUCK would you eat one of these? Swimming is important

Why the FUCK would you eat one of these? Swimming is important

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But what if it goves you the power to fly? Also couldn't Luffy just inflate himself like a raft to float even if he can't swim?

Idk, being able to pull off popeye bs would be a nice trade off.

One of the most unreliable methods.
If you wanna be anal about being a meta pirate in one piece then going for a full Haki build seems to be the choice. If you can't learn Haki the next best thing is trying to get a fruit.
The thing that always gets my goat on Haki is why the fuck doesn't Zoro's teacher or Along know how to use it. Or even that laboon doctor, mentioning it to newcomers could have been a nice help, cunt. The thing is we see various moments that could be presumed to be Haki shortly after, like the giant's special blow.
Reminder that Garp is objectively the strongest character in canon so far. He could probably have killed Akainu if Sengoku didn't hold him down.

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You retard it's Hito Hito no mi Model: Nika

Gain god like powers if you're creative.

I love how simplistic this fruit despite being the deus ex machina one. You can this was a retcon.

In hindsight people like crocodile or CP9 members should have been able to use haki, but it's quite obvious that oda thought of the idea of haki later on in the story, not complaining but that's just the way it is.

Becomes some of those can make you into a demi god.

I always assumed that strange martial arts they used was just a dumbed down more accessible version of Haki to be taught to operatives. Remember that the forms of Haki we see later on can only be actually learned by very few. Even in Amazon lily black weapons were inexistent, their Haki being to weak to manifest into a solid color of armaments. Or that sumo dude's slaps which had just enough Hali to hit Luffy but not enough to actually summon the color.
But yeah crocodile has no excuse. Maybe he just wasn't apt to learn it.

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When was the last time the need to swim came into play?

>not eating everything that a tree produces

based autismchad

>Also couldn't Luffy just inflate himself like a raft to float even if he can't swim?

His power is drained from his body when he touches sea water, so no.

Yeah, if it was a super duper special fruit it'd look super duper specia-

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The issue with fruits is that you're only winning if you grab a Mythical Zoan and manage to awaken it. Otherwise you're better off learning Haki and Rokushiki and using Seastone items in conjunction with Haki to beat up DF users when you're on land.


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Big mouth recently almost died from drowning but her utterly bullshit ability would probably have saved her.

According to Garp, Haki is connected to love. Conqueror's Haki being the intense love a leader has.

Crocodile is a true monster without any love. He is just waiting for his chance to strike so you lose everything through your fingertips like sand.

You can tell how cold he is by his organization. He doesn't even need betrayal to kill you. Just failure.

>Swimming is important
Yeah, no

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>he doesn't exclusively board ships and piledrive any DF users into the ocean
Heh...nothing personnel, kid.

Not fully, even Brooke can run on water.

I remember that you need to be something like knee level in it to feel the effects

My autistic headcannon is that Crocodile was utilizing his haki in his devil fruit to keep the air dry and preventing the rain in Alabasta.

No, he just loses control over his powers. Someone stretched his neck up from the bottom of the ocean so he could breathe during the Arlong arc.

The big thing is that DF users just can't float. Their bodies are basically not buoyant, and they just fall through the water unless there's some kind of gimmick like

Brookes devil fruit is not a power most people would want.

It's a big advantage early on but late game you realize haki, rokushiki and magic weapons give you everything you need.

you can have both though

Why doesn't Luffy just inflate himself into a raft, and then wrap himself in a thin layer of plastic wrap so he technically isn't touching the water?

Checkmate, eagles.

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too stupid for it

Dunno man it looks tasty.

>Swimming is important
I haven't swam in 20 yrs, so...... no?

not everyone is a freak of nature who can just punch logia users garp

Garp can't even do CoC coating

Haki has proven to not only be a better choice, but it can also nosell a devilfruit power.

Plus there are also lots of other martial arts tricks that can imitate a devilfruit superpower. Someone can simply learn how to skip around on air, shoot air bullets, shoot air blades, teleport, vibrate oneslf into invisibility, generate electricity, generate fire, and be a psychic.

it's just the really odd random paramecia that gives someone the ability to transform the environment or people into things, or control time that is still a serious problem for a haki user. Logias and Zoans are not a problem.

Seems like legendary or Mythical Zoan is the best choice. Then one gets all the benefits of a Zoan toughness and whatever animal abilities on top of some kind of superpower.

Is there a Nomi Nomi no Mi yet?

I've always thought that the fruits' abilities themselves had some relation to haki, although in what manner I'm not sure.

If he turns everything into rubber can't he just pull the water up like a rug or tatami flooring.

Maybe you need a devil fruit AND a way to traverse the sea floor to get One Piece. Toon world is the easy mode for that.

Aokiji has been able to ride his bike over the sea since before Water 7

>Sea floor

nevermind I speedread

>the deus ex machina one

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>stretched his neck up from the bottom of the ocean so he could breathe
It would be physically impossible to draw breath at any significant depth, due to the water pressure.

Doesn't Buggy's Fruit counter that?

Maybe you could call it that at the time but by definition if it sinches a situation later then it had already been introduced so just go ackk tranny....

depends on if you know which fruit it is. Also if the power is really lame I would just rather have no power at all

>trannies out of nowhere
fuck off genderfreak

>Implying he needs it
My headcanon is that Garp doesn't have haki and is Just That Strong on his own and you can't prove me wrong

I do think he has it. He's just hiding it from the tenryuubito.

when has he ever said that?

>replying to the namefag retard

Yes but consider this:
I'm the Protagonist.

Not a problem, given that Buggy is satire and will never be in a real fight.

>Cartoony cut immunity
>On a man who lucks his way to success
If you don't see how this ends, you're a fool.

You're not taking into the account that the anime didn't have a consistent way to show haki until after the timeskip. Even the manga was very spotty with what exactly was clearly haki and what wasn't. It was literally explained that the sumo guy was using an extremely advanced form of armament haki that can be projected at range, just like Rayleigh did with the giant animal. Now in Wano that same technique is a fucking DBZ lightshow.

CP9 had absolutely zero excuse to not know it when vall vce admirals are supposed to have some mastery of it. You could argue that as assassins and infiltrators they didn't have as much of a need for it, but it's still retarded. And you could also argue that Crocodile and Moria lost their willpower after getting btfo in the new world, but that's also still retarded.


Not if your body is rubber

Especially if your body is rubber

between haki and the cp9 or similar techniques, fruitless really is the better path. You can swim, fly, use super speed, different weapons, etc.You're playing the lottery with those fruits unless you stumble onto the rare DF books.

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uuuh you know you can have a devil fruit powers and haki right. like some some of the best devil fruit users have some of the best haki to.

Haki takes intensive training and physical prowess to learn.There's a reason Usopp can only use observation. He's not physical enough to learn anything else