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GODholdt thread. Discuss the series of which GODholdt is the main character.

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lol he was a lil bitch

It’s nice that Armin apologized, only Eren left

Why is Eren so beautiful sisters?

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I want to remind all the fags, fujos and fag hags who insist that Bert was a boring character and it was better that we got SNIFFner instead because of his dynamic with Eren, that the Colossal Titan (Bert) was Eren's first rival, the one who started everything and gave him a motivation and it would make more sense if he was the one with him in the basement. You just say this because you never got more of Bert, but if he survived, shityama could easily give him character development and backstory to change your mind.

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Mikasa is the prettiest

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Good characters with potential who were either ruined in the end or died before they could show their full potential
>Reiner, Bertholdt, Dykemir, Zeke
Good characters who died before they were ruined
>Kenny, Erwin
Overrated but decent characters
>Hange, manlet, Gabi
>Overrated characters who had some good moments but overall were always shit
>Eren, Annie
Shit characters with one relevant/ good scene
Shitty, one dimensional characters
>Mong, Shitkasa, Floch, Porco, Jean, Connie
You can't prove me wrong

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This. Mikasa is so beautiful and strong and perfect! I love her so much!

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Kys warriorwhale

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Fact: Mikasa mogs every warrior.

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How many times are you going to post your shitty opinion you fucking cunt?

For me it's Reiner, but Berthold is a good sidekick (and his conversation where he completely ignores Armins talk no jutsu in Shiganshina is based)

Oh shit, thanks for reminding me about Sasha! I forgot about her kek. Also goes into the shit and one dimensional section, of course.

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Fact: Mikasa killed the love of her life for Pieck's dad.

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Bethold and his blond aryan waifu

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Jean and Connie are fucking based you pleb

Mikasa gets prettier and bigger boobs by the episode, MILFkasa will be stunning in the extra pages

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>For me it's Reiner
that's because you are a faggot just like Hackyama


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So how the heel did Eren know that he had killed 80% of the world's population?
How could he possibly keep track of pic related happening in 1000 different places in the world simultaneously?

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Lmao deal with it you seething nerd

onry yumiru knows. now prease focus your attention on Arumin's eyes and bravery instead.

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she shingeki on my kyojin

Basically you are saying that
good characters with potential = the ones who left the story fast
bad characters = regular cast members
With the exception of Floch who is shit even though he didn't overstay his welcome

based and truthpilled

>shartmong was based on Isayama's childhood friend and fay crush
>tfw you realize Bort was probably based on the tall chad that bullied him and his fagfriend in middle school
>he wrote Bort to cope that no one wants to fuck fat bug-eyed manlet manchildren, but tall dark and handsome MEN

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Gee, I don't know, maybe the direct-link consciousness he shares with every titan doing the rumbling?
There surely isn't any way he saw all those people getting flattened in realtime.

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Baddest bitch in history.

cutest canon couple in AOT

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>Replying to your own post

Which male warriors had the longest dicks?

In my opinion:

>Marcel>>>>Bertholdt>>>Reiner>>>Zeke>>>Porco(he is an angry dick let)

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Reminder that Armin set Jean up with Mikasa after Eren died to spite Eren

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Based JM schizo

Porco was probably the biggest dicked warrior

yandere Reiner breeding you with his warrior babies and having psychotic episodes somewhere in between

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Shut the fuck up bitch. Chadholt is talking

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Are you the same Reinerfag who kept asking the dick size of the anons who post here? Are you so dickhungry or what?


Another EM that seethes knowing that Mikasa spread her legs for another man and never did for Eren

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shitner is a dicklet based on Isayama's drawing

Warriortrannies are mentally ill

What was the point of this?

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Reiner was ruined tho
Could you stop being a biased whale for 5 seconds?

Bert had the longest, Reiner had the thickest and he was second in terms of lenght, Marcel was still a kid when he died so I don't think his full cock lenght was established yet? Zeke the 3rd and circumcised. Porco is a total dicklet, definitely the smallest.


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Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face because of how badly shitren cucks lost in every way imaginable.

Stop trying to apply logic.

However, I guess you could imagine he didn’t raze everything flat and this guarantee the end of most life on earth anyway but instead targeted all population centres with targeted squads of bigass titans so the only survivors were farmers and bumpkins.


Imagine the satisfaction of Jean splitting open her hymen knowing he gaslit her into killing Eren and are now taking her virginity in his place. I'm thinking Janbou won.

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Eren and levi will be the only memorable characters for years to come

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GOD I wish I could seenShitkasa being abused by the warriors more! Hate this sorry excuse of a character.

We have a shitren getting cucked version right? No way we don’t

You Jeanbros are alright with me.

He guaranteed can’t get femanon pregnant so she resorts to porkin’s from Porco or Colt.

Perfect for each other

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His satiric drawing doesn't count. You could as well say that Reiner has an "X" button instead of an asshole.

Already forgotten lmao jjk mogs these cucks

Kek it’s true, their fandom will keep them married in the eyes of everybody who doesn’t even know the show.

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>eren spent several decades looking through the eyes of titans counting dead people just so he has a figure to give armin once it's all done
I guess that aligns with the several decades he must've waited in paths for Ymir to build the erensaurus, so Armin could have a cool boss fight.

Memorable as the biggest cuck and worst mc of all time LMAO

>when she sees your big eldian pecker

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Cute and canon

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Berto a cute.

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Why do you think that Reiner would have problems with conceiving? I think he has fat breeder balls.

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>tfw hange makes you suck her filthy sweaty unwashed cock to clean it

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Y'know if the wall titans were moving as fast as Mappa animated them as, they'd have reached Marley in like a half hour.

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Worst posters in these generals

Every time he’s about to cum he swaps personalities or gets really depressive and loses his boner. His balls are big cause they’re so backed up.

Some MCs die virgins. Some MCs die humiliating deaths. Some MCs get cucked. Some MCs fail in all of their goals. But has any MC ever died a virgin failure, humiliated in front of the audience so much so that it affects his entire previous arc, only to top it all off with getting cucked? Has an author ever done their MC as bad as Hacksayama did Eren?

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No character fag has ever lost as hard as cuckrenfaggots


Newfag here. Why do you keep posting EM pics when obviously the man with Mikasa in the final chapter was Jean?
Copium or just spamming?

I would fix that


I Want Hange to rape my mouth with her cock, i like to post hange hate but i want to swallow every bit of her futa cum as she calls me a good boy

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Wouldn't the Colossals lose density the further they fanned out?

Farmer-kun and Jean sure did get lucky
Thanks Eren!

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