Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road

Is it love at first sight?

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Man give it a break will ya.

Who cares?

The author thought of a funny isekai joke, but doesn't have the writing skills to do a series worth watching. After the punchline lands, it's just a bunch of cliches strung together to make an incoherent plot.

absolutely seething

I was really interested and hopeful once the head stab landed. I thought there was maybe a new Madoka for Isekai. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode just showed the series has no follow-up.

absolutely larping

It's just the first episode right? Too early to tell if it's going to be bad or not. So far it looks good, even the music is nice.
>spanish guitar playing during the fight scene

>first sight
That's the funny part.

Once they got past the twist it was *so* cliched and lazy though. The fight scene was shit. The dialogue and choreography were both terrible. The more they explained about the first half, the worse they made it in retrospect. I'm not going to dig into the details, but none of it makes any sense.

It was also mood tonedeaf. She murders a teenage boy. It's shocking, dark, and tragic. They're not playing it for laughs. She's sad that it's necessary. We get a flashback to a past tragedy, of the kind she was trying to avert. Then we have her lesbian assistant, who knows she just had to kill an innocent boy, being comedically gropey and dressing her in a maid costume. It just doesn't work together. Instead of a coherent emotional experience or believable characters, it's just a jumble of things that happened.

pinkhair is a psychopath so of course she's tonedeaf

Momo was just trying to cheer up Menou with the fanservice scene but truthfully, I didn't really notice the tonal whiplash at first because I wasn't sad that the boy got shanked haha.

The three-episode rule is ironclad. Never judge a show before that point.

>She murders a teenage boy. It's shocking, dark, and tragic. They're not playing it for laughs. She's sad that it's necessary. We get a flashback to a past tragedy, of the kind she was trying to avert.
You've completely missed that Menou is desensitized to death. Her classroom dream is filled with the countless otherworlders she's killed. The emotional whiplash is for you, not for her. Killing them isn't a tragedy, it's work to prevent actual tragedies. Work the episode shows her entire life has revolved around since she was a child, born to kill. Instead of reflecting on that inconsistency, you treat it as an accident. I agree with you the fight at the church was stiff, the comedy not great, and the exposition blunt as hell, but the stuff you're so hung up on is just you willfully misinterpreting events.

Not "she's tonedeaf" the writing and directing are. The lack of skill and talent is clear.

You can have her assistant be shamelessly lustful toward her and be consistent with the tone shift after the murder, but you can't present it this way, as light comedy.

They did a good job in the first half of setting it up as a believable, if mediocre, light comedy gimmick isekai. Then they had another scene that belongs in a mediocre, light comedy gimmick isekai after they revealed it's not actually that kind of show. What this revealed is that they're actually making a bad, schizophrenic gimmick isekai.

She explicitly mourns his death. Yes, she killed him ruthlessly, so she's clearly desensitized to death to some extent. But she also feels sad she had to kill an innocent boy.


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>first thoughts after figuring out his powers are how he'll use it selfishly and murder anyone who gets in his way

All Momo

For me, It's Nana

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All of those are pretty great. I'd have to try all of them.

spyce momo...

S2 when?

never ever
announcement any day now

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>Is it love at first sight?
Yes it's the purest love of all yuri

>light comedy gimmick isekai
It so isn't that

so this show is basically just a power fantasy for women right?

You could just watch the next episode and find out.

If that's supposed to be why she did it, the writing is even worse than I thought. A genuinely evil person who really thought like that would be accustomed to concealing such intentions from others. But it's the kind of awkward joke someone might tell to relieve the tension of a situation like that, where you've been abducted from your world and it's revealed you have such a destructive ability.

She wouldn't know his real intentions or character from that. She made certain that he was a summon, gathered as much testimony as she could about the crime of summoning him, checked that what he said about having no power wasn't true, and killed him. Maybe she also judged the destructiveness of his power, but it seemed to me like she was going to kill him regardless.

>but it seemed to me like she was going to kill him regardless
You are right. It is literally her job to.

i am about halfway through after the bitch stabed the dude in the head thus leading to my conclusion. Im tired of feminist propaganda in anime. and was asking rhetorically

I miss Gun Momo.

>Im tired of feminist propaganda in anime
Does your idea of feminist propaganda involve them killing women? Cause uh...

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So how close will this actually be to Cheat Slayer?

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This isn't feminist propaganda, you buffoon.

Virgin Road doesn't piss of other publishers by killing facsimiles of their property.

Me too. Momoka was an extremely based MC.

yeah. strong powerful females in anime im done with this trash. ill finish this episode cuz im already half way through and bored but sheesh. you simps really need to stop ruining anime.

who does this appeal to then? certainly not me.

>strong powerful females in anime im done with this trash
Yup, that's never been a big thing in anime.

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yeah I know its generic and has been done a million times. im just tired of it.

Wait, you're telling me this anime has powerful female characters? Really? I don't believe you.

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Oh wow, I can smell the insecurity from here.
Yeah, stick to your shonenshit, kid.

Reading a synopsis isn't that hard. Especially if see something you don't like makes you bitch this much.

Do you need a reminder of his name, his power, and all the series with characters that he resembles?

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if you like getting stabbed in the head by a bitch then go ahead and enjoy your slop. ill be watching better more manly anime this season.

Why are you people always like this?

Were you really self-inserting as the isekai'd loser so hard that you're seething this fucking much that he gets offed as a plot device?
Holy fucking shit, kid.

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is it too much to ask for a masculine anime MC these days?

>if you like getting stabbed in the head by a bitch

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>If that's supposed to be why she did it, the writing is even worse than I thought.
Why is it bad writing though? From the moment he arrived dude was really isekai genre savvy, he's just saying the truth regarding isekai revenge fantasies.

no its just a clear attack on men which is the entire concept of the anime.
>wait a sec...what if we make a beta mc isekai protag and then kill him off with a strong female mc! genius sugoi!! desu nani?!?
and you people eat this shit up like its candy.

>no its just a clear attack on me
Are you really so triggered by a cartoon that you think it's some political message?
Holy fucking shit, kid.

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>momo gets introduced as a third wheel with an unrequired love with the mc
>one chapter later she gets paired up with an amazoness princess that wants to fuck her(and so does she)
So what was even the point to make momo be in love with menou when her relationship with the princess is just that much better?

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>and so does she
Momo doesn't really start getting along with Ashuna until later. At first she legit hated her.

It shows that Yayas deserve love too.

>So what was even the point to make momo be in love with menou
To expose what a possessive bitch Akari can be.

its funny you use a actual masculine anime show protag to attack me. wouldnt it make more sense to use a smug anime girl? you probably never even watched yu yu hakusho.

I don't know about this being feminist propaganda, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But this and Shield Hero have only served to convince me that women who approach me are out to get me. They have but one purpose: to screw me over however they can.


Not really an isekai but the first association that came to my head is the dude in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun which is another JC Staff series and he's also a generic looking black haired highschool boy with nullification powers.

Kidnapping people from their planet and killing them after that is not cool, yo. It would be cool if they summoned a guy with a specialization in nuclear weapons to get nuked once and for all.

after finishing the episode I have decided to drop it for sure. if i want to watch feminist shit I can just watch captain marvel or wonder women marvel movies. anyone who has testosterone I would say to avoid this anime as well.

>actually finishing the episode
What the actual fuck is wrong with you? You already knew you didn't like it.

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