Hajime no Ippo 1377


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What is even the point of this chapter?

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When the fuck is Takamura gonna lose?

you'll see :(

No we won't

to prepare us for wolikino

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Wait what

kek did takamura just shart?

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Lmao he did
I'm taking a shit right now

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No no no no no no no no no no no no no

First time reading this series and I'm confused... Is he shitting suppose to be a jpke or a dramatic moment?

so he just shit himself? i mean its funny but what actually is the point of this chapter? whats even going on at this point?

Is that supposed to be the glove or his ass?

He's been going blind for a while.


Finished. Based Woli seems to take boxing seriously now, Martinez is up for some trouble

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How many years have they been sitting on this detached retina shit. I remember it started around chapter 200

He's going blind, Ippo landing a hit is what caused him to shit

Bravo morikawa

It's a joke, the author has a thing for random gags about diarrhea

huh i forgot about that. i kinda wish the art did a better job at portraying it was about going blind over a poop joke

To make the readers keep hoping Ippo is in his best to return to the ring for another 5 years of chapters of nothing.

>it started around chapter 200

I don't think it was quite that long. iirc the concern with his retina started going into the David Eagle fight, which is like chapter 500ish.

It didnt start that early but it's been almost 1000 chapters since it was brought up. Clearly Morikawa wants to have a reason for Takamura to retire early in case he has to quit writing the manga

Fucking speedreaders

Uh oh....
He's still losing sight in his eye.
Wasn't that from the fight with Hawk? Or was it before that? I can't remember anymore.

>Ippo landing a hit
He didn't land a hit, he hit the glove exactly where both Taka and the Coach trained him to do so, the Liver Blow. Taka's eye goes White during dramatic moments, notice how both Coach and Taka look at their hands, Taka is realizing that Ippo's punches are strong/sharp as ever if not stronger.

He's shitting because he ate this, you retards

I didnt say it wasnt funny i just asked what the point of the chapter was relax

Is his left eye getting fucked up now too? Lmao he's going to fucking die trying to box 99% blind

>"God I Wish That Were Me"

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Ippo, the 27 year old virgin
Call me when he gets a win in that weight class

Kumi is legitimately 5 chapters away from just raping him.

I think he's both recognizing Ippo's strength and simultaneously the realization of the damage done to his own eye are both what's being shown.
Honestly, though, Takamura doesn't seem to be the type to call it quits even if he went blind in one eye anyway. It's just not his style, so I'm curious where this will head.

This chapter: Ippo is still strong, fast, and as sharp as ever. He can keep up with a power based World Champ pretty easily.
The chapters preceding this one: Ippo's old rivals are moving into the World Scene without him to varying success.
This arc in general: Ippo has fucked his timing up because he's wearing fucking Arm and Leg weights. This is the same thing that happen to Sendo much earlier in the series. Ippo has gotten stronger from using the weights but because he'd naturally moves different without them, he lost two fights in a row (Ippo just started using the weights before his first loss and they were both losses based on hit/dodge timings). This is not confirmed at all btw. But it makes too much sense to be coincidence.

It's both. Morikawa just loves his dick n fart jokes too much

My question is when Ippo comes out of retirement, which he obviously will, what can he do to get back to where he was? In the real world at least, two losses in a row at that stage of your career in the manner Ippo lost is a death sentence to having a shot at the title ANY time soon. We essentially cancel p4p boxers all time now after one big loss, and at two are talking about "it's time for them to retire.". Look at Chocolatito, Anthony Joshua, Wilder, etc.

Are we supposed to sit around for another 20 years of Ippo rebuilding his rep?

ippo picked up the weights after he lost to gonzalez and he admitted to being hurt in the head during his fight against guevara, that theory doesnt really make sense at all

well, imai has a good ranking and he'd love to fight ippo, ippo probably destroys him when he comes back and after that he is only one fight away from a major world tier fight

Where is Imai ranked currently? In general, no one really cares about that you're the Japanese champion at the world championship level. Hundreds of national level champs out there. Generally you gotta beat guys ranked top 10 in the world for anyone to take you seriously as a title contender.

>Wolf is going to be destroyed by Woli in a sparring match
Yep, I am thinking suffering Wolf is back on the menu, anons


itagaki beat saeki who had a good opbf ranking and imai beat him, and imai has defended the japanese title plenty of times so he should be ranked pretty high
ippo could beat imai for the opbf ranking, then if miyata drops the title he could beat someone like guevara for the vacant title which would give ippo a top 10 spot in the world in two matches

Real boxing rankings are a bunch of rigged horseshit so Ippo taking a fast lane for his comeback is no less ridiculous.

of course the author never passes up a chance to jerk off the coach, even when the chapter has fucking nothing to do with him

>She invites him to her apartment
>She throws a shit ton of signs to him
>*Oblivious Ippo.jpg*
>She bullshits a lame excuse about boxer dick's disease and has to check him
>*Magnum Dong.jpg*
>She says: "fuck it", hops in and rides it like a madwoman
>Ippo isn't sure which kind of treatment this is but when he tries to move her but doesn't because he doesn't want to hurt her
>Both climax at the same time
>Mashiba comes in

Morikawa, I am scripting it to you for free.

What a freak


This chapter feels like its juggling too much
George wants to have the feelgood coach moment, the jerk off Ippo moment, the Takamura foreshadowing moment, the gag moment and hype up the next fight all at once
And it makes the tone switch gears 15 times a second giving you whiplash