Tokyo Revengers

Chapter 248 : Long Time No See

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This manga peaked long ago

>You disgusting fly
>Says to his literal copy with boobs

>tired after beating 50
How could she even fight South? She has less endurance and is clearly weaker than Legendary jobbers who took down half Rokuhara without breaking a sweat.

He just hates anyone not named Mikey acting flashy and cocky. When Mikey goes wild is breathtaking, when anyone else does it it's revolting.

Tenjiku since Mikey vs Izana and until Toman's disbandment was the peak imo

Her humongous tits make it very difficult and tiring to move around.
The weight is very badly distributed unlike mens anatomies

Holy ded

people gave up on this semen slurping manga

This manga is so fucking shit and gay

no u

What is Inupis plan here?

How can the 2nd best selling manga be this dead?

Are the numbers all fabricated?

and yet here you are

When is someone gonna die?

>no Mikey
Boring. I miss my king.

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don't worry in about ten chapter takemichi will beat him

Will never happen. That punching bag can't even beat Kakucho.

They jobber brothers are going to job again, aren't they

It's this manga only about time travel and faggotry stuff?

i don thtink there has been time travel in a while

I don't get why they don't use their special fighting style or whatever in which Littletani grabbed the opponent from below and Bigtani attacked and broke bones. I thought that was their specialty.

the pacing is so fucking bad

It's about time travel, faggotry and middle schoolers punching each other.

I hope Wakui doesn't pussy out in making Sanzu hit Senju with the pipe

I really wish sanzu would just use his bonten hairstyle, or at least just his old one.

I am not feeling the tied hair aesthetic

why is there a girl present

I love Mikey so much


the writer stopped giving a shit a long time ago

ded thread

makes sense

I would rather talk about this manga in any place but this place
Also fucking jobtanis

it runs in the family

Because it needed boobservice

Also why is sanzu on the featurepage all exposed like that, in contrast to the male chars.

Guessing they want to try fishing for the male audience.

Where are good places to discuss /TR/ or just shitpost.

Senju, i mean. These names all sound the same


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Did everyone give up on this series?

Jobtanis are here yet everyone is so dead. Probably didn't know that the break has ended.

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I doubt anyone really cared about Jobtanis in the first place. Besides, they lost their charm of being savages and instead became memes for Mitsuya and Hakkai to show off

Probably. There's basically no stakes in this fight until Mikey or Hanma do something. It's pure filler.

Wakui's writing is so bad that killing off characters is the only way he can move the plot and develop characters