Hunter x Hunter

Why is it so overrated?

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the only people who like this shit are degeneratespedo faggots who are into little boys, they should be more like cunnychads that are into based little girls like our ancestors did before the roasties came into power.


because an authors best work always gets overshadowed by its worse and more pandering work, that's why we have hunter kiddies shitposting non-stop instead of people talking about yuyu hakusho

ants arc was very well adapted

Falseflaggers kept spamming it everywhere and made people resent it.

Should I resume my rewatch, I stopped on episode 47

are you watching 1999 or 2011? I would rec watching 1999 until the part when kurapika gets sick, then continue on episode 59 of 2011
I had to force myself to watch the first few episodes of greed islands but chimera ants arc was worth it

2011, I liked it more than 1999

compared to naruto and bleach
not at all
Togashi is the only author who knows how to build up tension and conflict I have never read or watched anything similar to HxH in anime medium
also many likable characters that make you to keep watching
it's also funny how all these seething waifufags are currently shitposting about HxH and trying to associate HxH with perverts
also shitstains:gate is garbage for dumb niggers

It's one of like 3 "good" battle shonen

It's underrated compared to your favorite anime Steinshitter.

>Togashi is the only author who knows how to build up tension and conflict
maybe in shonen

I've read lots of seinen works as well and nothing comes close to how well Togashi executes the story compared to others

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Rent fucking free, pathetic huntards.

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Let me guess, less than 10.

I think he only is that great in the new york and chimera ants arcs, everything else is just ok
but I like chimera ants so much I consider him goat status just for that arc lol

You're retarded. I'm not joking.

It's far worse than bleach.
Bleach had huge amounts of foreshadowing. Hxh does not
Bleach asspulls are awesomeand don't have major consequences. Espada 0. hxh has oh mky rubber nen and alluka

Naruto chakra system is a better system than nen.
Orochimaru got away with everything.
They're on par otherwise

Such as?

I don't remember all the seinen shit I've read over the years but most memorable would be vagabond, berserk, gantz, claymore
those are the ones I vividly remember, others I probably dropped halfway through
also I didn't care about powerlevel faggotry since Gon was overpowered from the start, I only cared about the story and how well the characters were executed

Claymore is a shonen. Hey, at least you tried.

No. You should read it.
It's not too late to switch to the manga.

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This is the power of hunter"""chads""" LMAO

>Implying you need to read more than HxH

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Deeper than the average battle shonen so retards who've only read Naruto and DBZ read it and think it's high art plus there hasn't been a new chapter in like three years so the fans have just been huffing their own farts and devolving into a cult

You fell for the falseflags, congrats retard

It's battle shounen for the people who don't like battle shounen (so essentially the one and only battle shounen for its audience).

Everyone knows it's your fanbase making these threads Steinshit.

This. The appeal of hunter is that it cucks you out of the good parts of battle shonen, so the people who don't like battle shonen like it to feel superior.

>Bleach had huge amounts of foreshadowing. Hxh does not

>good parts of battle shonen
which are?

It's incredible how everyone ignores this asspull. Bleach is such a lost case that people don't even think about it

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Romanticization of "abilities" (physical, mental, spiritual etc.).

>I think he only is that great in the new york and chimera ants arcs
Togashi literally made a dodgeball game on par if not better than even the best fights of other series.
Plus there are plenty of other great moments throughout the series outside of Yorkshin and Chimera Ants, especially when it comes to tension and buildup like the user commented.

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They are just unable to appreciate the genre for what it is, so they need some other components to make it "digestable". Most people would act like that in such situation.

>character sleeps through tournament because muh ''''subversion''''

At least he needed to train extensively to pull it off. Gon just pulled it out of his ass.

Togashi had already written what became the Gold Standard of Tournament Arcs in shonen.
He had literally nothing to prove by writing another one.
He even joked about it with introducing the concept of Battle Olympia, and then Gon and Killua giving literally zero fucks about it.

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That's exactly why hunter is a shonen for people who don't like shonen.

babies first edgy anime

>He had literally nothing to prove by writing another one.
He could try to outdo himself.

the other arcs have great moments but those two are almost perfect start to finish

Togashi is well-versed on the Greeks, he knows the dangers of trying to push further and outdo perfection.

Greed Islands actually has fewer flaws than the Chimera Ants arc, but the CA arc has the highest highs of the series.

No hero, then.

to train in a timeless dimension, another asspull

ca is flawless

I lost count times how many times I read the CA arc.
It has a few flaws, but it's probably my favorite arc of all time.

>but it's probably my favorite arc of all time.

why are the most vocal critics of hxh always people who love childish formulaic shallow contrived garbage like one piece, naruto, snk, etc.?

it's never the people who love stories like berserk, monster, or logh.

A large portion of shounen fans are male and adolescent (either literally, or psychologically). It's a form of dick-measuring contest, essentially.

People tend to confuse wordswordswords for good writing. Just look at JJK as of late

imagine basing your entire opinion on a single image from Yea Forums

Should one read or watch YYH if being consumed for the first time?

Both are fine.
YYH has a better anime than both HxH adaptations.
The anime gets to the Dark Tournament arc faster, which is when the series gets good.

Psueds get a raging boner when something is called a deconstruction. Funny since HxH is about as deconstructive as Dragon Ball is. Dragon Ball has covered the same themes of revenge, darkness of humanity, a somewhat selfish main character just like HxH did.

It's easy to shitpost it constantly because it's a terrible series, that's it.

read. you'll get through it faster. the sol stuff in the beginning can be fun but the first half of yyh is just bad. lots of fight of the week nonsense. toguro is a great character but it takes forever to get to the meat of his story.

you can tell togashi gets better as the series progresses and it's most similar to hxh when it reaches chapter black. no coincidence that chapter black is the best yyh arc (though obviously it's still inferior to yorknew, CA, and succession).

yea but db did it in a less interesting way. he's not outright malicious toward innocents like gon is toward komugi and gon's story is a psychological one integrated into an arc that explores the good and bad of humanity while goku's selfishness is just kinda there as a gag and a convenience to have him keep fighting strong dudes.