Dragon Ball Super

What would you have done differently if you lived through Gokus life?

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Fucked Bulma.


Marry Bulma
Save Raditz
Kill Bejita
Kill Freeza
Kill Buu.

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Kissed my wife.

Nobody gives a fuck about Tardku the kissless.
Talk about all the other characters who actually represent /DBS/

The characters of the manga Android Saga (part 8) 333 14 The characters of the manga Android Saga (part 8) The perfect fighter Cell (complete form) Perfection After absorbing A-17 and A-18. Cell finally acquires the long-awaited complete form of him, becoming the strongest fighter created by the scientific genius of Dr. Gero. Being the most powerful in the universe, Cell shows off his full strength and the world is plunged into terror. Perhaps because his Saiyan blood prompts him, he decides to organize a tournament to face Goku and the rest of the fighters. I WILL KILL YOU SOON! REPENT, YOU ARE GOKU!! YOUR SON IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF YOU! His coldness also knows no bounds. From the looks of it, he really enjoys seeing people's desperation. Cell wanted to continue fighting with Goku until he got bored.

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Train all the other characters.

Why are you trying to made Dragon Ball Z look bad to hype up Original Dragon Ball. Original Dragon Ball is fine but it's nothing compared to Z.

Goku kisses his wife.

Why does Jiren always have the best fanart?

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This but marry Bulma AND Chi-Chi

>Being the most powerful in the universe,
>Taking an Uncle taking a bad with his son and nephew out of context
G force...

Why didn't we get an SSJobber3 fight? Are they both gonna fucking pass out 10 seconds after transforming?

>Western art

In my paco taco headcanon, I forgot to mention.

>Being the most powerful in the universe

Kill SHITgeta

...said Manuel, after toiling in the lawn for 10 hours

Broly can’t breathe in space, Jiren can. KATHOOOOOOOOM

-AYAY what a long day of mowing. Time to relax with some tequila and watch DBS and my hero Goku! *Rides sombrero home*

>until he got bored.

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>Perfect Chad

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>SHITrengetahancellbitch is here


*mi heroe

>CHADrengetahanCell is here

Fuck every woman on earth, recover stamina with some senzu beans and kamehameha them with my cum.


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The most pathetic BITCH.
Mindbroken about HEROku every thread.

Fuck every female in the Series. So yeah, I would do exactly what he already did.

Wouldn't the oxygen in that only last for a limited amount of time?

Everyone only talks about Vegeta and Goku here. Cope.

Jiren Bejita Gohan Cell

>One-shots your favourite character

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Even Gine?

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>bleeding eyes

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ZCHADly survived being frozen in ice and somehow managed to survive 7 years without oxygen, therefore, he doesn't need It. That's how strong he is.

>Verification not required

I can smell the friholes from here, amigo

... said the tourist little pup, while posting in his third thread since it started lurking.


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>where you looking?
>too slow
>made you flinch

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>not ultra vegito

Yes, even here.

Her Z-era design peaked here.

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What if Jiren, Bejita, Gohan and Cell fused?

It doesn't work, retard. Both states mentally conflict with each other.

I like the afro too.

...said the SHITrengetahancellfag, knowing his 4 jobbers are never going ti be relevant again.

SHITku? SHITren? sHit? Why is everyone here so I obsessed with feces?

Reminder to gmen the offtopic raiding scum.

>Merely pretending

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>Moments later

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We're insulting them by calling shit. Nothing is worse.

>Attempting to cuck BVLLdock
I hope your asshole is wide enough for one of his riot-javelins. Assuming Gine isn't strong enough to explode your jaw with a right hook, that is.

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As TYPICAL as a TardkuRAT melanin boy can get.

Still weaker than Beerus.
Everytime Goku and Bejita grow stronger, Beerus advances further by plot asspull. You don't have to like it, but you do have to accept it.

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