What does Yea Forums think of Welcome to the NHK?

What does Yea Forums think of Welcome to the NHK?

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something something hits too close to home something made me sad something no it's ackchyually unrealistic something something the ending was positive no it was negative no it was ambiguous something where's my misaki????

i think that about covers it.


Still waiting for a cute girl to appear and try to fix me.

The only anime I am genuinely too terrified to watch.

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It was not very welcoming.

7.5/10 anime
7/10 manga
Have not read the LN

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Pretty shitty and overrated

I give the anime a light 8/10. Lots of others rate it higher though

Proof that being attractive is all that matters in life.

novel > anime >> manga imo but all are good

Why is this so popular with normalfags when the main character downloads a bunch of child porn?

I have become worse than Satou.

They downplay it in the anime and it's just regular porn iirc.

he still goes and takes pics of little girls in the anime

Tbf that's just standard anime shenanigans that even casual watchers have come to expect

I feel so fucking guilty for uploading all of those NHK episodes on youtube through my alt google account. What was I even thinking?

Why? I watched those episodes user.

The book was better. They need to lift all the dumb censorship on Japanese TV so they could have shown Sato getting really into the depths of depravity with (censored) CP and drugs.

Watched it a few years back during a pretty low point of my life right after I dropped out of highschool, and it inspired me to actually try and improve. Got my first job a few months afterwards and I worked for a couple years switching between jobs, I got my drivers license a year ago and I finally finished my GED very recently. I'm still an autistic KHV with no friends but I feel like I owe a lot of my current maturity to NHK.
I'd love to revisit the series again but I can't even listen to the music without crying

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One of my favourite anime of all time. I haven't read the novel because I hate reading.

pedophilia is normalised now since it's a normal behaviour for uncivilised animals

You have to learn that noone's coming to rescue you if you sit around and wait, user. It's not "it gets better." You have to make it better. It's sad but it's the truth.

>I'd love to revisit the series again but I can't even listen to the music without crying
yep, though sometimes I can find a strange comfiness in the ost even when i'm wallowing in my own despair

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the "literaly me" anime

super overrated
has some moments that hit close to home if you are neet but thats it

I think my favorite song is the second ED and it's piano version, something about it is incredibly life assuring to me and I always feel warm when I hear it
The piano version in particular always grounds me and reminds me of how far I've come

>he still goes and takes pics of little girls in the anime

I thought he attempted too, was interrupted, and his friend pulled him to his senses.

He took a picture when the wind blew their skirts up.

>The piano version in particular always grounds me and reminds me of how far I've come
I feel ya, my life moved forward but some part of me is eternally mentally stuck inside my old room

I loved it right when I was his age.
These days I kind of wish I was a shut in again but I remember how miserable I was.

Well that took an interesting twist.

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Im not a NEET or anything but I am glad I watched NHK. Just how exactly does a NEET live his life was interesting. Every time satou becomes close to becoming normal again, he falls under an abyss to become even worse. Sure, the anime got parts like the multi-marketing scandal was boring, but overall it was very emotional which is one of the elements that hit me the hardest.

That's gay but whatever

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top 10 for me but one of the shows I'll never talk about

watched NHK a few times, first when I was a 19yo neet
turning 29 tomorrow
still a neet.
kill me.

Based on what I know about discord that’s definitely filled with trannies

Glad to help in some way but always be careful you don't fall into a circlejerk of back-patting. While taking the first step is scarier, I'd much rather suggest finding a therapist (even if it is annoyingly trial-and-error until you find someone, some just let you vent but don't offer practical support like others will - it's basically like finding a friend). I speak from a place of experience. It's nice that an anime can get people talking about these things in a productive way.

I only ever read the manga like 8 years ago and it was pretty good. I highly doubt the anime was half as edgy

Consider it a horror anime and treat yourself to a good one

That server is gay. Join PXrCbKBFg4 instead

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>It's not "it gets better."
Yeah, youtube.com/watch?v=PNFjLzVKVdk

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discord is trash

Yup. Still fun to use though

I know you will all laugh at me but..

NHK and Tatami Galaxy changed my life for the better when I was 17, made me try, gave me a second chance.
I joined clubs, volunteered, took care of myself, walked every day, participated in a school play, got my first girlfriend... all because of these 2 anime

Now 3 years later, I'm worse then ever, I wasted the second wind I got, it was all going well until Covid happened. Back at square one except I've wasted the one thing that moved me and made my life better, I cannot watch these two anime again for the first time but I'm very thankful they gave me a second shot at life and hate myself for wasting it. There will never be something that hits me at such a deep level.

Thank you NHK and Tatami Galaxy. I'm killing myself by the end of the year, some things never change and it's way too easy to slip back.

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Best Gonzo show

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It's the original literally me series and the only good one


I'm going to watch it and being a blackpilled black man, I understand his paranoia now that I'm over the age of 30

The MC knows society hates men
The MC knows a woman will not fix his problems of any kind
The MC knows he will have to survive on his own
The MC knows he has to work forever until he dies
The MC knows one slip up could ruin everything he built up if he even tries to
The MC knows nobody will hear out his problems even if he tries to discuss it

Misandry is why people like the MC in NHK exists.

It's never late but you only have 1 shot and I've wasted mine.

everyone always talks about Satou and Misaki but the support cast is amazing

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I related to Satou before but I feel like Yamazaki is also literally me

> you only have 1 shot
No you don't. Did you even watch this show?

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The book is better.

The whole point was Misaki is menetally ill and not trying to fix anyone. You meet these women in real life. They're codependents.

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Interesting but ultimately pointless. Probably relatable to hikkis/neets which is why it gets mentioned so often despite not being particularly good.

Is Tatami good to fill the NHK void?
Hears it's getting a second season or a movie later this year, right?

why do you think it's not gonna be better after all you did? and why you slipped back?

>It's never late but you only have 1 shot
lol no, what the fuck are you talking about, there are people that started WAY rose than you

Quit being such a melodramatic faggot
>Boo hoo im gonna kill myself
Okay, then do it. Now

Wish I had a bro to interact with in real life

>Is Tatami good[...]?

I did all of that in a couple of months not over the whole 3 years.
Went through 3 gfs since then and broke up with the last one a couple of weeks ago.

>why you slipped back?
Because of covid enabling my NEET lifestyle mainly. Also Covid made sure I don't get any friends at college because now I'm second year and I've still only went to college online and not in person. Even when we go back irl the groups have already formed.
Because the only friends I've had I meet through girlfriends and always lose them when I break up
Because all my friends at college are surface level
Because I never click with anyone as a friend
Because I don't meet people
Because even when I bring myself up to get out of the bed for that day I don't leave my room
Because even when I force myself to volunteer somewhere it's just a thing to waste time and it doesn't help me. Volunteered recently at an organization for kids with autism, played with them on a weekly basis, every other volunteer is also from my college because I study psychology. I didn't click with anyone and quit because I felt bad for the kids because I'm just too depressed to be around them and thought I was bringing them down.

I can't do anything right, I don't have anyone

I liked it alot, did I relate to Satou? Yeah a bit, not to a tee but enough that it struck a bit of a chord with me. Nothing to do with conspiracy though, had it not been so /x/ and paranoia related I probably would've related to him more. Aside from that though I thought it was a great story, it tricks you into thinking misaki wants to fix him, or that his vn with his friend might be successful, or maybe even that he'll commit suicide, but it does a great job at subverting all the aforementioned plot points.

I also found the ending quite optimistic, though was confused by their agreement to live for each other does that mean they still hold their seminars in the park and are buddy buddy with each other?

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You're 20. Don't kill yourself over pussy dumbass.

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Yes but the only thing that moved me and made me try to change are 2 fucking chinese cartoons. And now I'm worse than I ever was. That's some really sad shit.

What are you even implying?

Sounds like you want to be a NEET, but Sato didn’t.

>Don't kill yourself over pussy
The opposite actually, I thought a girlfriend would make me happy but 3 gfs and 3 years later I realized it won't and now the excuse of "oh it will be better when i have a gf" is done.

>has a loving husband and a stable home life
>tries to have an affair with a disgusting NEET and then commit suicide

What the fuck was her problem?

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That's surprising that this show led you both to becoming more productive. I had the point in my life where I turned shit around for the better before watching this series, what was it about it that led to you making a change?

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He does that to try and shock himself into changing for the better, like seeing your fat body in the mirror. Though it was a dumb plan.

explain? I am where you are 3 years ago

I mostly didn’t get into anime until I was in my 20s, out of college, and out my NEET phase, but I wish I had watched NHK when I was younger. It’s one of maybe 3 anime I’ve never been able to forget.

You have no good reason to kill yourself.

>Even when we go back irl the groups have already formed.
ok, this is just bullshit feeded by paranoia, friendships are not that fixed, especially at college
also you have surface level friends, right? go for it, for fuck's sake, you ahd three girlfirneds, you're social skills are clearly a lot higher that you think.
aside for that if "going out there" doesn't work, if you don't have enrgy and becoming a neet it's the natural thiong you slip into, it's obvious you have some root problems you have to resolve with a professional, or at least with a supprot group.

it isn't, don't you see how you're pushing yourself down without reason? you have self esteem problems at the base