Daily Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi storytime 22

Chapter 41: the fruits of their training
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Seems like a couple of well behaved looking girls, nothing wrong here

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"Oh my" indeed

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We are reaching critical smugness levels

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Gossipping about invisible people is a most unique way of digging your own grave

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How can they get both so smug and nice?

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Aww yeah the sluts chapter

Very wholesome sluts

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Funny thing is, we've never seen them in previous chapters either, except I missed them.

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Hmm I guess they don't look the same at all if their not in their slut mode.

Do ninjas really bring schedules with them?

They have been away for a long "training"
Clothes can help too, not like I would be able do tell them apart anyway

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hungry girl

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Cheekiness can't just go away it seems.
See you in a while for our favourite trap lover's therapy!

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>that simile
Truly the slut trio

They are hotter like this

They're gonna be an actual slut trio in 2 more chapters

Og god yes

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Who's the most famous VA in the anime?

I wonder how much Yamamoto cares for this work.

Damn female kids...

Shit this airs on saturday during my flight

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Traps: officially banned

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Traps are a hell of a drug, keep your kids away from knots

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>We're having you put down
>It's the kindest thing to do

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You wouldn't have the heart, look at this cute traps junkie

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Oh no, you were right

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>Sometimes a pit would be dug with punji sticks in the sides pointing downward at an angle. A soldier stepping into the pit would find it impossible to remove their leg without doing severe damage, and injuries might be incurred by the simple act of falling forward while one's leg is in a narrow, vertical, stake-lined pit. Such pits would require time and care to dig the soldier's leg out, immobilizing the unit longer than if the foot were simply pierced, in which case the victim could be evacuated by stretcher or firefighter's carry if necessary.
>Other additional measures include coating the sticks in poison from plants, animal venom, or even human feces, causing infection or poisoning in the victim after being pierced by the sticks, even if the injury itself was not life-threatening.

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You think details will stop such an addict? It just makes her desire stronger.

See you tomorrow for gyarufication and messenger game!

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The awoke something in her.

Why is she hiding her panties/fundoshi in a village of girls?

Is this his least notable manga? Is it because no flustered romcom?

At least this isn't a manga where the same thing happens at every chapter for 211 times and he could go crazy with ninja designs

Gyaru-mode activated

Genderbent Fred is great

I love JC ninja feet.

One of the best chapters. I love the sluts.