What is the appeal of tomboys?

What is the appeal of tomboys?
Why would anyone who likes girls like a girl who looks and behaves like a boy?

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I don't know but people who want a 3dpd tomboy should date rl trannies.

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You can play games with them then play with their boobs

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I'm not into hard tomboys but I think part of the appeal is they're like a bro you can bro stuff with but then at the end of day have sex with them and make them all doki doki.


Tomboys are desirable because they are like women in the sheets but are bros in the streets. They keep the best part of women (their bodies) but forego the bullshit that usually comes with it.

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Tomboys don't exist irl.

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this is the real answer. tomboys are most appealing to people who have no issue associating with men but find women inscrutable.

also gap moe. blushing tomboy in a cute dress is pretty kino

>also gap moe. blushing tomboy in a cute dress is pretty kino

Yeah. Like their somewhat masculine persona somehow highlights their femininity when it is actually present.

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>What is the appeal of tomboys?
none, form and function go hand and hand gap moe is an abomination.


Threadly reminder that if you like tomboys you are, for all intents and purposes, a homosexual.

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t. resident trapfaggot

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>wanting to put your dick in people with a god-given pussy makes you a homosexual


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I'm a Tomo-sexual

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I’ll be honest and admit that I find them hot but don’t know why. To be clear though, we are talking about anime and manga tomboys and tomboys in porn. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a tomboy in real life.

I don't feel like liking boyish things is outright acting like a boy. That's some western notion where if you like to sew as a man, some toothpaste hair will try to convince you, you're a tranny.
I knew great many girls that liked sports and they didn't become lesbians or mtfs.

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Here's your real tomboy

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Straight is the new gay. Just recently I first heard "80% straight" as a term, and now media are claiming everyone is bi and gachimuchi is suddenly a meme used irl by normalfags.
Meanwhile you're gay if you like short hair on a girl.

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>Why would anyone who likes girls like a girl who looks and behaves like a boy?

Because they're a girl that breaks the norm and stands out and just is their own person and doesn't let herself be restricted by whatever society or others tell her she should be just because she's a girl.

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I wish the fit but feminine look was more common. Not like musclegirl but actually sporty and curvy at the same time in the right places. If she's also almost as tall as me, but not quite, I'm diamonds.

>Threadly reminder that if you like tomboys you are, for all intents and purposes, a homosexual.

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I will NOT have sex with the big lady

a superior specimen

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To be fair, everyone has a different sort of 'limit' when it goes from fit to muscle girl.

Frankly, I love muscle girls too, but that also means my limit for when the categories change over is probably higher.

Like, is a girl with abs too much, like visible six pack? Or is it only when the shoulders and arms stand out, since most people don't seem bothered by tree trunk thighs and legs for girls, ect ect?

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it's not up to you, boy

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She probably thinks it's cute you think you have a say in the matter.

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You may not have a choice.

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>Like, is a girl with abs too much, like visible six pack? Or is it only when the shoulders and arms stand out, since most people don't seem bothered by tree trunk thighs and legs for girls, ect ect?

Yeah, I'd say you're onto something. Like thick thighs and a round, meaty ass is hard to overdo in such a way that it would make a woman look weird. I'm even down for visible obliques and some abs. But if she's more muscular than I am upwards from there it feels weird. Your pic is definitely too much for me in every regard, when I can see the individual heads of her quads it starts to feel weird, too.

Can't even find a decent example of what I'm thinking of.

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for me it's when a girl has abs + defined muscles on legs and arms, but is not ripped and has no bulging muscles. + She should still have feminine soft ass and titties (though Ghislaine from Mushoku Tensei had a nice ripped ass, but I feel that effect is very hard to pull off).

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Yeah that's the golden spot, that and Hunyan's tomboys. Everything more ripped would look weird in my honest opinion.

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I met one, they're as rare as a fucking unicorn. She was a slut as is typical with 3dpd

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What's Miruko calling Strelok for?

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One last shark before I go to sleep. I love her like you wouldn't believe.

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go talk about fetishes somewhere else

Most anime tomboys are like that.

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Yeah, that's what I mean, it's all up to taste, since it's too much for you but I love Mirko and don't mind going a few steps bigger/more ripped.

I just don't like them when they just completely lose their sort of feminine frame, when they just start looking like the Hulk but with tits. They can be ripped and have big muscles but should still come off clearly as female.

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I agree completely. I like a girl that's physically fit but doesn't reject their identity as a woman and embraces her motherly traits

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My sister exists though, and she is a total tomboy.

I think that's good. I personally am just digging the idea of just the good old role reversal. Not total, but just where there's a lot of the usual stuff flipped on its head.

Guy cooks, cleans and takes care of girl, patches her up after fights or if she strains something, ect and girl is the aggressor, protects, ect. They still have the ability to do those things, like the guy is still a capable fighter, and the girl isn't like lost in the kitchen or can't take care of him when he gets sick or hurt, but they're more naturally inclined to the other.

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Karen is not real, user.

>What is the appeal of tomboys?
I have no idea.

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The appeal of tomboys is not, as some seem o think, their male traits but rather their natural, effortless femininity

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I knew a few in high school. One was a lesbian (nothing lost since she wasn't attractive anyway), one got into the wrong crowd and the other just didn't like me. The first one was a close friend for many years until she vanished one day. Nobody ever heard from her again.

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The second paragraph is getting to what I like. I would like to see more couples that are truly equals. I think a very appealing thing is a dynamic where they really feel like best friends.

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Hot sex

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If is more muscular than you then you are the one who should work out more.

For me, it's wholesome life partner

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Not every girl is into muscular guys