Galko looking at the front page!

Galko looking at the front page!

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Is this the manga from the guy who is in jail for ordering child porn from Europe?

why yes, yes it is but that's besides the point

He was sentenced, so he's not in jail anymore.
Pre-sentence is jail, post-sentence is prison.

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So is his ability to publish Galko officially done? Or could he self-publish?

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There's always stuff like fanbox but eh.

>this thread again
>"nooooo separate the art from the artist hurrr"
It's absolutely the point. It doesn't matter what the technicalities of it was, his reputation is ruined and his work will be always be unfairly associated with "that artist that was jailed for/caught with CP" because of it. People who continue to promote this manga and others by that mangaka are signifying that they support the artist and what they did. I'm actually okay with pedophiles as long as it's kept to themselves, in multimedia and real dolls; as long as no one is hurt or groomed. But having the type of material they had in their possession is dubious at best, and acting like the incident is unrelated to the material isn't right.

too much text not reading, galko is cute though

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Don't care. Also you're gay.

Hey, it is what it is. n-no u

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>singular they

do you have any idea what "material" he was arrested for?
it was legal nude magazines from germany where people were photographed at nude camps with their permission
the stuff is legal in america


>People who continue to promote this manga and others by that mangaka are signifying that they support the artist and what they did.
Lmao no

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dead manga

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Don't care I'll sub to his pixiv

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Fanbox? Well whatever it's called.

btw has someone the full scale pic of the crazy mangaka who made a doujin about a girl shitting herself and then did it in reallife.

American pls go

There must've been some real cosmic irony at play for someone who draws a girl like this to be a pedo.

Isnt Galko like 15?

God is cruel, life's a joke and may death set us free.

He's not a pedo. The mangaka is an adult.

when did this board become anti-cunny?

Just some schizos. This is a pro-cunny board and uoohh friendly.

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Little girl going commando in tight hotpants and top with exposed belly. I came.

Personally I never had a problem with lolis. It's when you cross that threshold into actual CP that I'd have a problem.

Underrated post.

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Just like the Toriko guy and the Ruruoni guy will never find work again right?

Galko's ass is an underappreciated treasure

Let's hope Matsuki and Suzuki find work soon enough too. I don't like to see malebros, especially malebros I know suffering.

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Galko looking at Kenya

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fuck you you got me

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>1 year in japanese prison
He's fine, probably will return with more fetishes.

He got a suspended sentence, so he isn't in prison.

Although he has questionable tastes according to his statement, which may have been written under duress if you know anything about the Japanese criminal justice system, he hasn't hurt anyone so I will continue to buy his works if/when it resumes publication.
I would buy more Galko volumes if i didn't already own them at this point.


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cute nails

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Meanwhile Nobuhiro Watsuki imported actual CP DVDs and continues to work Rurouni Kenshin.

you and people like you are an cancer to the art world.
you let people outside of a work stop you and other people,from deriving joy from works of entertainment.
i truly hope you and people like could just vanish and stop being take seriously in the entertainment industry,so we could be back and stop being a bunch of soulless hack that think everything is a political statement not letting art be there for it self.
art for at sake is dead,and people like you kill it.

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Correct. That whole public apology is exactly what Japan's police state wants you to sign, in order to justify their existence. There's a reason he's getting released without serving jail time and it's not hard to figure out why.

They're the same people that destroy statues because it triggers them. Eventually any form of "art" will be deemed inappropriate, thus illegal.

>those slight veins

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Post Nikuko!
We will never have anything new with her, and probably there will not be any more fanarts ;_;

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Not to defend pedophilia or anything, but it's retarded that something that was legally published can somehow become illegal to possess.


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he should fight back. seems remorseful

>She wears black knee socks to match the school uniform, but she sweats so much that they get smelly.

That is so insanely hot. Didn't know Kenya was a brapbro. Maybe I should read/watch this trash after all...

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next chapter in 1 year and 2 months!

the point is I care about him more than 99.9% of humanity

well she gets constipated more than once and is shown farting (as a kid) in the manga so he probably was or just was making her seem more realistic by having gross qualities