So the reason he wouldn't date her is because she wanted to date him?

So the reason he wouldn't date her is because she wanted to date him?

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He would've been dead from dehydration within a day.


if a woman wanted to date me I would not date her because why would a woman ask out a man thats a total trap.

Welcome to the world of japanese virgins.

MC was gay.

No, it's because she was fucking insane

Also her mom was the antagonist of the series and mc wanted to avoid her as much as possible

He wanted to date her. She just wanted to drain his balls.

Also she turned out very different than he imagined her to be (obsessed with ball draining and such).

Maybe an unpopular opinion but I really didn't like this anime. It was way too reliant on crude unfunny sex jokes and it had a stupid premise.

user it's an anime.
The first girl to appear will marry the protagonist.

>crude unfunny sex jokes
>stupid premise
Well yeah, that's the whole point

I liked it.

She was too crazy, especially after the 'I put my pussy juice in your food' part
Guy just wanted a nice normal GF with no weird stuff involved

-ly hot and sexy!

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That's true. She could rape me any time

>She put her pussy juice in my food
I would put my dick juice in her pussy, just to assert dominance.

The MC was mega gay any man with such a thirsty girl after them would gladly impregnate her multiple times

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We're hitting seven years without her this year huh

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S-she's fast!


I wonder how much of her cum did she add to it that they could taste it. It doesn't really taste that unique.

That just sounds extremely unhygienic

Like, fuck man, just date her if you're going to go eating the stuff she does when she's so inhumanly thirsty.

Never stick your dick in crazy. Even 2D crazy.

You see this what do you do?

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Because the average male japanese MC is such a beta faggot even in a series of lusting sex women he footisie around doing it as hard as he can.

>she wanted to date him
Wrong word.

Because Ayame is best girl, even Fuwa is much better than this psycho bitch.

That and the heroes of the anime are sex perverts out of moral principle and are in actuality quite prudish.

He didn't want to date her because he knew she was basically a sex-crazed yandere who didn't know what sex was, but as soon as she found out, he'd be milked to death.

same, ishuzoku reviewers did the sex comedy alot better

Not really

>tfw remembering her retarded levels of strength
Would love to get amazon pressed by her

Who died? The VA of Anna? Or of the FMC?

>Miyu Matsuki
>VA of Anna in Shimoneta
>died in 2015 in Tokyo from lymphoma

Fuwa was so cute! I don't know why I like her so much! She has such a small role

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Thet's why you turn her good with the power of the D.

NOOOOOOOO wtf how did I just now find out! She was awesome

I just dropped it when Ayame caught them and suddenly went super prudish, just took me right out. She didn't necessarily need to be another Anna but after all that I'd figured she'd at least be interested, push to keep going so she can see it or get a camera out to make porn of her own for future propaganda. "This is what they're taking from you!" or something, but it just wanted to do the cheap women are prudes down at their core thing to get cheap laughs and tsundere moe shit.

This anime kind of makes me uncomfortable because it’s supposed to be a riff on a retarded repressed society but Japan is already a retarded repressed society. It didn’t feel like it was trying to say Japan should be more liberated, it was more like it was saying that the current real life Japan is the correct amount of repressed.

Seaweed bush

She can experiment on me any time

Can't blame you. Anna was the only reason to watch this anime and she becomes less and less relevant later on despite being one of the main trio.
I thinking you're reading too much into it. It was just some "what if" scenario.

It's more a warning along the lines of "this is where we could end up", not an endorsement of current day Japanese prudishness. Rather the opposite. The jelly fleshlight building guides at the porno pools just made me think "these guys are perverts, enjoying pervert things and they wish to spread the message".

Pretty much this. You can't have an anime where the guy actually wants to have sex because then the show would become a hentai the first time he ever meets a slutty girl.

I liked the bags under her eyes and deadpan expression.

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Being forward is fine. She took it too far.

I liked it at first as a comedy and I figured it was social commentary, until This and this, but moreso because I could then tell how they were clearly making the girls opposites, in an on-the-nose harem kind of way. I don't think a girl who makes sex jokes turning out to be flustered by certain things is that unrealistic, but it's in how it's done. Also as sort of points out, the series kind of has this implication of "there is no such thing as healthy sexuality, only batshit insane sexuality!" which kind of pisses me off and sounds like it's coming from a prude.

*isn't that unrealistic

He didn't know her cum was in it though.


Fuck I gotta watch this show. Need me one like her

>and I figured it was social commentary, until
Are you implying that no girl ever makes special cookies?

She was far too foward and impulsive, like a certain french girl

She would've murdered the MC. I bet her pussy had teeth.
Imagine if Japan was as openly horny as burgerland

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Didn't she actually give him a blowjob in the bath at the onsen in the last anime arc?

>Also her mom was the antagonist of the series and mc wanted to avoid her as much as possible
I would have railed Anna on live TV to "show the world our love" and instantly destroy her mom's ideology.

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Her mom would have severly punished you in bed.

There were some seconds where she could have her mouth on it if that's enough to count.

why did she lose the MCbowl?