You now remember Astra: Lost in Space

You now remember Astra: Lost in Space

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Love it.

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the show was really underrated and its the first and only show I know that did heterochromia right

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10 outta 10.
>Tfw no porn on the brown girls
Ok, 9 outta 10.

Everyone following witch watch does.

Besides it was pretty good sci-fi and the characters were charming.

It was comfy. The mystery didn't amount to much but it was good enough not to get in the way of the characters, which were great.

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>Rushed adaptation
>Never adapted the shorts.
It was good but it could have been great.

It had every hackneyed sci-fi cliché in it and I loved every moment of it.

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It was fucking garbage.

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I genuinely forgot

very forgettable show

Overall alright, the first episode was pretty damn good and then it slowly became more mediocre with each passing episode. Everything about the medieval country and princess bullshit was stupid and out of place though

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Your picture is very hackneyed sci-fi cliché.

I'd hackneye that sci-fi cliché if you catch my drift

Manga or anime?

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Uron Mirage

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The important thing is, the series had a conclusive ending.

I read the manga, never really got around to the anime beyond the first epsiode aired. But the anime looked really good. Was very faithful to the designs and artsyle of the manga imo.
Quality did the manga art justice from what I saw.

And what about her oneechan?

My bigwife.

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I didn't like how this was most interesting thing Zack ever did. I was hoping that right at the end he would attempt to sabotage their return to Astra because he thought it would be for the good of humanity if the true history was never revealed, before ultimately being convinced not to by the power of friendship.

who got to fuck this again? I though the emo guy would be he's fucking the hermaphrodite.

I couldn't believe those two never got around to sleeping with each other during the trip.

you know zack and quitterie totally did.

It was very good but the plot was far too convenient that all stakes were lowering as the show went on

Aries best girl

Funi was so cute

Me too.

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literally Amogus the anime

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Char clone didn't get replies? How surprising.

We don't often get space sci-fi, of course I watched it.

Never forgot.

I liked it. We need more shows in Space.

why not post the whole picture?

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Oh man wish this aired during that


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I for one welcome our new mushroom overlords.

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anime was missing the extras, but maybe they were added for the blu-ray.

>guns are le bad
it's shit, the guys new manga is pretty good though

Kinda fun to binge watch it.

Didn't talentless nana air about that time, but it was when among us was big as a game not big as a meme


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I want to order a dozen of those clones.

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She will birth weaklings.

Yun-Hua will give you gladiator hapa babies.

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We need more space anime in general. Astra wasn't perfect for sure but it was ok.

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This was her best look, but I love her however she looks.

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they are too loyal for that.

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>yes, if you lose the glasss.

>the episode where she finally gets to shine
>she whines the entire episode and then sings a song
>they claim this is what saved them

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No I don't.

i forgot about this