Yamato for nakama.

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kizaru can beat gear 5 luffy

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Vegas Vegapunk will explain everything.... please for the love of God Vegapunk explain everything....

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Ew go away carrot poster

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>raizo chapter

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Spoilers in 4 hours

I always hate it when people draw her interacting with the crew. It's not because I think she won't join but because it's always the most unnatural fan fic tier garbage.

Otama sex

I want to touch her Yamatits

How is it fan fiction tier when it’ll likely happen?

Friendly reminder

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>Creates a bomb plotline out of thin air
>has yamato run downstairs for like 10 chapters
>Yamato freezes some and some fall to a hole
>That's it

>Creates a fire plot line
>Fodder run around 30 chapters
>Here, Raizo will put out the fire
>That's it

...Why? Why Oda creates plotlines that go absolutely nowhere?
It's just panel waster. Why not have characters knocked out after their fights instead of this dumb running around shit?
Now we have to waste whole chapter on fodder like Raizo, instead of just finally focusing on Luffy vs Kaido and ending this shit arc.

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Kill yourself avatarnigger.

Told you guys raizo is going to revive the four hokages. Then he's gonna seal up the fire with a scroll and give it to luffy so luffy can go up kaidos butthole again and release the scroll giving kaido major diarrhea.

Yonkou took a fat dump and died. End of story.

She's too Young to join the strawhats, shanks didn't let luffys on his ship so Luffy isn't not gonna let any kids join his crew either

>B-but user momo is on Luffys ship
Yeah they were giving him a ride along with his perceived father.

Yamato on the other hand has already made a connection with Luffy through Ace, and knows luffys dream, goals, and personality. Not to mention she already mentions joining the crew

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Explain to me red hawk


odas thought process is to big to be contained by mere editors

Chopper won't ever talk to Yamato about Hiriluk nor will Yamato ever wear his hat.


Is Appoo dead/defeated? How I wish, Oda will quickly insert some panels showing how Brook slicing him or Usopp showcasing his snipping skills.

Hoping for this scene: Robin and Brook reached the poneglyph and Appoo, as usual, trying to hit them and Brook trying to protect Robin. Or, Appoo attacks from behind but Ussopp trying to protect the two by attacking the former from afar.


Kidd doesn't want to be a deadbeat father like Shanks and has taken his daughter with him

imagine last three chapters spoilers was like that?
_1043: Luffy is dead

_1044 Luffy is not dead and is joyboy

_1045 Luffy is undead joyboy and punch through Kaido face

Disgusting, tactless whore. Her asking Luffy to give her a ride because Ace promised her one is the epitome of being a cunt. She forced Ace's promise onto Luffy because she herself was too much of a coward to remove her cuffs. Luffy witnessed Ace die in his arms after saving him. He was a broken man after Marineford. He fought at Marineford for his brother and was completely willing to die for him while Yamawhore wasn't even ready to die for her dreams. Her already shit character was retconned. When Tama learnt that Luffy was Ace's brother, her first thought was apologizing to Luffy for being so inconsiderate. Yamato doesn't deserve to join.

It sounds like both characters are going to be in the chapter. Based on what's left:

The fire needs to be dealt with (Raizo's preparations)

Sanji woke up and is likely about to do something

We still need a resolution to what's going on with Zoro

Stopping the WG ships (likely Zunesha)

Stopping Onigashima from falling

Kaido's defeat


I don't even know why I go to twitter anymore, I tried everything, I blocked politicians, ignore any political topic that entered my timeline
I just wanted to look at animal pictures and one piece shit
my timeline gets plagged by literal TRANNIES whinging about Nami's tits

that's my little rant

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She didn’t even ask.

> Barges into a new chapter release
> Raizo chapter
> Refuses to elaborate further
> Break next week

>Yamato will join
>runs through the entirety of Onigashima without meeting Luffy's crew
>despite having every opportunity to do so.
>meets Franky though, who she doesn't even recognize as human
>Sanji was going to look for her but gets sidetracked
>still with Momo
Yamato is just another arc princess who interacts exclusively with Luffy
Real Strawhats actually spoke with their future nakama and teamed up before joining

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It's more like
>Luffy melts
>Luffy is laughing
>Luffy punches Kaido's face

I'm just now reading Wano but why does Luffy care about this kid he just met so much?

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Yeah, also fuck Robin for inviting herself onto the Sunny not long after her former boss nearly killed Luffy. Inconsiderate bitch.

Awakening, first time he used it he was thinking about ace

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Last nakama. All OG Straw Hats care about her.

For the leakers the big names are :



YonkouProduction (I don't think he posted a spoiler in some time)



If information is released from them, then it's legit.

How fast are you reading?

she offered him food

>Creates a bomb plotline out of thin air
>has the strawhats run around for like 10 chapters
>Pell flies it up
>That's it

...Why? Why Oda creates plotlines that go absolutely nowhere?
It's just panel waster. Why not have characters knocked out after their fights instead of this dumb running around shit?
Now we have to waste whole chapter on fodder like Mr 7, instead of just finally focusing on Luffy vs Crocodile and ending this shit arc.

>Robin for inviting herself onto the Sunny
When did that happen?

She starved herself just to pay him back for saving her.

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If there are a million Raizo fans I am one of them.

If there are a hundred Raizo fans I am one of them.

If there is only 1 Raizo fan I am that fan.

If there are no Raizo fans then I am dead.

Retard, she saved Luffy and betrayed Croc on multiple occasions.

Bon Clay > Yamawhore

I'm a gay man and I want to fuck Yamato

not anymore

She's a starving little girl who knew Ace well.

And Yamato warded off Kaido until Luffy had a chance recover.

>Chapter: Raizo
>Shows only little of Luffy vs Kaidou
>Raizo is the mastermind and evil
>Break next week, and actually another break after next chapter because of shonen jump break
>Refuses to elaborate further

Oda is a fucking HACK

In a beautiful double page spread we see Raizo use the nine tails chakra. In his fox form he kicks Kaido off of Onigashima into the sea where he drowns.

The lurking legend Under D. Sea reveals itself.

So? Even Nami stalled Kaido by throwing herself uselessly at him.

Post tits

Am I the only one who thinks it would be really wired for Momo to get aged up but not Tama? They spent a lot of time together pre act 3 and I think Oda was really trying to make them a pair.

I think Luffys "this is fun huh Kaido" was a good place to shift to other characters. Makes sense, we've seen G5 features, I'm surprised we don't get a World Building Chapter, like Reverie or something.

Kek. Mind broken. She’s joining.

Take back what you just Said

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apoo is headed towards the mole gate for a cheeky escape but will probably run into the marines or big mom pirates while escaping.

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Nami didn’t have a full scale fight against Kaido.

Tama's getting aged up to ease Momo's anguish and finally become a stunning Kunoichi

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Why are people against raizo chapter, i have been interested in this grand plan ever since he mentioned and i think we would also get to to see more of luffys fight..

I personally believe he has some info from toki so it could be more lore. Nothing is greater than lorepiece

He's definitely met others that were in similar situations and didn't care, he barely reacted to Rebecca being in a bear same situation and forced to fight

it feels shitty because we are reading weekly, it is like the welfin x ikalgo chapters in the middle of the meruem fight

How many of you would call Oda a hack if Raizo turns out to be Kosozumi?

Scabbards and samurai are failed characters and mistakes. They need to be set aside while the rest of the arc is played out without them.

i cant fucking stand all the luffy x nami shippers on twitter. some of the most insufferable people in the OP community

Again how fast are you reading?

>he barely reacted to Rebecca being in a bear same situation and forced to fight
do you have alzheimers or do you suffer from kizaru syndrome

People keep saying "what role would Yamato fill" but the answer couldn't be more obvious?? She's the female fighter since Nami and Robin suck at fighting.

Those spoilers really feel like Oda is giving us that little salad thingy they give you in restaurants when you ordered something heavy as main course.

Still I'll be happy to see what is happening to Zoro. Hard to tell by the spoilers right now, but it would be cool if Sanji and Zoro met.

Literally less cancerous than zorofags and sanjifags

her role is guarding Wano as Wano's guardian deity.

A Raizo chapter, likely focused on stopping the fire. And to think some of you guys believe Oda is rushing the manga LMAO.

We do not have five years left, we have 10. Mark my words.

bon shits on most characters though

I read 4 chapters a day.

He cared but not to this extent.

People say that people from here are insane but honestly all of you, even the insane carrotfag are more sound minded that the average twitter user, like, a female pirate couldn't possibly have big titties and wear a bikini! oh my god what has the world come to! a girl having breasts???

user, honest question:
Did you miss the part when, before the raid, they tried to keep Tama away from battle because of her age and she still was able to come and help?
Because this actually was Oda addressing the topic of age(and how this don't matter with the crew) and showing her doing a big hero moment saving a member of the crew, while increasing her bonds with both Nami and Usopp to the point that they would actually get motivation to battle in her defense.

You other points are a little biased and false if you just try to think a little:
> already made a connection with Luffy through Ace,
There was no connection on panel. She demanded Luffy to join because of Ace while ignoring the fact that Ace never promised to let her on his crew but to met as fellow captains.
This connection to Ace actually is more biased towards Tama because she actually had a promise to be a crewmember. Using Yamato own logic, Tama is more worth of a spot than her.
>knows luffys dream, goals, and personality.
She actually has second hand accounts of everything. She never actually really interacted with Luffy in a normal environment. The one that actually interacted with Luffy and the crew and knows, not only his personality but how he acts in daily life is Otama, not Yamato.
>Not to mention she already mentions joining the crew
Which Luffy ignored and instead decided to tell her that she can't be Oden because people actually like Oden (try to guess what this mean about her).

Overall you seem extremely biased and ignoring things that the manga actually shows.

>welfin x ikalgo chapters
That was the first and only time I ever skipped entire episodes
This Raizo shit is boring but it's nowhere near that bad

>reddit spacing

So not only a raizo chapter but it's all about putting out the fire?? Who cares about the fire or raizo!? Oda you never kill anyone off but you expect us to think the fire is a threat that it needs a whole chapter dedicated to it. If Kaido king of beasts can't kill anyone then the fire isn't doing much either

>He cared but not to this extent
Please, the ammount of dicksucking Luffy did to Kyros is immense

Name a more based scarab then Raizo Dono

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There is not a single gentle soul in this entire thread.

In case Luffy defeats the WG and brings Fishman Island to the surface, I would probably focus on the journey of a young fishman trying to become the Fleet Admiral of the reformed Marines, fighting prejudice and other bad pirates along the way.

Kappa is up there

Is Kaido's endurance absurd?

What? The only time Luffy even uttered Kyros' name was when he asked Rebecca if she was okay with him leaving her in Riku's care.

>chapter 1045 is luffy fighting kaido in gear fifth using insane powers
>chapter 1046 is raizo putting out the flames

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I hope Sanji and Jinbe get to go against Kaido before Luffy finally beats him.

The trio from Syrup Island; Piiman, Tamanegi, and Ninjin have finally decided to set sail to the sea. The era of pirate has been long ended after the great pirate called Monkey D. Luffy found the One Piece, but another mystery has surfaced and bothered these three young men; Ussop hasn't returned to the village. In fact, as soon as the Straw Hat declared that they found the One Piece, they just seemed to vanish; no news, no information, nothing. They just disappeared into non-existence. No one really knows where the whole crew is.

Saddened to see Kaya's health starting to deteriorate on top of missing Ussop so bad, Piiman suggested the other two members of Ussop Pirates to find clue regarding Ussop's whereabout. Acting as the captain of The New Ussop Pirates, Piiman asked Ninjin to use his brilliance to build a ship from the blueprint he got from Merry's warehouse to deal with Calm Belt. Somewhere over there, lies a place that could help the trio to find a new light of hope. Tamanegi is talented at gathering intel, so he already has a top secret info on his hand; the World Government's devil fruit storage, which is going to be their first destination before stepping further in finding where the genius sniper, Ussop, is.

Their journey begins now...

No? He's the strongest creature for a reason.

Kin'emon > Raizo > Kanjuro > Neko > Denjiro > Kawamatsu > Inu > Ashura Doji > Kiku

She actually is not a cunt that tries to use his feelings for his brother to her benefict. Also she is his daughteru.

Imagine bros....

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they found a charles darwin book that has been lost for 20 years and hxh is still on hiatus

Bon is the eternal crewmember.
Only people with no soul don't like him.
He is the good tranny. A unicorn.

We all know what you want Zoro...

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What is the bad news about One Piece in WSJ?