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Realistically speaking, if Goku wanted to rape Bulma in a saiyan primordial rage would Vegeta or anyone else be able to stop him?

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Gohan can stop Goku.

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Damn, Heaters looking lit

Yes, Vegeta would stop him as always. 2-0.


>raping anyone
Kekaroo. And he'd have his guard down, so anyone could stop him.

No. Goku would achieve Rape Instinct if needed.


Healthy people don't have thoughts like this, user.


Goku unlocked SSJ2 during Cell Games but held back for Gohan's sake.

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>SS1 Gohan is stronger than SS2 Goku
>SS2 Gohan could kill Cell games SS3 Goku

He could even turn SSJ3.


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A rock BROKE Goku.

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I'm not gonna believe a scan from an unofficial guide. Get me something more concrete.

Why is Bejita riding a fat hairy bastard?

You can't rape the willing

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It´s made by bird studio, SS2 Goku would job badly to Cell and Gohan.

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Very nice edit. Now post the manga page.

nice going, Gokutard. This thread is going to be deleted soon.

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My I PLEASE have a word with one Mr. "Chaddy Daddy Papi Wardy Roody Roo"?

ZGODly won

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Holy fuck, Cell is so strong.

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>Bird Studio
Proof it's made by Bird Studio, and not just published through them.
Also show me that it was approved by Toriyama, like the Daizenshuu was. Toriyama said that those who made the Daizenshuu are more knowledgeable about Dragon Ball than he is.

CHADren won.

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That book only says Shin is at the same level as Goku was in the Cell Games.

he would too busy wondering why his peepee is moving ion its own to rape anyone

>Needs sHit to win
Yeah, I don't think so, SHITrenposter

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Didn't read. Broly won.


they already prove you wrong in the last thread

Jiren if he was a cat.

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>i-it's Jiren's fault JObly couldn't beat a SSBKKx10 tier attack

And Base Saiyans are stronger than Shin this includes Rustyhan.

So how the fuck does Cell's tail work to eat 17 and 18 if there's bone inside of it?

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toyotaro and tori have no shame

That's not what it says there or what Hit thinks about SHITren's power.

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GT was predicted all along.





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Because nobody gives a shit about guidebooks unless it's got power levels in it
Tell someone that there's a super rare guidebook with numerical powerlevels of Buu arc characters and they'll start salivating over it

>Needing outside help
Nope, he lost.
CHADly is STILL the strongest and undefeated fighter.

Base Gohan>MSS Goku.

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he seems STRONG!

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>DBS character is stronger than a (non-canon) DBZ character
No shit.

SHITren and sHit cheated.

Shin is stronger than Piccolo who at base was stronger than all Super Saiyans before the time chamber. Base Saiyans don't go past Piccolo unless the use Super Saiyan
Super Saiyans> Shin > Piccolo > Base Saiyans

>denying reality
SHITly got fucking knocked the FUCK out and Chadren was unscathed.

>spic language
Not canon

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Jobren bros...

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That's NOT a peer reviewed study.

nice fanfic!

So... Where's the validity? These are a bunch of random people.
Here's the statement from Toriyama about the Daizenshuu, by the way:

No, BoG changed that and base saiyans are weaker than namek Freeza so: Shin>Namek Freeza>Base Saiyans before getting god power

>The only way Jiren could have landed that Attack, was because SHIT stopped time.
>The Jirenposter still acts as if Jiren did everything on his own, refusing to admit that 2 vs 1 is unfair.
Jirenposters, claiming their headcanon is the official canon since 2017

>the Belgian switched to the inferior VLC

>Shin is stronger than Piccolo
Not him but that is wrong.

Ore wa...

nta but how, he literally surrended to him

>Shueisha headcanon

>Wants to team up against Pui pui
>Shocked by Basejita
>Scared of Yakon and wants team up against him due to his speed
Base Saiyans>Shin.

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Goku is too retarded to have sex. I bet Chichi showed him the ropes and wears the pants when it comes to sex. Unless he went full rape ape, but I doubt it.

BoG never changed shit. Base Saiyans were never stronger than Frieza unless you are from Mexico.

Toriyama has retconed things or not taken then into account after the Daizenshuu. The legend of Manga has more validity simply by being newer than Daizenshuu

>n-not it's f-fucking S-SHit's fault Jobly couldn't tank that punk

Due to respect not power.

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Base Saiyans? Raditz level.

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>The legend of Manga has more validity simply by being newer than Daizenshuu
That's not how that works at all. Just because Toriyama forgets things and contradicts things he's done in the past doesn't mean the Daizenshuu is any less valid.

He's worried about the Saiyans. Unless you want to argue Gohan in SS2 is weaker than his own base form since Shin himself mentioned having trouble stopping SS2 Gohan from moving, then this makes no sense. And Piccolo refrained from fighting Shin after sensing who he was and knowing he has no chance against him.

not the same user, but how that proves anything
the fact gohan isn't as storng as the climax against cell (excluding the fact he still beat darbula that is stated to be as strong as cell) doesn't mean his base is waker

Raditz? Equal to a Saibamen.

Raditz? Born with a PL of 1200. More potential than any other Saiyan except Bejita and Broly.

Goku gonna beat that pussy up

>Toriyama forgets things and contradicts things he's done in the past doesn't mean the Daizenshuu is any less valid.
It does, since he retcons them as if nothing. He introduced Bardock, an OVA character in the Manga only to retcon his origins years later with Minus.

he literally threaten him with dabura

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Jiren maybe smaller than Dogly, but size means nothing; you can still be killed by ant no bigger than thr tip of your finger.

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>He's worried about the Saiyans
> Shin himself mentioned having trouble stopping SS2 Gohan from moving, then this makes no sense
That was due to his psychic ability, not his actual strength.

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Something being retconned later doesn't mean the Daizenshuu is wrong about the original manga and anime that it covers.

If it was about respect he would not mention power when talking with the others and would also stop them from fighting him too.

When did that happen?

And SHITren could only "beat" Z Broly.
DBS CHADly would stomp him like a ant.


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that's the same thing, chaotsu failed to paralyze nappa for the difference in strenght

>N- N- no
Shut it dog. That's LITTERALY the only defense you got. Both characters had been fighting, thinking two of the most powerful fighters in the universe woudn't get tired fighting each other is next level stupidity. Your inane comments are not only wrong but an actual insight to your one digit IQ.

Jiren in the anime? RAN
Jiren in the manga? CHEATED

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Because he doesn't know they are stronger than him.

>psychic powers
Chiaotzu couldn't stop Nappa with his psychic powers since he was a lot stronger than him. Shin could stop SS2 Gohan since Shin is only a bit weaker than him. He also did a better fight against Buu than Gohan did for example.

in that same page


>goku is zero
>pilaf is el marciano
>mai is femina
>yamcha is zedaki
>puar is squeaker
>krillin is cachito
Why didn't you guys tell me Harmony Gold was based?

kek, based.

We are taking into account everything that is Canon, not everything about the Original Manga. With that logic we shouldn't bring up Super or any other Databook after the Daizenshuu.

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Shin is a lot stronger than Chaozu and his Psychic powers work differently, he also had to wait for Gohan to focus his attenion to Yamu and Spopovich to hold him for a breif moment.

the concept of the Legend of Manga is so funny to me
>uhhhhhh we'll make this guidebook and export it to a single country only
>them Spanish speakers really love this shit right

"Littlefoot" fucking killed me.


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This image only proves what I say. Refrains from fighting him since he is a lot stronger than him just by knowing his title.

>a VLCkek thinks he will be taken seriously

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>p-please don't ignore my po-

We're only talking about the original manga. How does Super factor into the Boo Arc? Guides that talk about the original manga are completely fine to use, I just wanted some proof of the validity of that guide. The Daizenshuu is the biggest authority on the original anime and manga, so that's why I defer to it.

God she was so fucking hot what happened

>Shin is a lot stronger than Chaozu
I'm not comapring him to chaotsu's level though
>his Psychic powers work differently
that's complete fanfiction and you know it

quick puar, transform into a big pair of scissors and cut off Goku's penis

>Psychic powers work differently
Based on?

>he also had to wait for Gohan to focus his attenion to Yamu and Spopovich to hold him for a breif moment
this means nothing, since Gohan wouldn't know what stopped him still.

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Question: Who was the last mortal standing in the Tournament of Power, and what was their wish?

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Actually most DB Youtubers from Mexico and other spanish-speaking countries ue it. Don't pretend like you won't buy one if it came out in english.

Get help.

Android 17, wished restauration of the other universes

>Based on?
He can hold a person many times stronger than himself, Chaozu is limited to his own battle power.
See above.

>Who was the last mortal standing in the Tournament of Power,
a stupid
>nah, I don't care if my family die!
>taking them to a vacation? oh golly!

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but the only time he fought an enemy stronger than him he died so all that zenkai boost was wasted

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Jiren, wished to be the strongest.

>SHITrengolians went from mocking the manga for being allegedly promotional to outright peddling and worshipping a literal promotional anime.
How the mighty have fallen.

Gentlemen...seize him.

Gohan is the one who is going to fight Dabura, Shin said he can only somehow beat Babidi while Piccolo one shot him.

That Guide also mentions the Original Manga. Also don't forget the Kanzenban editions that came out in 2004 that are the original Manga too. Which makes the new information even more valid.

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all signs point to saiyans being tame in bed

>Chaozu is limited to his own battle power
Wrong, he stopped Goku during the finals and Goku was a but stronger than Tien back then.

Why did they change her and Trunks' hair color?

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How does an updated release of the manga make a guide more valid? I said you could use that guide if you liked, but the validity of the information is up for questioning.

yamchad tapped her pussy in her prime, betata got her used up pussy

>He can hold a person many times stronger than himself
stated when?

and when it's stated he wouldn't be able to do that as well? especially since babidy threaten him with dabura

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