Komi-san 349

Strap in

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Are you sure you should be leaving him in your daughter's clutches?

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Holy shit this chapter user this is a blue board

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Is she flashing her skirt to make sure he doesn't have Ichikawa's latest misunderstanding?

It's okay, I'll spoiler when this gets too much.

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I want to KISS Komi-san!!!
>I want to KISS Komi-san!!!
I want to KISS Komi-san!!!
>I want to KISS Komi-san!!!
I want to KISS Komi-san!!!
>I want to KISS Komi-san!!!
I want to KISS Komi-san!!!

you have it backward user

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Here we go

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Okay we're done.

Poor Tadano.

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She's staring at you and murmuring sweet inanities, Tadano. Do you get how much she likes you now?

It's so nice seeing her completely at ease with him like she is with her family even if it's lewd as hell

for some reason that face makes her look like a psychopath here

No, no he doesn't.

Shouko the tickle-torturer knows no mercy. Ask Akira.

Oh dear

Like a maiden in love
He doesn't know that she's a predator.

>Komi puting

>Already flashing them to her bf

The manga sure became decent again after the third year started. The whole second year was a fucking mistake.


Of course

Never read this before but you are on the 349th chapter and the MC still acts like a Virgin. Why?


Plus she's horny.

That's the sound of his boner popping up

>Komidad's blushing
Also, poor Tadano, he can't discharge in his room because of Hitomi

They're co-MCs and this is probably the first time he's been exposed to pure, un-cut Komi. Dude probably has no idea she could even be this playful

>41 replies
>8 unique posters

Lmao what happened to this series? It used to be big.
Will Nagatoro head into the same path of irrelevance in the near future?

It's doing just fine, Yea Forums just decided to hate it somewhere during Year 2, that said they also used to hate-read and hate-post about it too

It's okay. Otherwise the shitposting would be too much

What a cute chapter, filled with diabetes

What a fluffy chapter, we should have gotten some of this like 100 chapters ago though, filler about randos most people don't care about is what made most of Yea Forums drop this shit

so is this a good time to pick up?
i stopped reading during the class battle royale bullshit

Eh, stopped reading when Manbagi decided to shoot herself in the foot.

The last chapters have been decent enough, who knows if the streak will continue.

Jesus Christ, user. This is a blue board.

Manbagi was never going to win, the genuine misstep was having Tadano be too spineless to turn her down properly

If you don't care that it's a slow comic about mildly cute things, then go for it. If you demand progress don't bother, you'll just join the choir of anons bitching that nothing happens.

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My mistake for thinking it was going to be a chance for Komi to stop being a floundering bitch. Also yeah, Tadano dragging her along was also stupid.

Eh, Komi telling Manbagi she couldn't give up is awkward as fuck but a very Komi thing to do and Manbagi learning not to be utterly crushed by rejection was setup and telegraphed from the first time Komi hung out with Yukapoyo and the others. The whole arc could have been handled better but I understood what he was trying to do and it just didn't bother me. Shit the fucking nerf war was infinitely more annoying to me

350 chapters and the main girl is still mostly mute
i can understand anons being fed up with this shit long time ago

She is never going to be as chattery as her mom. Still, she might actually have come pretty far: if you looked at this chapter in isolation, would you guess that the gimmick was that the girl was supposed to be mostly mute?

yeah the triangle drama was long but bearable while binging. The battle royale was by far the worst part of the series, i dropped for 3 months after that and this thread remembered me to catch up

I have to go back and try reading it all at once now that it's over but week to week it was fucking awful and already made me forget who the new Year 3 people are