100 Kanojo

chapter 94 (korean)

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Chuuni time?

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Ark Royal?


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I can't tell what her quirk is.

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>plays the ocarina
bros i want a link gf too

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lmfao is that supposed to be Nozawa there?

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My boy gonna get that Snufkin pussy!


Thanks for the dump. Recently ripped this volume 7 bonus, don’t know if we’ve had it in full quality before.

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At least we know which gf will be the first to try anal.

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A chuuni girlfriend was coming eventually, but this is not what I expected

She's a he

Wait is that what's going on?

That would change the dynamic way too much.


Maybe the first reverse trap?

You mean the dynamic where half the girls are already gay for each other. Face it, Rentarou getting a twink was inevitable

Something something, keys and keyholes

Which would be the key and which the keyhole between Ren and the new guy?

Kursuri better have a gender bender drug like now.

If she did, that would just lead to male versions of every girl.

She's snufkin but a girl and no nose

Girlfriends as guys is temporary, 100 Girlfriends is forever.

>this was the reverse trap girlfriend
Oh come on, at least put in some effort there. At least she might get along with yama since they both seem to love nature

It's hard to get a TL on the images themselves, but the comments on Manatoki don't seem to be indicating a reverse trap or anything of the like, just that she's a weirdo.

I feel like Nozomi was going for a Yamato situation where a female is larping as a male but forgot she only "works" because she actually has fat tiddies.

>can read nip
>still not enough to get the earliest scoop on the newest gf sometimes
One day I will make the gooks pay for not posting untranslated scans. I'm thankful they weren't ahead on the Aako arc at least.

>Early-ish gooks

It's been a thousand years...

Nozawa posted this earlier, but it seems to have been deleted.

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Yeah, the fact that they keep repeating "2" toward the end and that she's wearing the same uniform as Chiyo and Kurumi probably means her quirk is that she's literally a chuuni.

>Something something, keys and keyholes
the woman is the key. Is amazing that people don't understand this.

There can be more than one of them if they act differently about it.

Eh, it seems more like a Makoto situation. Yamato at least wears masculine clothes, but Snufkin-chan does the cool girl but still girly thing. Her outfit is boyISH, but definitely not masculine (girls are usually drawn with tights under short shorts if they don't want her to wear a skirt). And if she is anything like makoto, we're gonna have that character arc where she wants to be girly but everyone else likes her better as a princely girl

>Snufkin kanojo.
No, seriously, why?

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Why this isn't it in japanese, i wanna read it in japanese, i can't read gook for shit

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Because Snufkin is based

You wanna read the deepfried LQ rips? Gonna have to learn Starcraft
Go boot up Broodwars now

It's someone fetish and we got to fullfill a 100 of those.

Howdy folks, MTL user here! Seems like Monday raws are a thing of the past...but hey, better late than never! Gather round, it's a good one!
>Rentarou: "Ah...! It's such a nice day to visit the park! Here, even Kusuri-Senpai could run around as much as she wants...Yaku-San and Hahari-San could also be comfortable."
>Rentarou: "Are there places where you can fish here?"
>Rentarou: "Is it a river? Or perhaps a pond?"

>Chapter Title: "The Girl Fishing in a Puddle"
>Rentarou: "Why the hell are you fishing in a puddle?!?"
>Rentarou: "And if it's not fish she's going for, is it worms? Just what the hell is in there?!?"
>???: "...is something the matter?"
>Rentarou: "Ah...no...what are you fishing for?"
>???: "That's a good question. Well, to put it bluntly..."

>???: "My sense of self."
>Rentarou: "WHAT!?"
>???: "Look, isn't my face reflected in the water?"
>???: "And the person who threw that line there...it's me."
>???: "In other words...it's like that."
>Rentarou: "WHAT!?"
>Rentarou: "Uh...therefore...at first glance it may seem like a meaningless act...but on the other hand it's time to reflect on your current self...?"
>???: "You can do that any time. Don't lie to your self."
>Rentarou: "WHICH IS IT THEN!?"
>Rentarou: "And...just who are you...?"
>???: "My name is Uto...I'm a Bard."
>Rentarou: "A minstrel...!? In that case..."
>Uto: "Yup. I sing and travel to people all over the world."
>Rentarou: "A modern day bard, that's awesome! But what about food and living expenses?"
>Uto: "Whatever land has bread and ham on it."
>Uto: "Look yonder; there's a sandwich for lunch over there."
>Uto: "I was robbed during a nap earlier. (I threw it away willingly)."
>Rentarou: "Ah yes, the wisdom of a wanderer at play."

>Uto: "Whatever it was, I couldn't reach it."
>Rentarou: "Then why point it out?"
>Uto: "More likely...it was a gift to the forest."
>Rentarou: "That's just illegal dumping."
>Rentarou: "If things stay like this, then I won't be able to eat lunch...hold on a moment."
>Rentarou: "Hup...there!"
>Rentarou: "Thank God...it wasn't too high to reach."
>Rentarou: "Here's your bento box."
>Uto: "Thanks."
>Uto: "In return...might I sing you a poem?"
>Rentarou: "Your poetry as a bard...? Ooh...!"
>Uto: "Then..."

>>???: "My sense of self."
>>Rentarou: "WHAT!?"
>>???: "Look, isn't my face reflected in the water?"
>>???: "And the person who threw that line there...it's me."
>>???: "In other words...it's like that."

The memories of my middle school self are flooding in... make them stop.

>Rentarou: "(SLOPPY!)"
>Uto: "Afternoon, afternoon~ A lifeless spring called forth the power of rainwater~ A bard with a fishing line hanging out~ All that was left in the water was me~"
>Rentarou: "(These lyrics and melody are awful strange.)"
>Uto: "Who else to appear from behind but a boy by the name of Ren~"
>Rentarou: "Is...is this REALLY how a Bard should act...!!?"
>Uto: "What was caught on a branch could not be reached...and yet the the boy climbed and clamored for the sandwich, he preached~"
>Uto: "The one who brought me joy from the tree~"
>Uto: "To be frank, thanks are from me~"
>Rentarou: "(And yet...somehow...the lyrics are being 'transmitted' to my heart.)"
>Uto: "The heart I put in this song~"
>Rentarou: "(This is the only song in the world with just me in mind...thank you so much--)"

>Uto: "What I have for you is a song with the intention of heart~ All I want is a future together, never apart~"
>Rentarou: "So you're begging me..."
>Uto: "A romantic relationship called~"
>Uto: "Ahaha...sorry...what?"
>Rentarou: "Er...you're good...probably... It just sounded like you were asking for a favor is all..."
>Uto: "Really? I'm glad."
>Rentarou: "Ah...just one issue...I have 18 other girlfriends I really love a ton too."
>Uto: "Ahaha"
>Uto: "In other words, you are the evangelist of love--how harmonious. You too are a bard I suppose."
>Rentarou: "No, I'm literally their boyfriend."

>Uto: "Follow me. We'll eat a sandwich together on my favorite hill."
Cool fucking hobo spot. God, why can't I have a Link gf?
>Rentarou: "Ah...that was fun. Then Nano-San couldn't understand the existence of hot drinks."
>Rentarou: "She wondered what the point of them was if you had to wait for them to cool down first."
>Uto: "That's too bad for her...waiting's all a part of life as it is, no getting around that. It can also be said for one's self."
>Rentarou: "Which is it then?"
>Uto: "Well--I'd like to meet you...and Rentarou's girlfriends."
>Rentarou: "I can meet you any time. The girlfriends too, Uto--"

>Uto: "Hold it--what did I say earlier? I'm a minstrel."
>Uto: "I travel from land to land... Delivering songs to more people mean I can still exist."
>Uto: "I like you Rentarou. But I can't change my life over just that."
>Uto: "--Rentarou. Won't you come along with me?"
>Rentarou: "...but that's--" (We're lovers, but we can't meet.)"
>Rentarou: "(How can we stay together? Without ruining Uto-San's life as a bard? Staying in this town...with everyone else-- How should I...! How should I...!)"
>Rentarou: "(If we aren't together...are we even considered lovers?)"
>Rentarou: "(Everyone's stuck around no problem...I thought that was normal.)"
>Rentarou: "(But that was only because...I'm in a blessed high school environment.)"
>Rentarou: "(I can't keep going...with everything being the same.....I can't just change reality to fit my needs.)"
>Rentarou: "(Nozawa-Sensei only has two arms. She'll become one armed if this continues further. If she persists in being a regular character...then the human rights convention will be violated eventually.)"
>Rentarou: "(Forcing an ideal is not love...more than just their dreams...life...what really matters is earning their respect.)"

>Rentarou: "Never forget your dream."
>Rentarou: "But if it's possible at all--would you be able to come back here? (No matter how far away...no matter how much time passes...)"
>Rentarou: "(If you truly love them...then surely that love will never fade away.)
>Uto: "Thanks Rentarou."
>Uto: "Until the day we meet again."
>Rentarou: "I was going to...introduce her to everyone."
>Rentarou: "I wish she could see them...they'd have lots to say. She would have been another precious person to meet in my love story--"

>Uto: "Oh, we meet again."
>Rentarou: "ISN'T THIS TOO SOON!!!"
>Rentarou: "Hey...!!? Isn't that...the Ohanamitsu Academy's school uniform...!!?"
>Uto: "I'm a 2nd year middle school student."
>Uto: "Well since it's my soul cause...you can't say whether it's true or not."
>Rentarou: "WHICH IS IT THEN!!!?"
>Rentarou: "Furthermore...us parting like that...!!"
>Uto: "Fate is strange...cause life has a way of being vain like that. There was no guarantee we would ever meet again. That's just the nature of human beings."
>Rentarou: "(Actually...doesn't this just make her an ordinary middle schooler...? She's just pretending to be a bard to look cool...then--)"

>Uto: "If I had to put it into words...that we met again was purely by chance--no real meaning."
>Rentarou: "The truth comes out. (If so, that's a relief...)"
>Rentarou: "(In the end, we could be together...most of all, it was a happy reunion...and--)"
>Rentarou: "(The fight for Nozawa-Sensei's rights...it'll continue for another day!!!!)"
>Momi: "Shall I help you?"
>Side Text: "Painful...!!!~~~"
>Next Chapter Text: "We're taking a break next time to prepare the upcoming volume."
And that's the chapter. SUPER cool character right off the bat, Nakamura and Nozawa have both been knocking it out of the park with wacky yet sensible girlfriends lately. Only real stinkers so far are Kurumi, Chiyo, and Naddy and even then Chiyo majorly improved. Or perhaps I have terminal shit taste. No matter, Rentarou will knock on my door any minute now so that means I'll have to bid you all adieu. Have yourself a good one wherever it is that you're at, Anons! Don't look under your bed.

Thanks for the TL. I still can’t consider Naddy a stinker, even if I get why people might think so. The American stuff is amusing and she’s got a sexy design, and that’s all she really needs.

>2nd year in middleschool
So barely 14?