How would you describe these three girls' relationship?

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>the straight man is literally heterosexual
this show is genius

Easy, Yukari&Yuzuko spitroast Yui with their painfully large strap-ons

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They're just good friends.

The pink one is definitely gay, but the yella one and purple one are bisexual.

I think yellow is straight and purple is just joking around about being gay and playing off the pink one's jokes who is obviously gay, yes.

>Purple and Yellow are a couple
>Pink is hinted to be in a relationship with the OL teacher

Yui=enjo kousai

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This picture is exceptionally erotic

why the FUCK did they make them so sexy? Why the FUCK did they think they needed to make these sluts so god damn FUCKING sexy? The show is about reading things off of wikipedia and then doing something cute afterwards. So again, I ask, why the FUCK. THE FUCK. WHY the FUCK is YUI so FUCKING SEX. I cannot stress this enough. SEX.

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I really wanted to like this show but I dropped it after a few episodes. Love the character designs and art style but its humor was too absurd, non-sensical and rarely hit the target.

The humor got better around episode 4 or so.

Yuyushiki filters low IQ people like you.

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You had to be there

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Their whale summary was spot on

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Is it, Yea Forums?

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The ___ was ___.

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Hanging by a thread.

Three very good friends who are very fucking gay indeed.

The SEX was SEX.

Oh, I’d like to give her all kinds of luxurious gifts for sex.

Yui's fat tats

An autistic girl carries her two puppets around everywhere, talks to them, and pretends they are real.

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Blonde who uses two gay puppets to masturbate

they are literally kids

Yui must have a soft spot for retards.

If you rewatch the entire series with that in mind, lots of things make sense, especially with her tutor Okaa-san

Yui's soft retarded bean...

Don't eat the ice cream, it is poison.

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There's literally nothing even sexual about that poster. What the fuck is wrong with the British?

user, it is 3 girls hugging, it is extremely lewd

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Yui's tasty bean.

One autistic girl and two puppets.


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Me in the bottom right talkin about oppai.

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Lum Laisin isnt available in the summer

The people that run the BBC are all repressed childlovers and groomers

>in the fridge of the school's medical room
Now what did Yuzu mean by this?

A schizo and her 2 delusions

Why is this thread so obsessed with beans? The yuyus are not from Mexico.

Yui’s bean is our holy grail.

Are you guys processing data in here?

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Incredible thigh gap

Yui has a really nice personality, I bet she would make a great girlfriend. Do girls like her exist in real life?

Nope. You'll find someone who you think might be like that but eventually find out that that's just the image of herself that she's trying to project to others

This is probably true, but harsh, and I don't want to accept it.

I don't think any anime girl personalities exist irl.

no, there's definitely horrible rage inducing tsunderes

Are they children?

Extremely sexual friends.

>Pink one says something perverted
>Yellow one tells her to cut it out
>Purple one says something cute

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Wait, why did Mikami make her so hot? I don't understand.

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