Shingeki no Kyojin

What do you think of Mikasa's future husband, Evan? Looks like JM died. Evan looks cute unlike Jean so Mimi-chan is pretty lucky!

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Is there a bigger loser than WEAKoch?

>HARD MOGGED by 2 chinks (one being a granny)
>loser chud ideology
>team full of retarded amateurs

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Is this what, a ship to cuck Jean?

Jean is already the god of cucks, he has to visit Erens grave every day until he dies, then bury his wife next to Eren while he fucks off

All of those are just shitty writing, except:
>loser chud ideology

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off topic, also racism and homophobia doesn't belong here, bye asshole and enjoy your 3 day vac

Good, Jean can fuck Reiner or Pieck then.


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cute cute cute

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Mikasa wasn't buried next to Eren. Eren is the tree.

> One day he musters up the courage to say hello.
This line bothered me more than it should bother someone.

straights get the rope :^)

he was mocking trannies not fags

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if only he had been nicer to Armin, none of that would have happened.

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High quality chinese EM music video

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how do people get invested in what is probably the worst main character relationship of any shonen

Mikasa's future is becoming my wife.

People like eren, people like mikasa, the rest writes itself even if isayama wasn't willing to

Same for all the other most popular ships of this serie or many others

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it's basically the romeo and juliet/titanic of shonen. people love that shit for some reason.

I really want to like Zeke since he seems like the only level headed character but why the fuck is he an anti-natalist faggot?

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>it's basically the romeo and juliet/titanic of shonen
nigger what

>Genocide is wrong
Then why do I still want this so bad?

Because I like Mikasa and self-insert as Eren. It's that simple.

goddamn this was some awful manga

kek. now you know

Any reasons why Isayama loves armin so much?

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they aren't literally the same story, they are all star-crossed lovers. nips love that too with the whole tanabata thing.

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Tight boypussy and HUGE feminine cock.

jesus fucking christ

he's only anti-natalist for eldian user, and that's fucking based

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she shingeki on my kyojin

Romeo and Juliet at the very least knew they loved each other, expressed their love for each other, and managed to have sex.

Eren and Mikasa's love is tragic due to their respective autism.

it's not tragic it's just stupid

>Eldians live a life of suffering, powerless and hated by the world
>will always be hated because of unique biology
>world at large will be better off if Eldians were gone, and we ourselves wouldn't have to suffer this cruel existence.
>all life is meaningless anyway, just exist and reproduce, so who cares if Eren is going to kill everyone anyway.
>Is that...a BASEBALL!
>WTF, life is wonderful now! Guess I'll kill myself!

How does Reiner's cock taste like?

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that's fine, I wasn't saying they were identical. I was just explaining why it's a popular trope even though they don't get together in the end.
imo, their autism being what drives them apart is what makes it better. It's funny and sad.

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Antinatalism is based, depressive realism is the only truth, everything else is just positivity bias and your biological programming. Only those who can break the programming can see the truth about this realm.

just took my hrt and rasperdal, anyway, who else thinks EH is the best ship, cuz I sure do!


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Bigger than Eren's cock?

I guess Mikasa's fangirls who ship EreMika are as loyal as her. Makes sense.

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Bigger than Oniankopon's.

don't worry most Yea Forumsnons do

Cutest nose

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Parents seeing the school play

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dude left of Mikasa kinda looks like Jean


>tfw Rivai's POV

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Ngl this npc face looks too detailed. Maybe he really is Mikasa's husband

Very cute Dadren and Momkasa. There is more?

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>then bury his wife next to Eren while he fucks off
I doubt he was allowed to bury her in the public park.

Petra! Post characters sheets or any official art you like.

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All women are whores, there's no surprise to that.

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did levi fuck her?

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When you think about it, I don't think Mikasa really felt "in love" with eren. How she acting toward him mostly feel like an obsession which isn't healthy at all. After all, she got attached to him because he saved her after a traumatic event, but I don't think it's "love" if you know what I mean.

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Shitkasa is shamelessly in love with a mass murderer. She not cares at all about the billion deaths.

Imagine, the only way to fuck your wife is to take her to the grave of her dead first boyfriend.

By focusing on their dynamic in Trost/Female titan/Clash and headcanoning the rest.

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They admit that a NPC is better than Eren but also keep pushing their EM agenda everywhere and "cry" about them being tragic lovers.

>fucking anything

>loyal till literal delusions
for fuck's sake, just insult some other aspect at this point

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Yes, but Isayama is too much of a hack to actually explore such a concept

He’s based on Isayama’s childhood friend who grew up to be an unashamed man child who still loved all the things they did as kids with a huge /toy/ collection. Basically Armin is the ultimate carefree mecha model collector.

what's this image supposed to be of?

It would be complicated to include.....

Levi is always too late. Waited too long for Hanse, waited too long for Petra.

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>I don't think Mikasa really felt "in love" with eren. How she acting toward him mostly feel like an obsession
What makes you think so? Eren was a good friend to her, they were always hanging out together, it's easy to see why she fell in love.

Not surprised many Eren fangirls are fujos since majority of EM shippers are mostly Mikasa fans and don't seem to like him that much even though he did everything for her.

Jesus, you can't take a joke. Why do you even think these particular commenters push "EM agenda"?

Mimi-chan >>>>>>>>>>Freedom

It’s love, sure, but it’s not exactly what most would call romantic. Eren and Mikasa are both autists who probably don’t have a normal concept of love. They just want to be close.

So can anyone explain to me why genocide is bad?

Because what if it was you getting genocided?

Genocide in self-defense is morally justifiable though.

It is cruel and pointless.

>even though he did everything for her.
Mikasafags know this isn't true. He loved her, but he was a slave to the fate of the rumbling because he loved freedom more. It's why it's for the best that she cut his head off. I don't hate EM because Mikasa obviously loves Eren for her whole like. But I'm even more happy that she also found family and happiness with someone else.

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Isn't that a mistranslation? The original parase was "I won't accept genocide" iirc

She spread her legs for Jean so she's not autistic at all and knew what she was doing.

he probably meant 3D whores

And I totally understand why so many Eren fangirls don't ship EM


Don't blame them. The fact is, Mikasa is his killer, and she's just as mentally challenged as he is in her own way. They are awful for each other, but they still want each other.

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