Season 2 tomorrow
Who's ready for more angry man and titty raccoon

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who cares? where's my psychopath season's 2?

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my body is ready for more Coon tits.

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in my headcannon those ears are just a headband she puts on in the morning because she wants to feel special.

loli racoon was better
a shame it only lasted one episode

stockholm syndrome isn't real

loli version was nothing special, teen Raph was better.

will she level up again?

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That was so sad, Chimichanga Taco Tamales Hero actually made a splash unlike "you triggered, YOU TRIGGERED?!" Hero

she's on max evolution I think.


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submission is


All Raph's are good Raph's

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yes sir

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>tfw no rapeable loli slave

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>angry man
isnt he just a normal man now?

hope feminists destroy this shit isekai

so what is this series even about now that the MC is not angry/bitter and had his revenge?

isekai #2637283 with gary stu protagonist so incels self insert
no thanks

He's still bitter and angry but he has help and support now.

He's a normie now. That is literally the progression of 90% of popular manga/light novels that get adapted into an anime.

they're too busy with usaki san

Well, the thing the heroes were summoned for in the first place. The waves, duuuuuude.

wasted digits

Yeah cause that worked out so great the first time

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the anime was shit, but it had so many good bitches. pic unrelated.
>4k JK tatas

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Who gives a shit, he cucked out of his own revenge

Impregnate coon, twice. Get loli and teen on top of milf coon. Everyone wins

I have accepted that anime is inherently sexual (as the art-style primarily exaggerates sex characteristics and attractive body language) but that does not justify the absurd amount of pedophilia and homosexuality here

you know loli raph is cute
stop coping

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fuck off anime only lmao

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Replace Healbro with Chad Thundercock

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Lolis are inherently sexual.

Replace midget with shield-kun

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just finished re-watching the first season

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its fucking Flonne but shit

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>episode tomorrow
>makes thread anyway which might not even reach bump limit before the episode airs
Why are you like this? It’s your responsibility to close this thread before the episode airs.
Based quints.

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>never fugs the bird

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I'm waiting for the shitstorm from certain "news" outlets and the twitter mob getting mad at this show.

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I'll miss the second OP.

Shieldbro, so the new season follows the LN and not the manga? Because Naofumi training what's her face does not appear in the manga.

I dont think theres anything "controversial" in this season.

In the LN and the manga they usually commuted to the castle for training rishia and keel and stuff. But since the village is a thing i guess they moved that there.

I guess the series still going as it is will be controversial enough.

I mean they'll be sorely disappointed if they were hoping for something but i guess you have a point if people expect things to be the same and seethe waiting for this day.

How many seasons do we need to fully adapt this fucker

People only like it because of the waifu bait, it's a painfully mediocre isekai otherwise.

Well there's 22 vols worth of content and about 3 seasons are going to be needed to adapt up to vol 9 so perhaps 9? And some movies if they decide to do some

ive been looking forward to this for a long time. im animeonly so no spoler .
but i am scared it turns into generic haram-like isekai like it sort of did in the 2nd half of 1st season. but it did save it in the end im just scared itll be mediocre and ill be disapointed

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