Dragon Ball Super

Discuss theories for the upcoming chapter and post the movie spoilers if you can.

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>the SHITnga
I shall NOT.


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I'd rather suck Kakarot's cock than kiss his wife.

Bejitabro btw.

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Gamma 3

Maybe its just fucking Pan and you are getting overly obsessed over something so "trivial".

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It will be Cell.

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>fucking Pan
Yes, please!

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KAKArot means rotten shit



You just... KNOW

Can we all agree that the Gronolah Arc is worst arc in DB history.

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>theory for the upcoming chapter
Goku will fully dominate his UI after the revelation of his nature and unlock a form called Survival Ultra Instinct, the peak of the technique which only triggers the powers of the form when he's in danger of getting damaged. Meaning he no oonger has to transform into UI or use it in tandem with other forms, it will kick in automatically whenever a fatal hit is about to connect.
>movie spoilers
Piccolo has a fake death scene to trigger Gohan into a rageboost

CHADnolah is still a way better character design then you and your fungus infected sister.

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I was kind of hoping that Raditz's body was picked up by the RR, would be cool to have him back.

Fucking Toriyama?
None of them compare to DrawCHAD talent.

I mean, shit falls off when you open the wrapper, so it makes sense that his arc sucks.

>Discuss theories
No, I will NOT discuss headcanon.

Nice headcanon faggot

I have confirmed leaks but I don't know if I should post them.


No, no. But, someday I want to be just as good as peak Toriyama.

What can Raditz even be besides the big bad and die again? Any redemption and he just becomes broly/piccolo/vegeta/gohan 2.0

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Presumably, we'll be getting some awesome character development for Goku, hearing his dad for the first time since he was a BABBY.

I think it will help him unlock the calm needed to master ultra instinct


then you have my permission to do so but make sure you toggle the "spoiler" button.

>CHADnolah is still a way better character design

>this is what vegeta is training with

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Replaced by Kale. Nuly is such a beta that she is closer to Demonly than DOGly could ever hope to be:

If you call these rushed gag sisters as "characters", then my friend you are either mentally inferior or you just consider women as your god.

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Beerus should have been female

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>taco specialist pretending anybody cares about this pedophilic movie
Everybody is waiting for the next DBS chapter, already having forgotten this movie exists.

Goku and Pan are flying off to do some training to celebrate for completing their potty-training
>They stop by a river in a nice open field
"Alright Pan, this looks like a great spot to fight!"
"Great grampa, let's GO!" Pan shouts as she launches herself at Goku, preparing a kick
"Hey no fair! That was a cheap shot", he pouts and he easily deflects the attack as he chuckles. But this wasn't his usual chuckle. No. It was more sinister.
"You left yourself too wide open, you can't defend yourself from attacks like that. Like this!"
>He jabs her in her side. knocking her into the river bed.
>She begins to scream in pain but before she can even make a peep, Goku has grabbed her and dunked her head under the water, a wide smile on his face as he does.
"You didn't get your guard up fast enough. This training isn't very good, Pan. It's not very exciting"
>Pan's screaming can be heard through the water, but it only works against her as water fills her lungs.
"You know, turning super saiyan won't do much. I am still far stronger than you." Goku thought.
>He chuckled as he held her head under the water
"HEY! You should try and break out of this grip. This is getting boring for me."
>The bubbles surfacing would dwindle in number, more and more until only ripples could be seen from the surface.
>She no longer struggled.
"Given up already?! Man, I shouldn't have wasted my time training you. This wasn't worth it at all. You know I turned down training with Whis on Beerus' planet for this and you can't even put up a good fight. What a shame. Let's go back."
>He flung her limp corpse into the grass next to the river.
"Wow you must really be tuckered out. And in all honesty I can't even feel your energy anymore. Have you really become this weak? I thought Piccolo trained you all the time. Anyway, let's go home."
>He grabbed Pan's body by the hair and flew off back to Gohan's house, to drop her off.

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People talked way more about the fake Raditz leak than anything involving Tracertaco's OC who pisses himself and gets covered in shit.

The strongest of the universe will cuck Gas SOON

Kek. She's never returning while CHADly DOMINATES the CHADvie.

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I like your art style drawCHAD, it replicates Toriyamas but has a unique feel to it that I don't know how to describe. Better than Toyo desu.

Yes he is. Caulifa is female Goku and Kale is female Broly. SHITgang sucks and is nothing special other than a girl power fantasy for waifuRATS.

Not fucking funny you psycho. Kys.

>shitposting about the manga and about the U6 soiyans
Did this guy drop in from 2019?

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>He said while still bringing up the FUNNY jokes Successortaro put in his manga

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Kek, based.

Delusional mindbroken taco-addicted brown rat.

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They aren’t even sisters, you idiot. Besides, their designs are better than Gronolah’s because it matches the personalities.
DOGly is only there for empty fan service. He’ll show up for one scene, not say a word, and that will be it.

Goku Jobs to Luffy

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kek. Creepku's pastas are the best

I appreciate it, but I can't emulate his style well enough yet. I think Toyo is better than I am. He has much more experience, after all. Maybe someday I'll get to the point where I'm as good as Toyo, so I can take that step forward to be as good as Toriyama.

>Nobody gives a shit about the movie, no internet breakdowns or spoiler discussions.
What killed the hype ? Was it the removal of CHADnime ?

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No one cares about post-Cell Gohan

>Caulifa is female Goku
Brainlet detected. Caulifla is nothing like Goku, she is the stereotypical female delinquent—a common trope in anime and manga. Does that sound like Goku who is described as “pure of heart”?

Aaaaaaaand report sent.

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The CANCELLEDme wasn't for the Broly Movie and everybody liked it. No one cares about SHIThan.

Post good headcanons about Super.

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>raped by Yamcha
>raped by Roshi
>raped by Jackie Chun
>raped by Blue
>raped by Tao
>raped by Tien
>raped by Tien (again)
>raped by Chiaotzu
>raped by King Piccolo
>raped by Mr Popo
>raped by Kami
>raped by Master Mutaito
>raped by Shen
>raped by Piccolo jr
>raped by raditz
>pulverized by bejita
>raped by gravity machine
>raped by Ginyu
>raped by Bejita
>raped by Yardrats
>raped by 19
>saved by bejita
>raped by heart virus
Cell Games
>concedes to cell
>raped by cell jr
>dies to semi perfect cell
>ko'd by bejita
>flees from buu
>raped by super buu
>raped by kid buu
>saved by bejita and satan
>raped by beerus
>raped by Whis
>raped by frieza-dono
>raped by Sorbet-sama with a ray gun
U6 tournament
>certified 50 iq retard
>cosbied by Frost
>raped by Hit
Future Trunks
>admits to never kissing his wife
>raped by Zamasu
>raped by Black
>raped by fused Zamasus
Before ToP
>raped by Hit (again)
>raped by Arale
>forgot about his first son
>raped by fit Buu
>raped by Botamo (baseball)
>lied in front of his own friends/family without hesitation
>raped by Frieza (again)
>raped by some green man in U4
>raped by Kefla
>raped by Jiren
Broly Movie
>doesn’t know what repugnant means
>raped by Broly
Galactic Patrol
>raped by a ray gun (again)
>drained by Moro-sama
>almost kills himself because he forgot he can't survive in outter space
>raped by Saganbo-dono
>drained by Moro (again)
>raped my Merus (again)
>sodomized by Moro (again)
>Saved by Bejita and Uub
Granolah the Survivor
>Raped by Granolah
>Saved by Bejita
>Raped by Granolah AGAIN
>Raped By Granolah in UI
>Raped by Base Vegeta in SSB UI
>Raped by Granolah again
>Raped by Gas
Our hero... Son Gokek...

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>because it matches the personalities.
If I didn't know anything about Caulfila, I'd never be able to infer her personality between the tube top, the genie pants, and the really generic shoes.

>Announcing reports
Enter MY G's

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Goku RAPED you.

>pedophilic movie involving pan with two literal who comic relief villains
Why should anybody care? It feels like a DB arc misplaced into DBS.

We are caught between Cuckofucko's tracefiction being in the absolute worst arc in the history of Dragon Ball, and the MOEvie being a slice-of-life comedic garbage fillershit that focuses on Pan and SHARThan.

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>No one cares about DOGSHIThan

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Why are Bejitabronies like this? Gentlemen...

Not my fault you’re retarded.

He WARPED your mind


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Funnily enough, Gohan and to a lesser extent Piccolo/Broly are the only reason there's any interest in this movie at all.

>all this salt from SHITgetabros
SHITgeta? Lost.
CHADhan? Won.

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The movie doesn't even have a release date now.
I wonder if it'll ever come out.

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The U6 girls became redundant the moment Kefla became a thing, similar to how Goten and Trunks became invalidated by Gotenks.

The movie has no hype, this is not a cope. "It has no hype", this has never been the case with any DB movie ever.

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Give it a month or two. Toei needs time to finish the other projects that also got delayed like Dragon Quest.

Kek. You forgot:
>Raped by Chi-Chi (twice)

Based Freeza.

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Goku made LOVE to Chi-chi and kiss ALL the time. Cope.

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Once the movies drops you'll be kneeling

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GODhan? Won.
CHADccolo? Won.
LORDly? Won.
MCku? Won.
QUEENan? Won.
The CHAD CHADbon? Won.

The jobber manlet fusion fodder sidekick? Lost.

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You just know that if Yamcha was the protagonist this movie would be more popilar just by the Memes. Gohan is THAT boring.

>A 16 year old AYY did this to KEKly

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I will never watch the movie, which is why i am asking for the main spoilers.

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You? Based