Edens Zero Chapter 186

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It's a bit edgy but I like Killer's design

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Kek. Gotta appreciate Mashima's tongue in cheek humour

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>Wizard is Michael or has a connection too Michael
Fuck. Shoulda seen it coming.

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Clown rape.

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And then Shiki murdered them all.

Chapter end

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>You have your opinion, we have ours
>No you don't
Nice argument guys. Dark stars are totally in the right for this one

What a clown fiesta.

>Jin/Kleene are the wind of edens
>Laguna is the water of edens
>Weisz is the fire of edens
Is edens zero going to have its own element 4? The 4 elemental stars? Who's the earth of edens?

this add to the idea of her not having a working left eye.

Overall, the match-ups are more or less what we expected, and if anything, the Dark Stars did their homeworks.

I want Homura to lose this one. If Brigandine being the counterpart of Valkyrie beats Homura, then it shows she's not good enough as the sword of edens zero. It gives her something to strive for and prevents her character from becoming stale

Holy joining as the new witch

only just realized this guy looks like a gender bend and de-aged version of that dragon granny in FT whose name I could never spell right

the list of candidates is kinda long, and it could be a character not introduced yet.

This was good. Shiki being an osg and struggling against a dark star is odd, but if he has to deal with emotional damage which debilitates him then it levels the playing field

nice Homura ass.

Well, the Dark Stars seem to know using only brute force isn't a good idea.
Notice how Brigandine was the only one to add "counterpart of x" to his introduction.

>This was good. Shiki being an osg and struggling against a dark star is odd
To be fair, Wizard strikes me as right-hand-man type to Ziggy. Since Ziggy wants to kill Shiki at all costs, so, it would make sense for him to buff Wizard somehow to the point of beating Shiki. Reminder Ziggy also beat an OSG so it would make sense if he had some tricks up his sleeve.

If you are talking about the latest 100 Year quest chapter, I would wait a bit. The user who dumps those either uses the Eden Zero thread or makes a separate thread.

I'll allow it

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of course

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Oh my Bondage Fetish!

The new artist body proportions are horrible

Gee, maybe don't immediately say that obviously OOC thing if you're trying to fool him.

Go easy on him. Trying to copy Mashima's style 100% correctly seems like it would be an incredibly hard thing to pull off.

>Ziggy could've drawn Michael's memories in with his gravity and put them in a new bot before blowing up Granbell
>Michael wished he never had a heart, and could easily have none now
>Mashima has had a special role for Wizard in mind for a while
>They're both wizard bots

Not if they're in a cult.

Thanks, OP. Watch as Shiki has to destroy the simulacrum of his home planet himself.

One wonders whether these have the actual data of the Granbell bots or whether they have an approximation of their programming, or maybe Ziggy kept their original specs around and Wizard tweaked them a bit, or hell maybe just left the OG programming as is for inconsequential bots here. Regardless the more authentic they are the more potential for Shiki to have some really emotional moments here.

Most generic and boring evildoer name.

He was created by Ziggy to purposely job. I'd give a jobber a shitty name too if I knew he was doomed to fail.

Clown is kinda up there as well.

Only Brigandine lucked out.

>hes gonna tickle her feet

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Dude, he's not even anything like a brigandine.

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I don't think that the new gen of Killer and Brigandine is meant to job this time.
They obviously will nonetheless and probably before Clown and Wizard too, given that they already introduced themselves

I hate Erza

>I'll make you free whether you want to be or not
Shiki's an American?

Battle of the retards?

Fucking bullshit

So will Erza be brutally fucked up after she return in the normal dimension?
She took a lot of damage.

>The brain
>Doesn't isolate one of the good guys to gang up on him 4 vs 1, then killing the others one by one