Girls killing guys

>Girls killing guys
Boring. Let's have guys killing girls.

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Something something patriarchy


We honestly need more male on male rape in fiction. Redo of Healer was a good start but we need more. Comedic, serious, all kinds as long as guys are getting raped.

Ketchup, she fell on the floor face first holding a bottle of it


Based. Men getting rape corrected is kino.


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get with the times, it's about bigender now

I said, I would like to see more males sexually assaulting males in the fiction i consume. I find it interesting. It mixes things up.

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Little slut didn't deserve it.

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>He doesn't know

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Try the biggest manga of all time

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Sauce please user

no, that's misogynist and sexist, and prove how women live in a patriarchy because they're being killed just for being a woman

Umareru Kachi No Nakatta Jibun Ga Anna No Tame Ni Dekiru Ikutsuka No Koto

i'm not complaining.

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That's a long-ass title.

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Can't forget this classic

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I don't even think the MC said to anyone they liked their crush even once and just suddenly went to rape her. Are they retarded?

This was dumb, why give up a cute tomboy gf who will literally do anything.

He realised early on he had no chance with her so he went Cosby on her.
I think he did end up with her in the timeline where he succeded, the woman he is shown with kinda looks like the tomboy but with long hair.

>He realised early on he had no chance with her so he went Cosby on her.

Did she say so or did the MC just assumed that? Otherwise why would she still want to be around her attempted rapist? That part confused me.


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Based. Fuck w*men

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>Otherwise why would she still want to be around her attempted rapist?
She was in denial, she wanted to believe he was just having a bad day or something like that, she wanted to believe he still was the Kazuya she always knew because she didn´t want her world to shatter.

he tries to rape a chick afterward, so he's a chad

I can´t be the only one who wanted the MC to win, right?
I don´t mean I wanted him to rape Anna, but that he would calm down and find another way to live his life.
But I guess beating the tomboy to death was the point of not return for him.

You mean he fails? Sounds like a weakling to me.

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Is this show any good? I don't pay any mind to isekais but I remember this having a lot of buzz when it aired.


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Yea that was the part right before they went on that trip. But if she was wanting to believe they were still the same Kazuya she knew at that point then she must have had some love for him. Anna does give off that vibe.

Its just in the timeline we see ironically both the MC and the rapebaby managed to steer both Anna and the 3rd friend into seeing each other romantically alot earlier. Had the MC not been an idiot they could have had more than a 0% chance.

i just read the whole manga and yes i agree
imagine being given a chance to redo ur loser life and the only thing u wanna do is a rape a bitch
guy literally had a tomboy on his dick even after he got his bully killed and he didn't just impregnate her? fuck this manga
i think the idea of going back in time endlessly killing each other is kinda cool though

Anyone with even a modicum of sense would have been happy with the tomboy, but the MC had to keep obsessing about the girl he couldn't have, that's the point, he's completely irredeemable

ah, that is where this came from.

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If I went back in time I'd just tell my younger self that weekend's lotto numbers desu

But that's wrong you sexist pig.

Nigga wuh?

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Today I will remind them...

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Yea Forumsggot tier OP when all he could have said was "Ryona thread, post bitches being killed" instead of that passive agressive fagotry

I think there was a timeskipbst some point, probably more stuff happened there we didn't see that made him think he had no chance.
At the beginning he says boys and girls only started to change in different rooms until fifth grade, meaning they are at fourth grade at most... But then we are told Anna had her rape baby at 13, meaning she was raped at 12, at sixth grade. Therefore, the manga spans across two years.

>Seething roastie

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That fucking sucked, she was so great.

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You can go back to c.c now

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Why is male on female violence allowed to be depicted in manga and anime but not western media?

Because the west was a mistake. As it turns out giving people freedom results in disaster

You know why.

You mean the male on male rape scenes that doesn't even last a minute and that the protag barely remembers? And more time is spent putting whores in their place btw, but nice try Rancecuck

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The AgK series had lots of guys killing girls.

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The Hero Who Seeks Revenge. Pretty good if you're looking for an edgefest.

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He loves Anna.

this is good thread

No one is going to post THE legend in this line of work?

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i don't know what this is but i want to know more

did scanlations reach karasawa getting her raped yet is your friend.

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