Mahou Sensei Negima 30; Akamatsu-Verse Part 3

The Governor-General's ball was like a fairy tale right up until the part where it wasn't.

>What is this about?
Wizards 'n shit or whatever

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Right we were learning that just because you win the war doesn't mean you get the happy ending

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Remember I said I like everything about the Great Paru-sama?
This is a big part. This sort of connection that only the audience can put together feels like fan service even if it isn't.

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Like that she can keep her attitude

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I never noticed it before but the old Ostian King looks awfully like a Chinese Emperor.

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>do you realize who the fuck you're dealing with?

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>It is an old-fashioned and brutal method of execution
I wonder how many people were saved by some guy on a broom before they stopped.

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He really should have known better considering Rakan's battleship killcount is public knowledge.

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Saving barefoot waifu > *

Is that the chichigami girl?

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God, I love movie endings like this

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This was another of those sequences I can see so perfectly animated in my head

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Everyone was in love with Arika, it seems. Can't say I blame them

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Feels like he could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if he just showed that to Negi in the first place.

A breakdown for any baka ranger auditioners that might be reading.

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How would Class Rep react to someone calling her Yuekichi?

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>The oldest royal line in the world
Negi should take responsibility and have kids with his whole harem to keep it going

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nice nod to the ancient roman tarpeian rock

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Somewhere, Chizuru felt a disturbance in the Force.

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Thank a lot Haruna for helping out us speed readers in the audience.

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>jiggle jiggle

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She didn't work her calves before she was turned, please understand.