Has he seriously not given an interview in 4 years? No public statements? No public appearances...

Has he seriously not given an interview in 4 years? No public statements? No public appearances? Do the japs just not give a shit about HxH anymore???

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the gungi in real life thing

I'm starting to believe he's actually dead.

there was a rumor of an interview where he was listed as "unemployed", but other than that, no new.

He just lost his passion for the story. It happens. Look at Vagabond.

Didn't he make a statement recently that his wife is going to take over HxH?

Fake news

No one cares about this author outside of here

I'm sick of you fags bitching about that hiatus. I'm a fan of black lagoon do you know how much I have to deal with? I get a long as hiatus after almost every arc because Rei gets fuckin depressed.

Sorry Togashi, I just can't start Hunter X Hunter after what happened to Miura.

Togashi is probably just wrestling all KinoxKino copyrights from Shueisha since it is such a trash company. He will soon get them and start his own Soft Seinen magazine that will kill wsj.

He meant his wife will be getting satisfied by Oda

>Not Fujishima

>Have insider knowledge of something Togashi worked on but no one will believe me
He has worked during the hiatus but not on HXH, it wasn’t related to manga at all

Togashi fully owns HXH, it’s why Shueisha doesn’t axe him. They don’t want him taking HXH to another magazine.

Yeah he's based for owning his own work, he said it's a playground for him

just accept the point where the anime ended as the real ending, and be glad if he releases a few extra chapters before you die

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Too busy writing HxH

holy based


How new

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Well I sure don't

Let it go user, it's over.

Wow! The author of two whole half-finished manga series! Truely a veteran deservining of our utmost admiration

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2 masterpieces

>Do the japs just not give a shit about HxH anymore?
Yes they don't, and neither should you.

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Beyond Reproach

Asspull king

Too busy banging his wife and enjoying being rich. Lots of new Drago. Quest recently as well

just read Sci-fi from the Strugatsky brothers after all he based his HxH on a roadside picnic

He asked his wife to complete his manga

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>60 years old really succesful man that provided for himself, his company and his industry, just quits working
why does Yea Forums and otaku make a drama out of this scenario? seems really normal and honestly the best thing someone could do to keep physical and mental health

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let a man chill

>two whole half-finished manga series!

He doesn't give a shit anymore just like Miura didn't, Anno doesn't Toriyama doesn't, Kubo doesn't and especially the Haruhi author doesn't.

Serious questions anons, please respond.

Would you waste your time with gay interviews if you had this lady at your home willing to have sex at any time you want?

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Mindbroken pisstard

His life force is spent, what more do you want?

do you wonder if they ever had sex dressed as their characters haha

is he really THAT based

Maybe he died

He owns HXH, no one else does.

Just a clickbait title. But really every author should have an ending outlined Incase of sudden death.

Restoring his life force with properties of rubber and gum


The issue is that his wife is enjoying his rubber

Remember Togashi could be dead right now and we won't know about for a month like Miura.

News broke 3 days after he died.

Ohhh my rubberback

Because he has an ongoing series. Good for him either way people just want closure if he's done

I love this because how fucking happy he looks. Just completely in the zone

Damn Togashi you live like this?

Quitting when you are only feasibly halfway through your magnum opus is pretty bad, user.

Level E? The PEAK of comedy manga.

>Do the japs just not give a shit about HxH anymore???
>new HxH theme park attractions
>new real life Gungi set (sold out very quickly)
>upcoming real life "Hunter Exam" event
All that's just the last 2 months. Hunter x Hunter only grows in popularity, especially in Japan.

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I hope all of this is leading up to a big comeback.... hopefully one with a different person doing the art.

Nips literally have Togashi museum.

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If Kurapika was real would you have sex with him?

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I have multiple friends who don’t use Yea Forums who love the series

not to mention it's a common thing to see people wishing for HxH's return at shrines in Japan

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I want him to kill me

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Togashi can't stop playing Souls game. Blame Elden Ring for another year of hiatus.