Who would make the better wife?

Who would make the better wife?

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Buggy the Clown

>basically fetish: the devil fruit
>cool temper
>neat low key sense of humor


I don't know OP. I really don't know.

>nami will never reverse mating press you

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Probably the one that's not going to cuck you for money.

Def Robin, as hot as the sex would be Robin is better in literally every way.

Nami was only the best before Vivi and Robin were introduced. She is inherently unappealing. Also Oda is obviously shit at drawing attractive women

Nami. See how loyal she is to Luffy and how developed her mother instincts are.

Robin is older so can give less babies and would make you feel intellectually inferior all the time because she's the only genius in the world who can read an ancient super important special language.
All of this plus she doesn't seem particularly interested in being a mother or having sex.

Better wife? Here you are.

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Robin, she likes cute things like puppies and would be good at homeschooling kids

Yamato, for sure.


Robin obviously

Nami would make you pay an arm and a leg for every orgasm

You, faggot
Bend over

Robin has a higher body count than Nami

but nami fucked fishmen

Robin and I don’t think it’s a close thing. Nami has the hallmarks of slutty thot. Doesn’t mean the latter wouldn’t be a wild fuck or two even if Robin could do SO MUCH MORE with her fruit, but I wouldn’t marry her.

Why would you not choose Robin.

I know for a fact you've seen that Rebis doujin series, user. Don't lie to me. This outweighs all the potential cons by a factor of thousands.

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They're hoes

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Robin is also a massive slut, you think she didn't get fucking when she took refuge in all male pirate crews?
Atleast nami got fucked by the same group of fishmen.

I really like to read so I'd have a better chance with Robin

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So has Robin

Would fishmen even wanna fuck a filthy human? Arlong was pretty racist.

Have you seen pol's obsession with BBC?

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How does she use her powers in the bedroom?

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Did Shanks and her have a relationship or something?

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robin's too old
nami still has some good years left

Robin has been been my waifu since more than a decade now so I'll continue with it.

She could literally make copies of herself for a threesome. Or produce a vagina on your dick while you sit at the dinner table. That’s just two possibilities.

Nami is cuter but she's the type that would bitch and nag constantly about every little thing you do until you'll eventually want to slit your wrists. For that reason I'll rather go with Robin and her sex kink devil fruit powers.

fuck off oomer retard

why do you faggots debate this? They are both fictional waifus. They are both pure and untouched until Oda says otherwise. This debate seems more like a cuck fantasy from you guys

>They are both pure and untouched until Oda says otherwise
It's so funny how permavirgin cucks like yourself have to assume every fictional character isn't a virgin unless explicitly stated otherwise to make yourselves feel better about being permavirgin cucks.

Right here.

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You are trying too hard fella

Don't seethe so hard, buddy pal friend

actually robin will gives you better fuck

One piece is fine here buddy.

Apparently not kek


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Pudding/ Vivi/Shirahoshi are the only marriageable girls in OP

Read Rebis' one piece doujins

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Tell me youre a cuck without telling me


>a girl shoots your sister
>plans to kill your family and friends
>mocks you at your lowest

>is marriable because she is a victim of her mom
Fuck off. Oda is such a simp cuck its insane

>Oda is such a simp cuck
I know but I still don't understand your reasons for Shirahoshi or Vivi being terrible future wives

My issue was pudding and I stand by that. Its insane Oda portrayed that as Sanji being kind hearted and everyone should be laughing at the cuck

But he literally made Pudding really fall for him at the end

Pudding isn't fucking other men, so he's not a cuck. He is a simp, among the highest simps of all time. Still enjoy his character, but that's part of who he is.

Who cares? That "its all in the past" line is used by cucks all the time to excuse womens past behaviors. Its like cheating and regretting it

Read what this user wrote

Let me correct myself then, he is a beta simp who is written by a beta simp

That's better but Oda's still a cuck


fish cloaca

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Luffy being able to become a giant now gave this ship 10x more legitimacy

gum gum kong roc cock

Is his cock gonna be red too?

isn't it already?


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Kek you may be right