Sono Bisque Doll

Why didn't she got into cosplay?

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Too fat.

Too busy having sex with me


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not fucking real.

she would be too powerful if she did.

>Why didn't she got into cosplay?
Because she sucks.

long hair!

She not genuine.


I can't wait for this in S2.

put on some clothes, you're a minor

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bumping this thread because the other one is dogshit

Because she isn't as low int as Marin

she's not a fucking nerd

She did say Gojou's passion was creepy, so it could also transfer to cosplay.

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how do these lollipop girls teeth not rot off

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Superior Japanese enamel, folded over 9000 times.


Brushing your teeth isn't hard, user.
t. has never had a cavity in his life

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Ah I get it. You want to take them off yourself. Pervert user


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She already mogs marin as it is

Nowa? More like Nowart

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Who's this new whore? I only follow this serie through Yea Forums threads.

MC's GF. Marin got cucked.

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author really missed an opportunity to make her a homewrecker with that pocky scene. she would've been a kino love rival

there's still non-chan aka the childhood friend

doubt it. if fukuda reintroduces her she's just gonna be used as a plot device to further gojou and marin's relationship. this manga plays it too safely with the drama

I'm surprised anons don't UOHHH Nowa as much as Juju when they're virtually the same body wise. Nowa's just a little bit more taller by like 1 or 2 cm.

She was in costume in the Halloween chapter. Chapter 47.

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>Red/Black hair
>Always has lollipops
Why's she so perfect bros?

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More nowa!

It's just a bikini you cuck. The only one who has a problem with it is you

I'm still reading the manga, but i saw a spoiler here ablut her seeing goyo in an incredibly suspecting manner, do you think she is gonna be relevant later?

People could tell the difference between womanlet and loli body types. I'm proud of you bros.

thats explained a few chapters later and is a minor thing
shes curious if marin and gojo are dating

Thanks man, i'm glad is nothing important to the story, i was starting to think she was maybe the girl who bullied him when he was a child.

Nowa = No + Wa

Nowa -> No Wa -> No Water
She's thristy

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Every time I think I found best girl in this series a better one shows up

hatefucking akira

Do this with op's pic

Bikini on a minor


It's a drawing retard. If you think a high school girl wearing a bikini is weird then that says a lot about you

who is this? his cousin?

non-chan, a childhood friend.

Halloween cosplay is for normalfags. Does not count.

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Gojou's wife Nowa

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Oh sorry
*future girlfriend

Too busy getting laid. Cosplay is nerd shit.

Did you ever go to the beach?

I wish we got more of her in the anime.

Marin the Golden

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Marin looks better with dark hair