Name a bigger asspull in anime/manga history

Name a bigger asspull in anime/manga history

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Never properly reading One Piece now. What a fucking piece of shit.

>The Same type of Stand!
>za warudo!!!

How is it even an asspull when we saw some DF users restart their heart and also we knew Luffy's awakening could go in many different ways?

>I don't want my MC to die.. so dark continent~ mysterious posessing life form~

Killua's hidden sister with reality warping powers

OH MY RUBBER FRUIT isn't even half as bad as OH MY RUBBER NEN

Keep on telling yourself that, buddy. Maybe it'll come true some day.

The DiU ending

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My dick when I pull it out of your gaping asshole.

About as bad as some HxH asspulls, I'd say.

Might not be the biggest asspull ever, but it's bad.

both of them had foreshadowing

We still haven't seen anything close to an explanation about luffy's fruit other than "it's based on a guy who was called the sun god", his "model" it's oddly specific, i'm guessing fruits are made by sacrificing things in some kind of ritual.

Remember when OPfags kept praising the author for having avoided the cliche muh chosen one trope for years only for him to double down on it after 1000 chapters and years of declining writing quality?

Luffy isnt the chosen one. Ace was chosen. Luffy stumbled into out and that is the joke.

>How is it an asspull if the rest of the manga consists of asspulls?
>How can you convict the defendant of theft in this case when he's stolen so many times before?
>Why would my teacher really fail me for this exam when I've failed so many courses before?
>Can you really call what I told you a lie when I've never ever told you the truth anyway?

>HxH asspulls
I love how pisstards have fooled themselves into actually believing that HxH and some othe manga have "asspulls" without ever reading them.

Not sure how that is an asspull, to me you are just a school dropout trolling on the internet in a desperate attempt to fill the void inside of you

I haven't read One Piece in years. I don't really like it or the art.
I also haven't read HxH in years because it's never getting another chapter

Then what are you doing in here?

how is this an asspull

I didn't like it.

The biggest one.

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I am here to discuss asspulls in manga. Now go back to making your 17th HxH 'where is the new chapter' thread for the day.

I'm trying to think if Dorohedoro has any especially bad asspulls.

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No, Dorohedoro was the perfect manga

So, let me get this straight: You come to a thread about an apparent asspull (that you know nothing about) in a manga (that you don't read) and compare it to hypothetical asspulls (that you also know nothing about) in another manga (that you also don't read).
What good does that do?

I had a huge One Piece fan at work that stopped talking to me about One Piece because of this asspull. He hated the absolute shit of it. It's actually pretty sad to see huge One Piece fans be disappointed like this.

Asspull fruits have always been asspulls. There is no consistent underlying system to them, nor ever any buildup, setup or proper forwshadowing as to what they are. They do not have any limitations and their powers can quite literally be made up by the author on the spot with no regard for prior established plotpoints or environmental variables.
By the very definition, One Piece's asspull fruits are asspulls.
What makes this example particularly stupid however is that the fruit itself completely changed, just to provide yet another power that has no other use than to have the protagonist outclass an antagonist without having to come up with a reasonable narrative to explain it.

M-masaka! I can't!

Good. Everything about this shit deserves hated. The lazy ass Super Saiyan wannabe final form from what's now a fucking god fruit instead of just rubber, which just speaks for itself in the lack of creativity compared Gear 4. A shit onesided fight. Luffy literally just getting a new powerup for no reason that makes him look special and like the only person who could be Pirate King and find One Piece. Every worst case scenario.

They hyped up and foreshadowed joy boy for 20 years

Nezuko's blood demon art exploding blood
Genya's ability to eat demons and gain their powers.

Minus turning luffy"s devil fruit into a
super special zoan type which I'm not a fan of , I really dont mind what gear 5 brings to the table

Devil fruits are created by sacrificing bodies, like philosophers stones

maybe, but right now O MY MYTHICAL FRUIT is getting more attention.

honorable mentions:

I'm just gonna start reading it for the discussion. I don't think it will feel special to me like some others

>IRL faggot detected
OP is a faggot, but you're a bigger one

It's definitely one of the best.

Are you mad? You sound mad.

eh, it looks cool

>allowing yourself to be tortured by the hivemind of the fanbase
I mean

Yu yu Hakusho
Dragonball especially
Dr stone

it was foreshadowed.

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holy cope

why doesn't he have black markings like his other form?

literally the only legit asspull in hxh

Ah, so you're just trolling.

>foresahdowed for over a decade
>still gets called asspull by retards who pretend hxh had no asspulls

just fuck off

Truly amazing, these chapters filtered the retards away from OP and we'll finally be able to have decent threads again.

Bad writing is bad, no matter how foreshadowed is...

Serious question: Who cares if it's an asspull, as as long as it's good?

The actual reason for why choppers rumble ball lets him have more than 3 transformations (including the animal form), is "the rumble ball messes with the wavelengths of the devil fruit transformations". Thats probably the most nothing explanation for something I've ever read in my life. But that doesn't matter, unless you masturbate to consistency, which - lets be real here - is almost impossible to handle for the longest weekly released manga - with a single narrative - ever. We should be happy one piece is as consistent with it's lore/universe as it is. (Could be Naruto where the author just doesn't give a shit for about half the things he himself set up)

What the hell are you on about? Is this some sort of elaborate cope?

>Serious question: Who cares if it's an asspull, as as long as it's good?
I dont
specially in shonen
the only really bad asspull in hxh imo is when pouf imitates the voice and face of the girl who played chess with meruem
everything else people on here cry about didnt bother me

edit: with choppers rumble ball I don't mean consistency, but in-universe physics/science, which hold up to the same standard as our science. A Gag manga doesn't need to be on the level of for example a sci-fi story, which relies on this way more. (Hence "science" in the name)

D-didn't read!!

Cause it comes out of nowhere to give luffy a way to beat kaido

Well I do care its an asspull. But I still like the form. It's just Oda has done a pretty good job leaving things with info that could hint to something like this, but when it came to the fruit itself being changed it bugged me. They only mention the sun God Nika in this arc and revealed luffys fruit being something else 2 chapters of the reveal.
My hope is that Oda pulls the rabbit out of his hat and explains more.

>Who cares if it's an asspull, as as long as it's good?
Nobody. Too bad Luffys god fruit is not a good one

>I-Its not an asspull, it w-was foreshadowed
The old cope
>Who cares if it's an asspull, as as long as it's good?
The new cope

Hey I see you're not too familiar with One Piece power systems so allow me to explain. The black thing is called Armament Haki. It's users can have it on them all the time without it being visible, then it works as invisible armor that also negates the effects of Devil Fruits. The next step is that they can use it for "hardening" which makes their bodies black and hard as metal. Luffy's G4, the previous best form, is achieved through inflating his muscles and then selectively covering himself in black haki in a way that makes him both hard and bouncy, and allows him to absorb damage as if he was a basketball. Here in this form he hasn't tried that yet although he probably will and seeing as he turn giant at will he will probably become Zeppelin sized.

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>as as long as it's good?
There's just one problem:
It's not good.

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That's sad but as a huge fan of One Piece I really don't get why it's bad. It's not an asspull cause everything it does was previously established. Is it awful because it make Luffy a god? No it doesn't, there are several mythical zoans in the series based off dieties and have been since marineford, and they're not even that strong. So what's the big issue?

who cares that it is not a asspull like idiots seem to claim its good


>B-but oda's dick

I too like that the 15 years of build up kaido got led to this


All of Wano is literally an asspull, so why single out this one in particular?

But the mochi fruit's awakening seems to do the same thing, except katakuri doesn't get silly with it like he could have. The only thing I see this powerful being different is Luffy's ability to also stretch Kaido, and that may just be because Luffy's haki is strong enough to overtake him.