One Piece

Chapter 1046: Raizo
- Raizo is executing his grand plan. (focus of the Chapter)
-There are short shots of Luffy VS Kaido, Zoro, Sanji
-Raizo's plan is to put out the fire on the entire island

Break next week

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lame filler chapter

Why did Zoro and Sanji decide to betray Luffy and help Kaido?


Yamato for nakama.

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Raizo's a lucky guy, he gets to bang his chubby shinobi waifu

Sorry chud, but Redon confirmed it

Redon says to not read the spoilers :)

>Raizo chapter

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How much does Fem!Kid mog Fem!Luffy and Fem!Law?

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Best couple hands down.

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Who cares about this R*ddit faggot

Mog for what?

fem kid is the one acting tough but fem luffy is the one who actually decides everything

fem zoro moggs all of them with her massive 110 bazongaz

Oda said that some characters grow bigger because their hearts allow them to.
Does this mean that luffy has had 0 development?

So that's why Brook went to Zoro

Fem Zoro has tiny tits but has an outrageous ass.

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>There are short shots of Luffy VS Kaido, Zoro, Sanji
Monster trio my ass! Those two are treacherous ungrateful scums.

How much breast milk could Yamato produce compared to a normal woman?

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>cutaways during the "final" fight
Yep, Kaido is going to awaken. Luffy is going to get his "dont underestimate my nakama". The Strawwhats are the 9 figures who will open Wano's borders and defeat Kaido for JoyBoy aka Luffy. Oda is already paralleling Luffy heavily to Oden multiple times

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What can he possibly do that takes an entire chapter?

Luffy told them to join Kaido to try to make it a little more fair

Act 3's pacing is fucking abysmal.

femLuffy is the only one who gets to ride around in personal transport, lmao

RaizoGODS rise up!

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How much breast milk does a cow produce compared to the average woman?

>This guy awakens his fruit and slaps your girl's ass.
What would you do?

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I tell him politely to fuck off since he already has his own harem

Cover story spoilers

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hang him on his own dick

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Ask him when he's going to do something in the story

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Raizo chapter is only for intellectuals to enjoy

so far shanks’ role has just been to stop shit from happening
>tried to interfere between ace challenging blackbeard to a fight
>successfully interfered and intercepted kaido when the latter wanted to take whitebeard’s head for himself
>successfully interfered with the marines wishing to pursue the white beard pirates and prolong the war at marineford
>presumably interfered with Luffy running around while being on the top of the navys shitlist by revealing the true history surrounding the luffys df to the gorosei
What is his endgame?

>Break next week
its real

I hope we get to see Ulti soon

fuck that tranny faggot

New nakama

about 100oz. Remember breast milk production is stimulated by the suckling of the breasts.


For asses:

Fem!Luffy and Fem!Law:D cup
Fem!Sanji:F cup
Fem!Kid and Fem!Killer:K cup
Fem!Zoro:L cup


going to fight luffy because he has some gay excuse that he has to test anyone who wants to see the one piece

It's not Tama or Caribou, user.

A cow produces 8 gallons on average, compared to a human woman only produces 30 ounces.

>You have activated my trap card

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Fem!Kid is pretty slutty, and Fem!Law tries to protect Fem!Luffy's innocence.

We'll see her burned corpse falling from Onigashima

>Boro breath, more like, Boro Blunder!
RaizoGODS can't stop winning

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ah yes
the much needed raizo focused chapter before a break
thank you oda
April Fools! Haha!

you have received 0 damage foul. you are just dangling on your dick.

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I'd think his awakening would allow him to absorb the physical property's of whatever he touch's.
>he touch's steel he becomes steel
>he touch's fire he becomes fire

The complete destruction of Fishman Island

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Due to my calculations Yamato'd be able to produce 16 litres or 4 gallons of milk

He has no endgame, Buggy is the real mastermind

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1 vs 1ing fate & losing the most spectacular manner.

Jewelry Bonney is a classic beauty

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His fruit power is converting damage into strength. The best thing that I can thing is a defensive power. Put his power into a armour and it would become stronger and have better defenses the more people try to destroy it.
Better than castle bege.

okama looking motherfucker

Explain to me why the fucker can't draw women.

Because he knows you'll be disappointed

How fucking strong will Lucky Roo have to be, he doesn't look any different post time skip and is still human sized like the rest of shanks crew meanwhile BB and his crew took the Yonko growth chemicals and are massive