Most likable main trio in anime history

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Likable duo with a third wheel

>implying they aren't all just leeching of aqua

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He only real use is turn undead and parlor tricks.

that still makes her more useful than that darkness tank girl who can't hit even an immobile target.

Nobody likes Aqua

user... aren't you forgetting one of the main characters.... she's a blonde beauty....


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The pet

She's an important character.... she's got big boobs and isn't a perverted rapist.

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The real most likeable trio, if only they'd ditch the blue retard

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daily blue retard reminder

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Konosuba is the story of a lewd, blue water goddess in charge of toying around with the newfag issekaied hikkineets, but then she gets stockholmed by some tard, and needs to find her way back.

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Don't worry darkness, Op is always a faggot. Remember that.

I don't really get the hate against Darkness. Then again I have to admit most people are retarded.

Post Aqua saggy booba

Anyone recognize the artist for the standees?

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More indifference than hatred, she's too bland compared to the rest.

Stealth Aqua worshipping thread?

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Hated the first two so much I never even got to the witch
she is hot, though

yeah,they are cool

I sat down and watched this with my college roommate a few years ago
He told me it was supposed to be subversive but it just seems like a generic isekai without any subversion at all.
I'll admit, it was better than most isekai, but that's a low bar
My roommate wanted to fuck Megumin and I think he was just coping.

It's actually more satire and parody comedy show than just isekai though. I sort of think of it as the Seinfeld of isekai. I wouldn't think you'd enjoy it if you hadn't read or watched some isekais and knew some of the references and jokes, both to isekai but also traditional fantasy such as dungeons and dragons and mmorpgs.

It's a bit repetitive with the same jokes over and over, but that's Japanese humor and comedy in a nut shell I guess.

It's not subversive it's just a comedy

she probably enjoys that

Happy Birthday Darkness! mexicans.

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>My roommate wanted to fuck Megumin
at least he has good taste

>Most likable main trio
>in anime
Not for long anymore

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How much would you spend?

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That's fair. It wasn't for me, but I can see why others like it. I was just confused about his subversion claim, which you guys addressed.

I love all the characters.

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this just means you're lame and a simpleton with no taste or thoughts. There's a great bible quote about the simple minded, so don't worry about it. Of course you wont.

You posted the wrong picture

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While we're talking about what bronze age sheep-hoarders think, there's a really great Bible quote about you as well: it's in Leviticus 20:13.

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>My roommate wanted to fuck megumin
Call the cops

Everyone wants to fuck Megumin tho


For me its Aqua

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Thought crime. Doubleplus-ungood.

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So did you cosplay as Megumin for him?

cringest fucking fanbase in anime history.

Considering all of Aqua's pros are only useful because her luck and stupidity causes you to be in bad situations where you need her pros does indeed make her useless yes.

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It had a good anime adaptation, but the story itself is actually bad, and the waifus aren't really interesting either.

>No an*l creampie
Ok, I'll just kiss armpits

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>Leaving out darkness

That's just mean, I mean yeah obviously she's not on the level of aqua and megumin but damn it I can't imagine Konosuba without that big-tittied masochistic paladin girl
also I like the way the jap va's pronounce her name as darkunisss

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On the other hand, that is the kind of bullying that does really hurt her, and yet turns her on.

>Considering all of Aqua's pros are only useful because her luck and stupidity causes you to be in bad situations where you need her pros does indeed make her useless yes.
You're correct that if you (deservedly) ignore her ability to solve the problems that are directly her fault, a regular healer would be better 99% of the time. Even so, it's not fair to exclude the 1% of situations that aren't Aqua's fault, but that she's essential to solving. Their party wouldn't be able to take on demon king generals without her.

Hmm yeah I guess your right, though Darkness can be picky about what kind of bullying turns her on and which just makes her mad.

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You’re supposed to self insert as aqua

I want to rape