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Discuss the anime of the season here, please do it in a serious manner without provoking those who still didn't have sex and never will

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His "power" would have rotted his mind and sanity away. Killing him while it was still easy to do so was a cruel but necessary evil.
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>main character dies in first episode
what now?

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MODS delet this yurishit

Enough with your retarded bait threads already.

Doesn’t this world have contract or slave magic?
I could see that as an easy fix rather than execution.
Or you know…put an automatic death switch on them that activates if they use their power.
I don’t think it’s a problem with the world building tho. I’m guessing these options exist or the Church knows these options and just kinda doesn’t care(it’s gonna end up being a way to send them home)

>get all your samefagging banned and exposed in another thread
>chimp out and start spamming shitpost threads on the board
hating yuri seems to be highly correlated with psyochopathy

The point is to kill them before their powers get out of control, even those precautions may become pointless if they become super powerful, in the first episode we saw examples how fatal injuries weren't enough to fully stop them

There was literally a flashback that implied that someone in the past lost control of her powers and nuked everything around her which is why they just kill them at the start to avoid that outcome.

the OP thinks that he can outsmart the mods by adding the series title and this time pretend that he only wants to talk about the series.
he might even succeed. the mods do not tend to be smart, after all.

Will people actually talk about this show when the second episodes comes out or will they just continue to make the same bait threads with the same webm.

I'm not OP btw but you bunch are fucking schizoid.

Yes. I hope you get used to it.

you already know, and it sucks twobeedesu. I unironically liked the LN.

>ban evasion
Troid will let it slide lol

OP probably has a vendetta against the show after mods btfo him for shitposting in one of the threads so you can expect constant bait falseflag threads whenever he's awake.

That's why yuri should not belong here, there are extreme haters. Any yuri related should goes to /u/, I dislike myself yuri but not a schizo.

Oh thank you my friend, I really appreciate it

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Is that the guy from yozakura quartet?

you know the answer

Lol, it really looks like him, but that guy is too busy letting women fight for him

>Trusting w*men

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>main character
Wishful thinking.

i love how he even posts the same images everytime kek, keep doing the good work schizo-kun

Did this series became a new discord raid?


no, it's just one schizo spammer

Give Fa Rei Zero a go.

Because you yourself is the son of the evil demon you speak of. Happy demon life, anyway.

Ga Rei Zero. My bad

I miss Nana.

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We visit threads we don’t like to make sure you faggots know that you’re faggots

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Certified woman moment

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Based YuriGODS we kneel forever.

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>the anti yuri schizo is still at it
Jesus, this is like 4th thread already just for today

Thanks, saved in my YY folder

People are upset because the prefer a scenario like this to happen instead

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But they already had redo or maybe more?

This season they have their wet dreams with the anime of the scumbag who buys fucking sex slaves and forces them to fight in the dungeon for him and the human race power is literally to be good at sex, meaning they can even excuse why they won't have a limp dick.

They just can't get enough of girly twinks getting pounded by older men

>het approved

Ah I dunno what's the name? not really want to watch it though.

shield hero

Yuri is ok, but fuck boob girl.

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Lol no, the other one where the protag buys sex slaves and non stop fucks them while forcing them to fight for him.

Spear Hero hands typed this.

Sounds based.

Just read the manga. Is the story going to be just like Madoka, but with non-loli women?

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Heh saw it om MAL the score is high enough, while this one got berated too. What a small internet.

The one with the fat girl

Redo of Healer is popular with people who hate yuri and that features lots of stuff involving a boy getting his rectum explored by other males. Also interesting that you knew the contents of that book despite me cropping the image. Almost like you've read it before...

>fat girl
names user. I must have names.

>not dead yet
Dumb mods

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It looks like gayshit from the cover, fag. Also, the show had many fetishes, so it wasn't just that.

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i'm not a normalfaggot but i don't want to be a wizard ;_;

Hes still around? Being a tranny /u/shitter who deletes lolikami threads? What about i_am_abib the arab?