If in his journey, the isekai hero keesps on defeating generals after generals of the demon army...

If in his journey, the isekai hero keesps on defeating generals after generals of the demon army, isn't it a sign that the military campaign to conquer the humans is a failure? Shouldn't the remaining forces try to stop the demon king from continuing the war to save the demon kind and rebel against him if neccessay?

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>implying any majority of these series have an endgame in mind
Seriously man how many of these series have an actual ending and isn't just trudging along indefinitely?

To the faggot who said I cannot become an artist by December.

Are you ready to gag on your own words, baby

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Whats going on?

What's the most retarded plot points you've seen in isekai?

>Captured demons are raped en masse to give birth to half demon babies, to wear demonic berserk armor. They then kill these people off before they turn into SUPER demons. This is done every 3rd generation.

>mmm actually you weren't even isekai'd at all you see jimmy your soul actually isekai'd to earth then back here so you got double isekai'd but the first personality is gone because it just is okay? jimmy?

Not counting smut isekai, which is fucking hilairous

Attenion whoring. He does this every thread.

>still no isekai where MC is a dwarf doing dwarf things like building forts and calling elfs faggots

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Faggot said that I cannot become an artist in a year

I would draw him gagging on this by January LMAO

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The only dwarf main characters you might ever see is a female dwarf, which looks like a loli. Or a petite elf.
You'll never get a bearded unattractive stout barrel-shaped male dwarf as the main character, because unattractiveness is not a good selling point.

Senshi from Dungeon Meshi looks cool...

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What if some dwarf adopted a male elf and claimed he was just a defective dwarf as a joke to make an elf that was everything an elf shouldn't be?

kill yourself isekaitard


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Courting death

I remember reading a really bad isekai (legacy of nazerath or something like that) where mc gets isekai'd as a bodyless ghost, finds an empty one, possesses it and is immeidately disappointed its a faggy elf and not something stronger
If he got a dwarf he'd be happy

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What is the point of grenades and TNT in this?
Doesn't this basically said that a elf with bow is basically an armored car with a autocannon strapped to it? The dark elf bitch there basically deleted a whole army by herself, and even a single elf is stated to be able to take on hundred of human soldiers single handedly.

where can i read the rest of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou? i finished the LN vol. 11 and it seems no one has translated vol. 12 and 13 yet, tried looking for the WN but all i find is shitty google translate translations

To be fair, it's a good thing to have the non-human plebs be able to fight back as well, instead of just relying on the single dark elf chick for everything, since she can't be everywhere at once.

Automated Redstone TNT trap when?

Sure, but past a certain point you have to wonder why a bunch of too OP please nerf ubermensch are getting their shit pushed in by an opponent they can squash by the hundreds.

What gave him that impression?

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hot, sauce
is it good?

are you the doodle guy?
if so i think we all gonna make it

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Fox girl has the answer

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Elves are always erofu

Having no males doesn't help. He still gets the wrong impression sometimes.

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the japanese simply are not based to write dorfs properly
why do you think that most dorfs in isekai are just loli elves?

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>Fox girl has the answer
Oh no.

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the sexing

big tiddy goddesses

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Because the DK will obviously take out any subordinate trying to stop him, use his propaganda machine to tell the populace that all negative news about the war, all set backs are fake news and charge anyone saying the otherwise of treason. It's hard to go again your supreme leader in a totalitarian system after all.

Any isekai that actually features mounted combat prominently?

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fox girls always knows the best

Go away, you genocide gremlin.

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Real goddesses look good in bunny costumes.

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DFC time janny

Give me those LoTM settings.

Yeah, like there's this one where the MC isekai's as his dwarf character but the dwarves look like harvin.

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Sounds like a great way to die or lose control which is even worse

I have faith that I can make it to 5 on a path.

Oh hey, you were there in the drawthread

Shit only gets more dangerous the higher up you go, if you go past the first few sequences and don't continue up to 0 you can't protect shit
t. Roselle

Isekai with girls that want their MC to build a harem?

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
Because he was banging his wife too much and too hard and she couldn't handle it

Sex with big tiddy goddess.

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The genocide gremlin.

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I'm sure external pressure will push me further. But If I can get to five then I will feel that everything before wasn't a fluke.

>doesn't let Ira kiss Makoto

Isekai Smartphone

No respect for a woman who wants to be cucked.

I think that from Noah's pov mortal girls "don't count" while Ira being a goddess is a viable rival for her. It's an arrogance thing.
Or maybe Noah simply wasn't aware of her feelings before and will now try to monopolize Makoto

So that hentai plot wasn't NTR but reverse harem.

Childhood fiend allows a harem because literally everyone else (doge aside, doge is pursuing only merits) wants to assassinate or force abort her.

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Jesus Christ she looks like she was built in a lab specifically for giving naizuri

I wish I knew when exaclty Noah fell in love with Mako. She cares about mortals by now as well though.

What i want:
>Tensei, magic summon, reincarnated as a monster?
>Sowrd and magic (pirates would be kino tho)
Swor and magic>pirates>ancient time>tech
>humans and monsters
Only humans are just boring, only monster is too shitty, catgirls should exist in between these two
> number of cultures: max possible
>the number of nations: max possible i want to go to the hiding continent
>frquency of war: average
>amount of resources: average
>social hierarchies: men > woman

What i got
I'm happy with that

>Cheat power from the random powers: Extreme Luck

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>Keeps killing generals
How the fuck would that even happen? How much of a failure do you have to be to get your generals murdered?

The guy is a massive fightfag, he literally think I win = I rule. He didn't listen to any of his general, even about the fact that the hero can comeback to life.

The hero have dark souls power (keep coming back) so he win by attrition. The DK basically only care about fighting and look menacing.