I miss crew shenanigans. Do you think there will be a break in-between arcs from all of the intense fighting before we enter into the final war?

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Yamato for nakama.

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>Do you think there will be a break in-between arcs from all of the intense fighting
Yes as there've always been

Give me the spoilers NOW

>tfw have to wait for the series to end for a good one piece videogame

Raizo tries to stop the fire.

Did Yamato and Ace have sex?

It's time to accept wano is shit, bros

Yamato dies


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>one piece MMO
>set twenty years after
>meet the oldhats
would you play?

brief spoilers, confirmed by Redon, ScotchInformer

- Chapter 1046 : Raizo
- Raizo will doing his Big Plan. (That mostly what the chapter is gonna be about)
- Break next week.

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Chapter title- "Raizo"

- Raizo will execute his grand plan. (focus of the Chapter)


Chapter 1046: Raizo

- Raizo is executing his grand plan. (This is the focus of the chapter)
- Break next week

>want a good videogame
>get an mmo

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Of course.

Oda has lost it

me too, afterparty chapters are always too short for my liking.

>Devil Fruits are rare and valuable
>they are NFTs
>bounties are real money in Bitcoin
Would you play it?

What kind of monster rainstorm can Nami and Zeus create now?

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doesn't matter, they're not relevant anymore


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Why did her bra turn white?

Totally. The only problem with that is that most of the supporting cast and antagonists would have to be OCs, since fighting 60 year-old Smoker or old man Kaido would be pretty weird.

that sounds like a true grind game, maybe for a little bit.
what about an rpg where you get three chances to eat a devil fruit?

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To all namifags a question:
How tall is she? Her design make her seem like a tall woman but she's japanese.

I'd be fine with even a turn based rpg if we got to explore all the world and chose where we could go

If 70 year old Whitebeard can be a legend why can't 70 year old Kaido.

Luffy has sex with Yamato in front of Kaido

>before we enter into the final war
We still need Elbaf and Lodestar. Final war won't start right away
But anyway yeah there's usually a 10-20 chapter cooldown arc after each big arc. Wano's been the biggest arc yet so all the more reason for a bit of a cooldown

Oh geez the strawhats are finally reunited! I can't wait for all the things they will do together and all the panels they'll share-- oh wait why do these irrelevant characters have more panel time than them?

It will be a glorious day when the Sunny leaves Wano without Yamawhore. The tears of the Yamato fags will flow like a mighty river. The rustling of their jimmies will put the Gura Gura no mi to shame.
The accumulated butthurt of all their seething will foam up about their waists and all the waifufags and edgelords will look up and shout "Save us!" and I'll whisper "No."

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Exactly 169 cm
Robin is 190 cm

She's probably 5'8" at most.

>Manage to get popular DF like the Gomu Gomu or the Mera Mera
>Every chink/brazilchimp/slav/etc. on the planet tries to hack into my account and transfer it over to theirs
No thank.


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She's about as tall as me

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She's not tall at all

only wanonites are japanese and kano is chinese.

She is already in

Oh, she's still small as fuck.

I just realized isn't this the CP0 guy that just died?

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He truly was commited to his job

iirc she's the shortest member of the crew aside from Chopper

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She's still small. Nice

Why is everyone saying that Zoro's boobs are bigger than Nami and Robin's?

>Gear 5 is Michael Jordan Space Jam powers
Edgelords eternally BTFO

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What you thought she grew tall all of a sudden?

Zoro is a bodybuilder so his chest is big

>brook 277
how? he was a regular guy before dying

Is it time for Oden Piece again?

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Wasn't he already that tall?

Luffy is a manlet.

In the new SBS Oda said Zoro's chest in 110 cm large
Nami and Robin tits are like 98 and 100

Nope. Never cared that much about her size(or other characters for that matter).
The image just made me think of her size for some reason.

An SBS confirmed that Zoro’s “bust” size is 110 cm, which is larger than Nami (98 cm) or Robin’s (100 cm), and only slightly smaller than Hancock’s (111 cm).

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He's far above average in Japan


Why does Raizou have so much screen time?
The rest of the Jobbards look useless.

Strawhats died pre time skip
Now we are suposed to care only about the princess of the arc and their servants

Japanese male average is 171cm so not that much

I think he was a longleg
He towers over the rest of the crew, even Franky

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Meant for this

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spoilers about next chapter being focused on Raizo's is a late april fool right?


>even Franky
*except Franky

Yeah but that's 5'7 to 5'9 difference
People consider 5'10 to 6'0 a large gap irl

It's weird. A japanese would barely reach my sister's shoulders.
They are really small.

Humans in One Piece can grow up to nearly 30 feet tall and live for up to 140 years if they’re lucky enough. Roger, Garp, Doflamingo, etc. are all the same size as Brook.

Well now I understand Law

Post pictures of your amazon sister

Pecs can be bigger than titties

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I really hope we get a name for the guy. He seemed pretty interesting

>Nika fruit awakening has properties of both Paramecia (manipulate environment) and Zoan (transformation).
Blackbeard will most likely get three fruits (Logia, Zoan, Paramecia).
Luffy mirrors Blackbeard.
So it is fair to assume that Luffy will also gain Logia abilities making his fruit a special fruit that is all three types at once.

No fucking way. And she's 42, user.


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That's either photoshopped or that guy has a serious condition

It's okay I like big milfs

Law is 191 cm and Kid is 205 cm.(P.S. Garp is 287)

I have to rename the file now, holy kek

>Raizo chapter
kinda annoying to get another blueball on the Luffy VS Kaido fight, but it's expected since it's the first chapter of the new volume

also you're retarded

Look up synthol
Body dysmorphia is freaky

The leakers already said they're witholding other info on the chapter

He injected his muscles with oil or something.

It always feel weird thinking Law is tall but then seeing him next to the likes of Kid, Smoker and Dofflamingo and realizing he's rather small in the OP world

I thought they might cut away but not to fucking Raizo

Ace it's a good boy

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great argument


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>Kuma does this
>Only thing he does for the rest of the war despite the fact that his DF probably counters Whitebeard’s pretty well
What the fuck

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Im going to guess Oda is going to find a way to stretch this enough that the end of Luffy vs Kaido will not be until the final chapter of this volume

He went pacifista mode for the rest of the war vs ivankov