All these years and still nobody else has come close to being as iconic as these two

All these years and still nobody else has come close to being as iconic as these two.

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Now every Shonen villain has to have le sad tragic past user.

>sad tragic past

I thought we love Muzan

Since when were you under the impression that Aizen was iconic?

fuck i always forget about him maybe he wasnt bad but he wasnt memorable either actually the strenght of kimetsu no yaiba was more on the side characters than on the protagonist and villain

Aizen is not iconic lol. Bleach is fucking shit.

>Aizen is not iconic lol. Bleach is fucking shit.
i wouldnt say iconic but they dont do villains like
Madara and Aizen anymore. MHA had a chance with All for one but like everything that manga tries to do it went to nothing

No one will ever top Madara.

It's just a matter of time...

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both sucked because they overstayed their welcome

They were both awful

I'd say Muzan is iconic just because of the "stop complaining about me killing everyone you love, be grateful you're alive and get lost" speech. It's not as big as Aizen and Madara but once it gets animated then it'll become a lot bigger

>Everyone knows who he is
>Not iconic
Ok idiot

this, I can't remember a single line from madara, meanwhile the entire scene from pic related is living rent free in my head ever since I read kimetsu, and once the anime adapts that part it will get even worse

muzan is easily the best shonen villain of the current generation

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Agreed, Muzan is at the top of the current generation. I wouldn't say Madara was iconic because of his cool lines though, that was more Aizen's thing. Madara was just ridiculously broken and had some cool fights

i only remember this

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>both strong as fuck
>nerfed just so other characters could be put on the spotlight.
shit like this where madara just stand there and takes it instead of releasing jutsus or fucking susanoo or anything and aizen getting pushed back by ichigo's dad and company, like really, he just fucked all the gotei 13 including the hollow enhanced ex captains.
It was at this point that you knew "yeah he is going to job"


Susanoo is paper compared to Juubi jinchuriki durability. SPSM Naruto tanked a chidori to his back without even a scratch. He could have tried with some fire style or whatever, but by the time he realized what's coming, he couldn't even move his staff to block, let alone cast a jutsu.

I would say Isayama is the most memorable villain of the past ten years

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>everything is enhanced with sage power
>except susanoo
yeah nah, I say nerfed.


>I can't remember a single line from madara

>Ruins his manga and his reputation as a writer with just one chapter
How can somebody fuck up THIS bad?

He's clearly a sociopath. If we think about it rationally, he is set for life, won't have to deal with fan attention, and soon noone will care about him. He can spend his whole adult life stacked with money without any baggage. Unless haters hate him so much they keep remembering him.

How could you forget Doffy?

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>All these years and still nobody else has come close to being as iconic as these two.
About to get mogged by a woman, kek

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oh please they are both Sephiroth knockoffs, which is arguably a Darth Vader knockoff

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Every cool japanese shonen stuff is star wars ripoff in a way. But the really good ones are more homages and insiprations, than ripoffs.

>Every cool japanese shonen stuff is star wars ripoff in a way

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>Japanese shonen
>Star wars ripoff
>He doesn't know

Star Wars in turn is a ripoff of european knightly lore

Eurochads, how do we do it?

best dad

>only known because of coomer

Can Madara really beat Aizen?

Not a villain. Just a father with ambition.

You're delusional, when this absolute kino panel gets animated Makima will become the most iconic female anime character of all time

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Madara was a master shit talker.

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She will do that in the same episode, im sure some retards will drop the anime if it ends in a cliffhanger.

Cope, Wanpissujoyboytroon

Probably. Madara was doing larger landscape destruction, and Madara’s Rinnegan with Sharingan power can likely see through Kyouka Suigetsu.

"Revenge bad" speeches should only come from antagonists.

>anime by crappa
Enjoy you cgi blood

His "I dislike change" speech is good too, just not so baffling and funny.

Both are pretty bad characters. Madara is pretty much a mess in terms of writing, Kishimoto wanted to cover that with power levels but at the end he got fucked by a mass production baddie. Aizen is just a trope lol

ok yeah star wars was inspired by eastern philosophy a lot too, but it is more it's own thing than let's say Naruto vs Sasuke being a very Obiwan vs Anakin "copy", i say copy, but it's still valuable and original in many ways. Just very easily connected to the anakin vs obiwan fight/philosophical battle. Or the sage frog master fukusaku and yoda. If you watch star wars you aren't faced with so much "where have i seen that before" if you know what i mean
it's very interesting that something with the name "star wars" can have such cultural roots and value. but Naruto also qualifies, it might be just a shonen but it's got it's own worth and distillation of very universal wisdom

>with just one chapter
More like the last 40 chapters

>Naruto vs Sasuke being a very Obiwan vs Anakin "copy"
Do SWkeks really?

>Naruto vs Sasuke being a very Obiwan vs Anakin "copy"

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these are the words of someone who is really pissed at how much they won't leave him alone. It's also funny that the whole speech can be summarized into "take your meds schizos", truly the most representative villain of our generation

Nobody gives a fucking shit about him.

Reminder only 0.01% of people have been able to fully decipher Bleach. Aizen is the most complex anime villain of all time and we aren't even able to fully understand him yet.

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That's not what I meant, I love Aizen. But everything nowadays has to have a redeemable side to it and I hate it.


>to be fair

Not one chapter, the whole writing in the last 40 chapters was very shitty but we kinda gave him a pass because it had some Kino moments with Eren and it looked like the endgame was something really different that is going to influence the genre in a good way.
Gabi was a fanservice character with repetitive arc and the strongest plot armor that makes her able to dodge every bullet and have an eye of an eagle. Reiner was just depressed for 40 chapters and had no moment to shine, Mikasa just got worse and worse with her Eren fever that she got scolded by fucking Armin of all people. Annie came back with absolutely no consequences and even got pamperd. Levi character became all about killing zeke, hange is just confused and sucidial, Armin is shit, historia became irrelevant and her arc was meaningless etc....
All of this was there before 139.

The time travel elements also created a lot of contrivances

Even well after his defeat Aizen was prettty nice to see show up

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