Are you ready for Hanma kino?

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I'm ready for wildfang

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Words cannot describe how hyped I am. It's been very long since we had such a big fight.

>Combat shorts having pockets

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Those are regular pants
Jack is just too tall

just sad to see.

I get the impression this isn't going to be a real fight as much as it is going to be brotherly sparring

who cares baki will win

No, we Jacksisters must not stray from the faith. Jack will win.

They were saying the same thing about Sukune.

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Jack is doing the son of ogre gauntlet right now
1.Really strong dude (Sukune-Oliva)
2.The one closest to Yujiro in strength (Pickle-Baki)

Ah yes, because Baki is just like Sukune. Face it, Jack is slated to job.

This is Jack Dou now

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They were saying the same thing about his fight with Sukune.

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>He doesn't crush planes midair

What are the worst Wild Fangisms? Asked this before but want to see more answers.

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fights that are almost to the death are the equivalent of friendly sparing for the baki gang

The Yujiro telling baki to give him a son fanfic
All of Gebaru's dialogue

sukune is not the main character

Hard to top Kozue's mom saying "Narutard" and Doppo asking the others if they have played Metal Gear Solid

Baki has lost a few times already
Only Yujiro is safe from ever losing

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>Posting Wild Fag

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Will Itagaki continue the Jack wank and let him beat Baki?

Only if Paru finally lands a husband

I'm on it.

Itagaki is actually on a vacation for a while now. It is Paru who is secretly writing and drawing the manga.

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Baki styled on Sukune during his fight, Jack had much more trouble against him. Unless Jack gets some powerup (inb4 demon back) I just don't see it

Quit spouting headcanon, fatfuck. Jack had no trouble whatsoever. It was low diff.

I am.
I am so ready.

I care, I love seeing Jack in action

Sukune no-selling Jack's high kick with windup is worrying, though. That's got to be one of Jack's most powerful strikes. It's not gonna matter much against someone like Baki, but imagine Jack taking on Yujiro at his current level.
I realize one of Sukune's abilities is no-selling hits he can see coming, but Yujiro is at the level of simply brute forcing through it without even using demon back.

>Sukune no-selling Jack's high kick with windup is worrying, though.
Not really. He didn't tank any other attack, just that single one. Besides that, I don't anyone expects Jack to beat Yujiro.


So are the Korean scans out?

Do jackfags really believe that Baki is going to lose body parts like Sukune? Obviously the biting is not going to do shit to him except give him some light cuts.

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they're like those long shorts John Cena used to wear. Jack's legs are just massive

W-what did Jack mean by this?

She actually seem to have big breasts for a japanese. nice.

the general incoherence of the dialogue. this was especially troublesome in early Grappler Baki and in the Musashi arc

>He doesn't know
Another secondary Netflix tourist who never read the manga, I see.

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That wasn't Ichido.

Bring back Sumo fucker who cares about these niggas. Itagaki fuck you and I rawdog your daughter PARU.

So... it's Brother of the Son of Ogre, Baki being the "final boss"? This makes me think Jack will seek other strong opponents before confronting his whelp brother. Anons have suggested Pickle and Kaku and I can't think of anyone else who would be a believable threat, maybe Hanayama and Katsumi?

maybe they're just cheap ass shorts he got at a chinese clothing store like mine

Excuse me how fucking small is Emi supposed to be here?

Yes they came yesterday

man everybody looks so different now

I really don't think Hanayama'll ever have a good fight in this series again. Time just kind of passed him by; don't think he can compare to any of the main cast and if they introduced a new big threat there's no way they'd make him Hanayama-level. Happy with what he got up til now at least.

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Pubebeard Orochi best Orochi

Musashi too

He just poked holes in them

Musash is... indisposed.

Eh I doubt Tokugawa would resist if someone demanded to fight him.

Dunno how I'd feel about playing it fast and loose with the Musashi resurrections. I wonder if he'd be angry with Tokugawa and Baki for what happened

I'd love for a Jack/Kaku fight. It's been fucking ages since we last saw Kaku throw hands so he's well overdue a fight by this point, plus seeing the sheer size disparity between the two would be surreal.

He had one of the most kino fights in the series with musashi, it wasn't that long ago man

>tired of being mocked on for 7 months
how long is he mocked currently?

Now post one where Baki gets his arm or leg destroyed, face ripped off or eye gauged out. You seriously lack pattern recognition if you haven't noticed by now that while Itagaki has no problems with giving crippling injuries to the side characters, he is really protective of Baki. ffs he didn't even get a single cut from fighting musashi.

Yeah that is possible risk

Is that him? He doesn't look as unhinged as he should.

Jack doing the "going back to jobber status" speedrun

Some of you guys are being really negative.
Even if Jack does end up losing (very possible) that doesn't mean he's a jobber or that the fight is bad. Being able to put up a good fight at all against Baki is going to be great.