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story 桜井光 (Hikaru Sakurai)
art 三輪士郎(Shirow miwa)

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>art 三輪士郎(Shirow miwa)
i'm in

>story 桜井光 (Hikaru Sakurai)
I'm out.

Still waiting for the next Requiem volume

>art 三輪士郎(Shirow miwa)
What the hell? I can't believe he's back.

Fatebros, we can't stop winning.

>桜井光 (Hikaru Sakurai)


picked up


picked up

I will probably not torture myself with reading this unlike Prototype and just collect Miwa art.
Also I'm calling dibs on earrings dude.
Sorry user, he pulled a Maeda.



>story 桜井光 (Hikaru Sakurai)

>Anonymous 04/05/22(Tue)
Not even gonna touch this garbage.

>Sakurai occupied for the foreseeable future
Fate has been saved

She’ll still be working on the finale with the rest of the writers or at least giving some input to it.

As long as this keeps Sakurai away from FGO for a good while.

>Art: Shirow Miwa
Picked u-

>Story: Hikaru Sakurai

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>Story: Hikaru Sakurai
what crimes has this person committed?

from my experience with her works, she makes cool concepts and character narratives but completely fails in their execution. For some reason, her stories do not flow well nor do they express a natural progression of the story. Its like she's stringing events just for the sake of it

im afraid i am out

When FGO first started they used to credit those who wrote the certain stories, hers were so boring and bad that they had to stop crediting them due to Japanese fans' backlash to her.
Now she writes events and takes servants that used to be for (you) and ships them with another male servant, forever ruining that character for everyone.

why didnt they just fire her

>new Milked/Stay Night
>no Tsukihime anime til today

Have you read her Steampunk series?

Have you seen the fucking disaster that was the Tsukihime remake? And you want them to make an anime?

Ruined FGO and the extra series, but Nasu keeps her around for when he doesn't know how to handle certain characters that he likes and is afraid to ruin like Tamamo and Nero (though she DID ruin Nero completely)

Obnoxious writing style, stpries that don't flow well, character ramblings...

Which ones did she do? I know she did the second and fourth singilarities which weren't received well but that's I know of really.

>Nasu keeps her around for when he doesn't know how to handle certain characters that he likes
He keeps her around because he is too lazy to write things himself

So what is it? A novel? Manga?

Dhe did Shimosa, LB2 and Olympus (with Nasu as cowriter)

Would FGO fans give enough attention to Tsukihime? Fatefags in 2012 didnt with Mahoutsukai.

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>Obvious trash
SF will never finish
That shit ln that is only liked because FEMALE MAIN CHARACTER GOOD ME HATE MALE CHARACTER! Hasn't gotten a new release in 2 years
SAO will finish before all fucking three

It's a kamige, and you have a shit taste.

Tsukihime doesn't need FGO fans attention

It's a kusoge, and you're a Type-Goon corporate slave drone.


Ah, that explains why it feels like such a step down in quality after the last few lostbelts.
I thought these were OK but yeah, they could definitely have been better.

I see what means, those are very valid criticisms

You know how Nasu is an inconsistent writer in that most of what he puts out is trash, save for a few fucking gems?
Sakurai is basically Nasu 2.0 except all she puts out is trash. She's also there to execute some of Nasu's most terrible ideas because he is too fucking busy playing video games to actually do work outside of writing Avalon Le Fae (lostbelt 6) and Visitor From Another Star (lostbelt 7).
The people who only like Sakurai are people who think that boring and long winded prose is
>Deep and mature
and they hate
>Popular character/successful TM works

The only good lostbelt was 6.

FGO sucks even without sakurai
she's a shit writer but you can't blame her for everything

Extra was ruined because Nasu was let off his leash.

Yes I can, she's a woman.

I can blame butcher for SIN being a pile of shit that can be summed up in one two sentences.
>Vampire fucks horse
>People with bad taste clap


make your mind, anonymous.

I liked 3 and 4. 3 just because it was such a subversion of "these worlds were trash and had to be disposed of" because he actually made a good kingdom. He btfo koyanskaya and the crypter as well. I liked 4 mostly because I'm a shonenfag and the whole Karna, Arjuna, Asvatthaman, thing was cool. Atlantis wasn't bad either, but Olympus let it down hard

All of those worlds are trash worlds and 4 had no action until the very end and boring ass characters.
Atlantis was a stupid romance and nothing happened.
Olympus was great because it had action in every chapter, but it suffered greatly because Chaldea had no allies aside from Musashi because they fucking killed everyone off before they even arrived.
All they had to do was have one or two more servants on Chaldea's side that are at least as interesting as Musashi. That's it.

>Obnoxious writing style
What makes it obnoxious?

>A crow calls out in the distance
>Thus begins my monologue
>People will like it because its a monologue
>They prefer to be told rather than shown

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She sounds based for cucking that fag, Ritsuka, so she’s good with me now.

The first four singularities were really bad.
America turned it up a notch and it kept getting better until Shinjuku.
Then it became pure fucking trash until SERAPH and then it became trash until LB6.

Wouldn’t want any of those terrible writers to touch Tsukihime so that’s fine with me. It’ll get an anime soon enough. Tsukihime also doesn’t have to be the next Fate with other terrible spin-offs that dilute the brand.

>Now she writes events and takes servants that used to be for (you) and ships them with another male servant, forever ruining that character for everyone.
Sounds kinda based, ngl.

Seeing how retarded and obnoxious FGOfags are I don’t want them to get into Tsukihime. Tsukihime fans are chill and reasonable in comparison to the retards that like FGO.

The way sakurai writes is like reading a highschooler or new college student trying to fill a 500 word essay but they only wrote 125 so they reach as hard as possible to amass as much filler as they possibly can.
Shimousa is terrible because they go out of their way to describe how a hawk fucking flies every chapter and how perfect and elegant musashi/swordsman's moves are in so much detail that it's like reading a russian novel every damn time.
Sakurai calmed down on that in olympus mind you but you can feel it seeping through during musashis bs.

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Sounds like you haven’t read it when most people that have agree that it’s good.

Shimosa is amazing only if you ignore everything outside of a confrontation with one of the cursed swordsmen. The only other thing i remember was Shuten giving you emergency surgery and that was the most kino part.

this better have cunny in it