Romance series has satisfying/good ending

>romance series has satisfying/good ending
few such cases!

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Already over? Guess I'll binge the chapters I missed

>few such cases
If your reading haremshit or something yeah. But most ive read have had fine endings.

I was hoping she's return to her old future and reconnect with her old senpai and help her get back into acting.

How come senpai comes from the past she changed, but doesn't remember her being there?

I'll never forgive the author for not taking the occasion for selfcest.

She should have fingerbanged her past self in that threesome.

Because she's going back to a future she was originally not part from.

That was quite good. I’m gunna miss that fat tit tomboy though.

tomboy+big tits is such a blessed combo

yuri physics

Read more manga

>Read more yuri manga
Fixed for you


>Teases you with boob play for 50 chapters
>Actually delivers

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Anime when?

Can they even animate it? Some chapters actually get pretty explicit with nipple teasing.

Wait...they're both girls.

The funny thing is that she was actually planning to fuck her and then force her into dating lol

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Okay but when is Asumi-chan getting her good ending?

Not reading any, shill.

Hana is such a deceptive girl...

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wait, that was the boob manga? Gotta say I'm surprised to not only see it end already but with an apparently really satisfying conclusion no less.

She gets good endings on almost every issue
Doubt, every thread you enter you get closer to it
Her behaviour on the previous issues was suspicious, but now it's clearly what she wanted to do in the bath

It didn't end already, but it's clearly on the endgame.

It's a future where she still did the image change for some reason so it feels like magic had to fill in a lot of the gaps. At least it gave it a nice ending and as an ecchi series it doesn't feel like I should think too hard about it.

She pretty much replaced her version that existed in that world, it's a very strange ending, though you could argue that this version never really existed and everyone's else memories are the ones who are not correlating with reality.

W...what happened to old nana ;_;

Yeah. The author has clearly lost interest with this and Jahy and wants to focus on her much more popular oneeshota series.

Sure... maybe that why he keeps adding oneeloli yuri to his oneeshota series.

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Stop misgendering seaweed!


Oh yeah, forgot she is a lesbian

anons, please...saucenao is shit again...

My younger senpai

Sure, I never said she had completely lost interest in yuri. Just that for the good of her bank account it will have to play a distant second fiddle in her heart to genres that, you know, actually generate interest.

Toshishita no Senpai

I ove you user!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh user.... i love you!!! I love you from the bottom of my heart!! I'm not drunk, I swear!!!! But if you want me to summarize it for you...
>everything that happened was a hallucination of Nanasawa
>there never was time travel
> Nanasawa used her hallucination in order to conquer Seto's heart, who was vulnerable due to her divorce
>Nanasawa loves Seto from the bottom of her heart
The only doubt I have is that young Nanasawa and Kaimori were real??? And if they were, what role did they play? I think more experienced Anons can give a better explanation of this.

thank u...

It got a drama CD a couple of years ago, probably all we're going to get

When will you faggots learn to stop spoiling endings. Go find Rope OP

Call me a fag, but the time travel themes felt really half baked, every side character could have been cut, the ecchi scenes each felt like bad porno setups that rarely went all the way, and the ending just sort of grinds everything to a halt when we could have seen more of them actually being happy together. It feels like a fantastic idea for a 2-3 release doujinshi series that somehow got stretched into 27 chapters. It never left a very strong impression besides being really lewd. I don't care about these characters as characters, so it's not very satisfying as a romance. Just cut to the chase next time.

remember the report button for intentional/untagged spoilers? I don't even think that one is connected to the report system, it just leads into nowhere

Absolute bollocks, everything there is wrong and shows you paid no attention to the story

So what happened to the original future her before she came back? Is she overwritten? Memories from all those years with Senpai, forgotten?

Just reported faggot OP

I mean, I don't see how this one would be properly animated anyway

Fucking ultra mega chad!!!!!
What is the chad version of a woman?????

the s/u/bhumans are at it again...


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REally??? Explain to me why, I would really appreciate it.
t. NOT drunk user, really!!!

>comes to any thread remotely related to /u/ despite hating it
mindbroken and obsessed, pathetic and irrelevant....

Not him, but it's too much of a stretch to call it an hallucination without implying the MC has a big brain tumor lol.

The time travel aspect is flawed and that it, it's not supposed to make sense, she just travelled to a third timeline rather the future of the one she was.

mah bruh.... hajaj!!!!

>What is the chad version of a woman?????

I find that most oneitis romcom ends well.

What's really irrelevant is yuri itself. Surely you've noticed the trend?

Seaweed abandoning yuri...
Nakatani Nio abandoning yuri...
Kodama Naoko abandoning yuri...
YuriHime drifting more and more to Yuru Yuri style yuri-lite where all progress is reversible and nothing is ever confirmed.
I trust you can put two and two together. Even Ume abandoned it long ago to serve only as a cruel joke in her straight romances. The genre is dying, only a shallow husk propped up talentless artists/writers and a warning base of increasingly deranged fans.

>YuriHime drifting more and more to Yuru Yuri style
Like Asumi Chan, Kitanai Sasokoi, I'm in love with the villainess, Can't' defy the lonely girl, Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata and Kimi ga Shinu made Koi wo Shitai? user... it's fine if you want to troll, but let me give you advice, you can't troll people if you don't even research what you are talking about, the closest to Yuru Yuri in Yuri Hime is Wataten, but as of today Yuru Yuri is the oddball in the magazine.

>Mangaka that are still making yuri and only do yuri is abandoning yuri
What did he mean by this?

If you just want the nicest ending you could view it as forming 3 separate timelines with all of them having them both together. Unless an extra in the final volume shows anything else it's not like the series gives us enough to know.