What is the worst manga you read completely?

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>pic unrelated
Fire Punch was ass even though I liked CSM

Kimi no Knife and Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man I hate this comic, but I love it equally. This comic appeals to me like a drug.

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this one was absolute trash beginning to end

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what happened to Yea Forums? you retards were sucking this manga off like crazy when it came out and now you all act like you hate it just because it became popular?

Yea Forums is more than one person.

The rapeman

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I fucking wish, mate. The majority of people here are so devoid of personality that they will do anything in order to "fit in" with the crowd. Same shit with reddit, twitter et al

You posted it.
Also Hunter X Hunter as a second place option

Lurk more and stay away from battleshonen threads.

Thanks for proving my point

>my point
You had one?

Yeah, that you're so devoid of personality that you adopted a fucking website as a replacement for one.

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You really seem to hate this place and its userbase; why are you here?

Don't break out in tears now because I said some mean words

Are you alright? It was just a simple question.

Revenge Classroom
I don’t know what possessed me to not drop that schlock sooner

Why would I be here? To talk about fucking anime and manga. But people like you are the cancer destroying this site. You even have prewritten responses to everything and you hold no opinions worth giving a shit about. You're mentally a fucking bot mate. "Lurk more"

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In the case of SnK, it's not contrarianism. The story goes to complete shit in the final 10 or so chapters. One of the worst endings of any series I have ever read/seen.

This user is right.

That's quite an emotional response. For someone accusing others of being bots you sure keep repeating the same thing over and over again.
"Lurk more" means "read literally any thread other than the top popular ones that attract tourists and children," I don't think it's a particularly difficult concept to understand.
You're going to the threads made by the people you hate, and you complain because the people you hate are there. That's not a very smart thing to do, in my opinion.

I liked CSM, but I ignored the threads and still do because they’re fucking annoying.

>You're going to the threads made by the people you hate, and you complain because the people you hate are there. That's not a very smart thing to do, in my opinion.
Not him but in every thread is there more than one retard complaining about that manga/anime general. It's not a special case, and he's right.

If by 'worst' you mean 'the best' than yes, I agree with you. It's genuinely funny though

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Well, I made my point in the beginning but apparently you didn't understand it and had to ask for clarification. Do you remember? Just scroll a bit up. I'm sure your dopamin-addicted brain already forgot about the conversation we just had 5 minutes ago.
Suck my dick faggot. "Lurk More" is an empty cope response from shitheels like yourself who like to wallow in their own shit, just like all the other prewritten responses you spout off on a regular basis.
You can project and straw man all you will. You have no fucking clue how long I've been here or what threads I visit. The entire website operates on the same principle, every board, every thread. People here act like dicks for the kicks. Why would you defend this?

>empty cope response
That's all you've been doing so far, 90% of your posts are insults.
>The entire website operates on the same principle, every board, every thread.
Not true.
If that were the case, I repeat: why are you here? You seriously hate this website and its userbase. You're not here to discuss anime and manga because you've made very clear you do NOT want to talk with the people here.
>People here act like dicks for the kicks.
Not always. I'll rephrase it so it doesn't trigger your fight-or-flight response: Try reading more threads.
Don't blame the clown for acting like a clown if you keep going to the circus.
>Why would you defend this?
I'm not defending anything, I'm just pointing out a blatant lie.

This is my last response, you've entertained me for a while but talking to walls gets boring quickly. I hope you have a nice day and find a place you hopefully enjoy more than this one, it's clearly having a negative impact on your mental stability.

Yeah I figured a bitch like you would run.
Just as a reminder, you started the insults. Now go crying to mommy about it.

Get a room and fuck already you dumb faggots.

i genuinely loved aot from start to end
i literally can't sympathize with the hate at all

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I said I will never read/watch this shit and I was 100% right.

I want to like the ending, can you explain why you like it?

Not really Yea Forums, but Solo Leveling was insultingly bad

Don't project into Eren and realize his chad persona is just him coping with going insane because of the sudden influx of memories, and learning about what he has to do.
>what does he have to do?
His goal always was to eliminate the titans. The only way to eliminate the titans was to free Ymir.
Ymir needed to see that, no matter how much you love someone, you can still act against them and make the right choice. Eren's plan was to turn into the worst person imaginable to force Mikasa to kill him, and show this to Ymir.
Ymir, upon seeing Mikasa kill Eren, finally let go and died, ending the titan curse.
>b-but the tree!
Yes, the worm technically still exists, but that doesn't matter. There were no titans until Ymir fell inside the tree and took the worm, and now the world has returned to that state. Just because the kid finds the tree at the end doesn't mean they're going to fall into it and start the cycle again, it looks like Paradis is an abandoned island now.
I think SnK suffered a lot because of the monthly format, Eren's character at the end is actually quite consistent with most of the manga.

the higurashi manga, just so I could read umineko.

after years i regret it completely

>gunsmith cats burst
I liked the OG series aside from Kenichi putting some of his weird fetish stuff in. Burst while it looks better is shit. Ass story and the ending is like the sopranos ending but worse. Because at least with the sopranos there was suspense and it was memorable with burst it's just "oh yeah here's the end k bye"
Fuck you Kenichi it's been almost 20 years write a real ending you coward.

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thanks user, I'll give it another try when the anime ending comes out

>boom shakalaka it's dangalang time

Slime isekai is the worst first season of an anime I watched completely.

I came for the tsundere dragon and stayed for the sunken cost fallacy

Pro-tip: If something is popular it probably isn't THAT bad
Now pic related is truly awful

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>His goal always was to eliminate the titans.
That stopped with the basement. He realized the titans weren't the real enemy, but just a weapon at the ocean. His speeches in 123 and 139 also contradict your headcanon.
>The only way to eliminate the titans was to free Ymir.
Ymir is already free. She CAN leave Paths any time she wants as proven with Ramzi's death, she just didn't WANT to leave until her sexual fantasies were fulfilled exactly as she already saw them, so she influenced Eren directly and Mikasa(with the headaches) to get them to act like she wanted.
>but that doesn't matter.
Pure cope.

Same, it was all down hill after episode one

Either Fire Punch, Hatsukoi Zombie, or Brynhilder.

[popular and/or well received manga]

why are chainsawfags so mentally ill



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It's not that bad at all and completely red pilled actually

>at all??
Did you visit the snk story times by any chance??
The story was irreparably damaged by clash
Pure cope

I don't know about completely, i drop it when it goes to shit. Same with snk, dropped it in S2.
What a waste of animation

Holy based

Nothing will ever top that.

It's okay to secretly like something but hate it for being popular at the same time. Liking what the crowd likes, at least out loud, makes you sound weird

You're both retarded

Mirai Nikki, probably

One of the most retarded things I have read in my entire life.

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>Hunter X Hunter
cant be read completely because it is not completed and never will be