Tomodachi Game

Episode 1 airs today

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oh look, it's Mahou Shoujo Site/Darwin's Game/Deatte 5-byou de Battle but with a somehow dumber premise

>The edgy faces

I watched all of those, and enjoyed them.

The scans for this are slow as shit.
It makes every arc feel like a new Namek.

Is this one better?

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Wtf,I seriously didn't thought they would make an anime of Tomodachi Game.
Good shit

The games are inferior to the likes of Usogui and Kaiji but it's still fun seeing Yuuichi draws circles around everybody.

>Gook Game wannabe


>i am the mastermind
>no, i am the mastermind
>no, it was actually me who was the mastermind
>the mastermind earlier wasn't actually the mastermind but it was me who was the mastermind
>we ran out of characters to use so i suddenly become the mastermind
the manga, absolute dogshit

Is this related to Ousama Game? It's been a few years so I'm in the mood for another comically edgy shitshow.

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You're joking right? This one isn't dumb supernatural battle shit.

>Gook Game

Not really that edgy.


>Deatte 5-byou de Battle
The manga is fun.

Liar Game anime when?
Granted, there's the live-action series, but still

Alice in Borderland as well.

Why wasn't the anime popular?

It's "run", not "draw", ESL-kun

I love these death game type of series


dropped already to rewatch Ika Asobi..

Le rape face

It's like a Liar's game, characters mostly talk shit to each other and there are not much actual games. Also no one dies. And mc is like Sherlock from the pasta.

What's more important Yea Forums
Money or friendship?

Is this Squid Game the anime?

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I knew, I just knew user was about mention squid game

Came to post this :)

I had no idea this is getting an adaptation. But they won't reach the arcs where the based manlet joins the team, most likely.

Rips when?

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It's actually Danganronpa the Korean TV series the anime.

>Only French rips is available
English rippers are slacking

How is it? I want edge shlock ridiculousness

>[CameEsp] Tomodachi Game - 01 [ESP-es, ESP-la y ENG] (1080p)
I guess I could download this one for now

For those of you expecting an edgefest, here's a friendly advice: don't bother. There is barely any gore and all the deaths (which are very mundane) happen off-screen. Think of Liar Game, but where everyone, even the 'good guys' are dickheads.

How am I supposed to think of these characters as friends when I know so little about them?

Good Nana Mizuki OP song

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I'll check it out, but I feel like may be another situation where the art in the show can't live up to the art in manga. Then at that point I feel like I should just read the manga unless the it's really interestingly shot compared to the manga or has good music/voice acting.

How edgy is this?

>two girls
>three guys
Alright, which girls get raped and which guys do the raping?

The black haired girl do the raping

Looks like generic edgyshit for teenagers, might watch if threads are amusing enough

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All of them are rapists honestly

It's more survival than horror. Not really edgy.

Are there any notable VAs for this?

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The two blondes are the scummiest

When's the Real Account anime? You'd think now would be a good time for the commentary on smartphones and social media deathgame.

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Define notable. The blonde girl is voiced by Kuroitsu-san Wolf-kun

Including MC?

I demand proof.

It was me. I am the mastermind

MC is the biggest dickhead.

Any unexpected high quality standouts, or just someone who rarely does voice work but is really good. Something like that, it doesn't have to have them, I'm just curious.

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Manabu-kun is voiced by Takayama Minami

No, it's my turn to be the mastermind.

As long as I get to be the hidden mastermind that is hiding behind the mastermind

I see no rape here.