Normalize Gojo as the new standards of masculinity

>doesn't chase Marin like a creep
>doesn't take advantage of her genuine friendship for sexual favours
>is a supportive and dedicated friend
>willing to self-criticize and improve himself, breaking the ceilings multiple times
>respects boundaries and consent
>fights against his own trauma, slowly opening up himself to his friends over time
Normalize Gojo as the new standards of masculinity

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I agree
He's very aspirational

He's a simp. More men should aspire to be the opposite of him. Remember: Don't help women, call them names, make fun of their interests, and most importantly you need to bottle up you anger and weakness until they explode and you go on a rampage.

>He's a simp.
this. Came in here to say this exactly. Reason why simps are encouraged is cause they are useful fools for thots

Isn't this just an idealized fantasy version of the "nice guy" trope?
In real life people would take him for a creep and a faggot for not going after Marin any harder and even Marin would get turned off by it.
This is just how you'd want to act and still have the world respect you.

>gets paid
>gets to spend time with hot women
>becomes a better person
>his own art evolves
What a simp!

a cucklord as the "standart" of masculinity oh my LOLZ
you guys should watch older anime and you'd realize how faggish he actually is.

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He isn't masculine though, he doesnt make his own decisions, he cant even express what he wants, he just gets dragged around by Marin. The fact he seems happy with that arrangement is fine but its defiantly a personality flaw that will let over people take advantage of him.

Sorry, the standard is still Kenshiro

>get paid for working
>clients are women
>"is a simp"

Back to a certain social media website you go

but he is a cuck, he blushes like a 12 years old kid at anything, he doesn't have the balls to act manly but acts like a woman instead, he's the typical jap herbivore, i don't see what interesting about him...
he's such a cuck i don't even have to check the series doujins to know it's probably full of NTR by now.

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I liked it more when the disgusting 3d women of Yea Forums would pretend they were dudes.
These kinds of threads show that you've watched 3 anime. and just want to talk about change and start drama.

Does Gojou gets excited to watch Marin having sex with other men? Because thats a cuck.

>make a simp number one
I'm sure you'd like that you fucking zoomer.

it's not like beta women respecters are rare in animay

If he doesn't rip out her heart and shit in her chest cavity he isn't masculine.

>doesn't chase Marin like a creep
Good. She does instead.
>doesn't take advantage of her genuine friendship for sexual favours
Genuine friendship with men and women is a myth. And since it's romantic yeah there is nothing genuine here.
>is a supportive and dedicated friend
>willing to self-criticize and improve himself, breaking the ceilings multiple times
>respects boundaries and consent
Women will let you break boundaries if they are into you.
>fights against his own trauma, slowly opening up himself to his friends over time
Cool. Opening up to others isn't necessarily good.

He is a decent guy and is hard working but he isn't an example in this setting.

A good example of masculinity? Izayoi Sakamaki.

you don't know what a cuck is

Kongming in this season is far more manly than this fag in just one episode

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let's be honest bro, Gojou is the reader's self-insert, Gojou is no one at school, nobody really knows him and finds him interesting, then a 10/10 gyaru lands on his laps one day because reasons, and she's in love with him because ????
oh right, because he knows how to make clothes for free, normally you'd think she's just taking advantage of him because he's an idiot, how did she even fall in love with him lmao, was it "love at first sight" ?
don't give me that crap.
it's just another self-insert manga where the MC is pathetically empty and weak, just like the average jap herbivore who'll be waiting all his life for a woman to suddently know him and love him for no reason.
the anime can only be enjoyed if you like the girl, everything else about it is shit for self-inserters.

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>meets new people
>gets connections
>has fun doing it
It's not even "taking advantage on him" or "just for exposure". user could never understand the joy of doing something you love

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Careful user, you're gonna attract the chuds!

>new standards of masculinity
he is literally a faggot beta simp

>Marin does basically anything

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oh come on, chud this chud that, Gojou is still uninteresting and empty, even Kodaka from Haganai had a real reason to be like he was (and the series was much better).
if Gojou is today's standart of masculinity then i don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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The funny thing is half the shit listed is normal, decent guy stuff.

gojou isn't a self insert. he's the perfect non-threatening secretly chad love interest for the female audience.

His only difference from the run of the mill beta MC is that he practices a form of art

(You) got me to reply. Good job.

i don't even read this
couldn't find a better saoyaku ojisan in profile on short notice, sorry

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Go back to the cuckshed

>Careful user, you're gonna attract the-ACK!


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You're a cuck.


IRL people would still think he's not a creep because: he's hot.

anyonie I don't like?

top kek

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Based and sigma pilled
Someone who knows what they're talking about
If you think otherwise then get more sex retard

You wanna know who's the real chad.
Abyss Reiji.
>Didn't have to ever try and fucked 2 girls in less than 20 chapters.
>Sex doesn't resolve problems, but makes him get deep down in more issues.
>No qualms into saying the worst thing to people at the worst moment.
>Because of that, he is a huge filter for self inserters.

lol xd he's like *teleports behind you* amirite?


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Is Marin Yukana but with more budget?

That only takes you so far and in fact more often than not make people double down on hating you because they are jealous of your good looks and this whole "holier than thou" attitude makes it even worse. Most people are miserable dishonest little shits and they will do everything in their power to tear down anyone that's decent purely out of spite.
Do elaborate. Adult discussions dont really work so that you just drop your piece of shit opinion and run and hide.

>Isn't this just an idealized fantasy version of the "nice guy" trope?
kinda, I like him and all, but he doesn't have a flaw
also it's really idealized. the fact women still flock to him and fall for him is not that different from the gendric harem protagonist simply acting nice

That's a standard herbivore male. And the end result is a sexless and below replacement fertility Japan.

this, he's the male version of the 'manic pixie dream girl'
I like him, but if he's the new masculinity standard then then marin is the one for femininity, and I doubt many people would agree


It's like these anons haven't even looked at him and realized that simple fact.

>taking a story this seriously
He never dropped everything and sucked up to her (which is the definition of simping, not being friendly with her) though, whether your post is a joke or not.

keep saying that

>a Japanese yes-man whose life is driven by his woman
You can deny it however you want, but this guy is a simp. I rather path my own destiny and life goals without needing an MPDG to fall from the sky and conveniently pave the way for me.

>Normalize Gojo as the new standards of masculinity
No. Fuck off faggot.

I really wish there were more spring 2022 anime being released right now, instead of later, so that we wouldn't have boring threads for boring shows like this one.

I was always subconsciously disgusted by this anime and not interested. Couldn't pin down why, but after seeing the explanation it's obvious in hindsight.

normalise killing yourself you twitter using subhuman trash

the male manic pixie dream girl is the secretly lonely 10/10 super popular guy who wants generic shoujo heroine because "interesting woman"


Listen, I get that MCs that don't look like effeminate twinks are rare but personality wise he's not all that different from the male MC of Nagatoro. I don't think it's bad if you like that sort of character but why do you pretend that it's a groundbreaking thing when it comes to Gojo?

>He's a simp
Yet another word that has no meaning anymore if someone can use it to describe the exact opposite of what's happening. FFS, Marin pays him for his services.