Girls und Panzer

1. Who is best school?
2. Who is best team?
3. Who is best girl?
4. Who is best tank?

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1. Mako
2. Mako
3. Mako
4. Mako

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1. Maho
2. Maho
3. Maho
4. Maho

I'm gonna impregnate Rabbit Team

1. Noriko
2. Noriko
3. Noriko
4. Noriko

1. Anzio
2. Rabbit Team
3. Too many best girls to pick only one
4. Tiger


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1. Hetzer
2. Hetzer
3. Hetzer
4. Hetzer

Who goes first?


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BC Freedom


>When they show Yukari with camo bra and panties in porn and doujin
It is the little things.

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The one and only.

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Not if I do first

How's the switch game?I want to try it but I'm a tech illiterate retard who doesen't know how to emulate

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In basically, despite having low graphics, the switch ver. have extra and the most complete version with all the DLCs. i saw it it's the version most recommended by most people.
Online? You can still find someone on the PS4ver during JP hours, for the switch ver i heard that it's basically dead.
I heard it's actually easy/normal to run on emulation.

I am really surprised there isn’t a Girls und Panzer turn based SRPG, like the one the Hippo Team are seen playing in the movie.

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Isn't that the gacha one? It's looks almost similar..

1. Ooarai objectively. They won that autism tournament with a random collection of steel coffins piloted by completly green crews.
2. Leopon because they keep the aforementioned collection of steel coffins running, also sweaty tomboys
3. For me its Miho
4. Flatpanzer 4

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1. Anzio
2. Rabbit Team
3. Always a hard choice between a few but Anchovy
4. StuG. III

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What's flatter the Flatpanzer IV or Anzu?

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Bow to the goddess of senshado

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>No doujin where Miho and Alice explore their bodies while wearing Boko pajamas while Boko DVD plays in the background

How is this cute, harmless dork the goddess of senshado?

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Luv me wani

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Which character is Erika dressed as?

That's Eclair in KMM uniform, i think.

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Who is Eclair?

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Wonder how Anchovy managed to lose her wig in front of Monzas house.

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Noriko is love.

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>when you want to give your commander chocolate but are afraid to give her stomach ache

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I refuse

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I am going to carry her on my shoulders

Where is her lesbian tard wangler?

In the tankette, touching herself to the mental image of Shizuka-himes feet.

I wish Pekoe would look at me like that.

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Do we rate Ankou team?

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Grabbing Norikos petite breasts...

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Rape? Yes I rape Ankou team all the time.

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Why were they such good mechanics?

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Why did Duce pick me to be her partner I suck a volleyball?

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I wish Yukari would hold my sausage

Yukari only cares about military, tanks, and Miho. In that order.

>Miho that low
Seems wrong to me.

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Her own room had military and tank shit in it way before she met Miho, before she took senshado, she had no friends due to how much of a turbo autist she was about military and tank shit since a young age.

While this is true it's not like she can't change and love something more. I mean Yukari was following Miho before she was caught and is always head over heels for her.

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1. KMM
2. Duck team
3. Maho
4. Tiger I